City Ousts Former Mayor as Waterway Cleanup Coordinator


Who wanted the former mayor’s removal as the site coordinator of the waterway cleanup after 18 years?

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Someone at Coral Springs City Hall gave the order to dismiss former Mayor Roy Gold as a leader with the South Florida’s Annual Broward Waterway Cleanup program that he has been involved in for over 18 years.

So far no one is owning up to it.

Former Mayor Roy Gold picking up debris during the 2010 Waterway cleanup in Coral Springs

Former Mayor Roy Gold picking up debris during the 2010 Waterway cleanup in Coral Springs

Why would someone at city hall do this?  The event has nothing to do with the city, but rather the Marine Industry Association of South Florida (MIASA), which holds the countywide annual event involving thousands of volunteers giving their time to clean up our waterways.

Every year that the MIASA has held the cleanup, Gold has volunteered as one of 25 site coordinators, That is, until last Thursday.

That’s when he received a call from Rick Engle, Director of Parks and Recreation telling him the city no longer wanted his service and that they would be taking over the event.  Engle was reluctant about making the call to Gold and felt bad about relaying the news, as he was the same person who had asked Gold to take over the Coral Springs event when Tamarac closed their site over 18 years ago.

He couldn’t tell Gold exactly who had authorized his removal except that ‘higher-ups’ had made the decision.

So far no one on the city commission is owning up to making this decision. Who was it?

Hopefully, the mystery will be solved soon….

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Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • Upset citizen

    How many times are our elected officials going to try and make former Mayer Roy Gold disappear from they city he has lived in and volunteered for and served as Mayer. He has worked for many years for so many different volunteer organizations that without his input and guidance probably would not exist today. His thanks from our present elected officials. We don’t want you around anymore.

  • Richard Goldman

    I am incredulous over this, simply incredulous.

  • LisaTZ

    This is despicable…the Man tries to help out City after his term and this is the thanks he gets?? Really Coral Springs??

  • Joy Carter

    Makes no sense to me. Anyone who understands Leadership. knows you don’t just oust, unless there is a wrong doing. The Roy I know is as a dedicated volunteer so this is difficult to fathom. In someone like Roy who has lead the group for so long there is HISTORY there to be taped into as a resource. Emeritus status or Past Chair, but not OUT. Without knowing the other side, it sounds almost personal.

  • BL

    Maybe it is because he uses every event he is at to make it political. Lets not forget this is the man who bragged about smoking pot during his leaving office speech. Maybe the commission did not think he is a good role model for kids.