Candidate Scott Israel Demands Sheriff Al Lamberti Pull Offensive You Tube Videos

The campaign for Scott Israel has issued a press release demanding Sheriff Al Lamberti pull the offensive You Tube Videos that were posted a few days ago.

Videos seen here: You Tube.

Israel demanded today that incumbent Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti call on his supporters to take down YouTube videos in which an actress falsely accuses Israel of marital infidelity, statutory rape, and paying for an abortion.

These are false and vicious smears far outside the bounds of decency in any political campaign. Al Lamberti needs to call on his supporters to take down this dishonest, filth now,” said Israel.

“Taunting my wife Susan and mocking our three children — making all thesefalse allegations — is truly despicable,” said Israel.

“I have never met the woman in this video. These are sleazy and anonymous attacks, as the woman in them doesn’t ever reveal her name,” said Israel. The videos also were posted on YouTube under a fake YouTube member name of “Barry Israel” and the YouTube pages each display false disclaimers indicating the videos came from Israel’s own campaign.

The woman’s video messages are internally inconsistent. She first implies she had a fairly recent six-month affair in the original video, then says she “worked” with Israel, then implies in a subsequent video that she is just 17-years-old even though the actress is clearly a decade older than her claimed age.

Even worse, it is readily apparent in one video that the actress is reading from cue cards – and doing a rather poor job of hiding her poor acting work. At other times, she is giggling, winking and playing with her long hair in the videos.

An attorney acting on behalf of Israel contacted YouTube’s legal department last week to request the deletion of the defamatory videos. YouTube Legal responded: “We do not remove content due to allegations of defamation. … We recommend that you pursue any claims you may have directly against the person who posted the content. If your lawsuit results in a decision against the person who posted the content, and if that court order requires us to remove the content from our service, we will respond accordingly.”

Israel has also asked that people with any information about the identity of the actress to please contact his campaign. “I plan to sue for defamation once we can identify the ‘Jane Doe’ who appears in the video,” said Israel.

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  • foxatwork

    The video is lower than low. Disgraceful. He will go to any rotten slimy length to stay in the Sheriff’s office. He’s getting desperate. And he’s incompetent, too. He let one of his top people embezzle $2 Million from the BSO. Lamberti is corrupt and has got to go!

  • It is only right for Scott Israel to vigorously defend against this type of below the belt attack from the Lamberti camp. The perps should get fined and sentanced.

  • DanCoralSprings

    Unless it was paid for from the Lamberti camp, it would also be below the belt to put the actions of this women on them.

  • Eric

    Is this true? If not can’t YouTube take this video down? Anyway I wanted to know what was happening with the gun control issues of Newton massacre and they say that was a hoax … As a news reported can you tell me what’s the latest on when will all the gun stuff be settled or get back to normal? The gun dealer shops are price gouging and there is no ammo around … Everyone in now charging about a dollar a bullet !!! And gas is going to $4.50 a gallon…. What is happening to our country?!