Coral Springs Teacher Arrested For Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors

David Stokes

By: Sharon Aron Baron

A history teacher at Ramblewood Middle School in Coral Springs was arrested early Friday morning after he was spotted at a closed park with two intoxicated minors inside of his car.

On September 15, at 2:49 a.m., an officer with the Broward Sheriff’s Office noticed a black Honda Accord parked after closing time in a park near the Pompano Beach Pier.  When he looked inside of the car, he discovered David Michael Stokes, 45, of North Lauderdale with two 16-year-old victims. According to report, both victims were visibly intoxicated based on their slurred speech and were unbalanced on their feet.  They told the the officer that they had been picked up by Stokes at their residences without their parent’s knowledge and then consumed alcohol provided to them by Stokes.  One victim had also consumed 24 cough pills purchased by Stokes with the intent of creating an intoxicating affect. 

Stokes was arrested and transported to Pompano Beach District jail where he was charged with two counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors and for violation of a municipal ordinance of trespassing on the beach park after closing hours. According to Broward County Public Schools, he has been placed on an administrative reassignment, pending the outcome of a District Special Investigative Unit investigation.

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  • Tasha Black Hirsch

    Curious what will come out as far as the minors – male or female – sexual or what? For goodness sakes – they’re only in Middle School and getting them drunk and high??!!!

    • Marie G

      Well, they were 16, so hopefully not still in middle school. He’s a teacher at a middle school. Probably former students. As for sexual, I’m sure his intentions weren’t good if he was feeding them 24 cough pills and mixing it with alcohol. I’m sure something was planned for once they passed out.

  • Joe

    What is even more sad this teacher was at school today teaching as usual. Putting kids in danger once again.

    • SkankHunt42

      That’s why public sector unions need to go! He will be protected to the very end. Probably retire early with full pay aka Lois Lerner :/

      • Rose

        I believe you are wrong with that statement about public sector. Yes they do fight for member like any lawyer will fight for their client but public sector like the Teacher Union has been fight for our student safety and would not agree with this type of behavior

      • Nota Skank

        So Skank , your primary reaction to this dispicable act by this pervert is to blame teachers unions ? WTF is wrong with you ? No concern for these vulnerable children compromised by someone in a position of trust ? I’ll bet Betty Devos is your hero and you wear a red MAGA hat

  • SkankHunt42

    DXM in cough pills has been used to get stoned for a long time; effects of disassociation, sort of like LSD minus the hallucinations. Stay safe kids!

  • Hans Olo

    Chewie administered pills and alcohol…………I woke up and was sore andto top it off I was coughing up hairballs for a week.

  • SkyArmys General

    Taking into consideration that the two minors were “picked up” at each of their house, it would mean that this was planned ahead of time with both parties knowing. All three of them should be charged to some degree (that’s acceptable).
    I had Mr. Stokes as a teacher and he was probably one of the best teachers that thought me history in middle school. I thoroughly enjoyed each of his classes.
    To think that this happened saddens me.

    • Jessica

      They are “minors” and he is the adult that is expected to be responsible. They would not have been in this situation if it wasn’t for him, so it wouldn’t make any sense if the kids were charged as well.

  • kilroy

    Nothing will happen to him… he is of ” color ” and it will be “racist” if they do anything…