Broward County Schools Gets an “F” for Fake Photos in New Website

Who is this family?  They don't live here.  This is a stock image.

Who is this family? They don’t live here. This is a stock image.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Broward County Public Schools has just launched their new website, and while I never thought anything was wrong with their old website, the new website is a worthy effort and seems easy enough to navigate through. One problem they really need to change is getting rid of the stock photos filled with children that don’t even go to Broward Schools, much less live in Florida.

Photos of happy families, teachers and students fill the pages, yet when I did further research on these photos, I found that these were stock photos that were used in other advertising promotions and were still for sale. What I don’t understand is why Broward County Schools have parents sign media releases to use photos of our children, yet when given the chance to use them, they chose to purchase these.

As a parent and taxpayer, I’m insulted by having fake families represent me and others at our schools.  Aren’t our children beautiful enough to use on your new website?

Broward Schools gets an “F” in ingenuity.





Who are these people?  They don’t go to Broward Schools, so why are they on our new website?


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  • Adam

    Really?? Slow news day???

  • MrJayP

    Slow news day is not the point. It would be nice if the Broward Schools home page had a carousel with different photos of events at various schools in Broward County. That would even get students to take a look. Keep it current!!!

    They could be really creative and have a community forum section. A place where students can post information about things and issues at school. It would be a good place for students to have some type of open dialog, certainly with a moderator.