Family Seeks Help in Finding Owner of Pitbull That Killed Their Cat – VIDEOS

Coral Springs resident Tia Spath wants to find the man whose pitbull killed their family cat.

Spath, who lives in Ridgeview was shocked to find out that their cat named Mama had been killed at her family business, Brandy Bail Bonds, in Fort Lauderdale.   She says that Mama had been their pet for almost 12 years and was a fixture at the business.

“Mama” who was tragically killed by a pitbull

In this shocking sureveillance video, the owner of a pitbull is seen walking on the property of Brandy Bail Bonds while following his dog’s lead to get closer to the cat,  when the pitbull viciously attacks.  The dog’s strong jaws become locked around the cat and won’t release.   The man then tries to pull the cat out of the dog’s mouth, even stepping on the cat’s stomach. He finally he pulls the dog away, runs away, and  leaves the cat for dead.

Mama later died of her injuries and is buried at the business.

The Spath family is heartbroken, her children grew up with Mama and they want to find the pitbull’s owner and sue him.   They have hired a private investigator but are also asking for the public’s help in finding him.   Please call Brandy Bail Bonds at (954) 463-4333 if you know anything.


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  • debbiebell

    Pitmongers (Monger: A person promoting something undesirable or discreditable) say “punish the deed, not the breed.” So far, no pitmonger has explained what that phrase means.

    Let’s try this: instead of euthanizing pits who kill, how would pitmongers feel the pit was killed the way he killed, in this case with the help of a human?

    Dog is clamped into a clamped device, with spikes impaling shoulders, neck. Dog is shaken. Someone (1Ox the dog’s weight) stands on the dog’s abdomen as spiked device pulls the dog away, causing crushing injuries to the dog’s body, increased tearing from spiked clamps.

    Reposition clamped device. Repeat. Reposition clamped device. Repeat.

    Pit owner is able to pick up dying pit and whisk it to a vet, where after tests/xrays and a bill of thousand$, they bring home their dead pet.

    In this case, there’s even a video, so entire loving family can relive the death of their pet, over and over.

    Don’t like envisions this as your pet’s final moments? Neither do the thousands of pit’s victims.

    Now here’s the best part, which I learned from reading the comments from pit mongers. “Oh, death is natural, get over it.”
    Pit mongers say “let’s keep breeding more and more dogs just like this one”, who attack without warning or without trying to avoid a fight, who immediately do damage, who won’t stop even if the victim is down/submits/”says uncle”/is dead, who won’t stop even after suffering severe injury.
    Pit mongers have partial fault in attacks such as this. Pitmongers say that pits won’t act like pits unless trained to attack and pitmonger fail to educate pit owners about the need to ALWAYS have a breakstick available. Practicing is also necessary, so victims (other dogs, cats, dog-sized CHILDREN, elderly neighbors can be freed from the pits’ LOCKED JAWS.
    Oooooh, I used the word “locked”. Pit mongers don’t like that word and contend that pits’ jaws do not lock. I think that when a pit will not/cannot open his clenched jaws, even after being burned with a gas torch, shot with a nail gun, impaled thru the skull with a garden pitchfork, beaten unconscious with bricks/rocks/pipes/ boards all during attempts to free the victim(child, neighbor dog alive/or dead) and some don’t let go until they were declared DEAD, a dog whose designing humans also created a tool called a BREAKSTICK with which to PRY OPEN THE PIT’s LOCKED JAWS, I think that just about every thinking, sane, honest, human without an intent to deceive the public, would say that a pit’s jaws LOCK.

    Ok, there is no metal ratchet implant, but pit jaws do lock. Check out youtube “Bullseye hang time” One pitmonger comments “True apbt god couldn’t even created. It took men!” I agree. God had no part in creating this handicapped mutant mauler. It was totally the work of cruel humans. The pit’s continued existence is also the fault of cruel humans.

    • TheTruth

      Wow, you show SUCH ignorance. And display it too, for everyone to see!!

    • Cooney Morgan

      1.Informal . a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.

      2.Psychology ie moronic (no longer in technical use; considered offensive) a person of borderline intelligence in a former and discarded classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

      I myself am not a “pitmonger” but I can explain to you “punish the deed, not the breed.” It means… not all of a specific breed should pay for the ills of some. The actions of the individual should be punishable…not an entire breed. Should all of man face the death penalty because of a few serial killers? I think NOT! Nor do I think all Pitts should be PTS because of stupid or moronic owners. I hope they catch this guy. I feel bad for the cat and her owner. I also wish people that don’t have a clue would JUST SHUT UP! I read your whole comment..and I cannot in good conscience leave here without suggesting you seek professional help lady.

  • LD Rumans

    I would track this sick b****** down, coat him with bacon grease and release a pack of wild dogs on him, then walk away whistling!

    • DavidO

      Debbie, what a fantastic post! I can’t believe that, here in 2012, we’re still debating if pit bulls are more dangerous than other dogs. It’s like debating it land mines are safe to have in your yard.

  • Dez

    Filthy bastard STOMPED on the poor cat after leading his dog to it. Put him in jail and cut his nuts off with a dull knife.

  • DavidO

    In regards to the video, the pit bull owner should turn himself in because there’s no WAY he’s not going to get caught. That’s some pretty clear video, and if he’s walking his dog he’s likely local to that neighberhood.

  • Michele

    I watched this last night and couldn’t shake the images out of my head. I cried for the cat. First of all, in 1996 I came home to find my husband’s 19 yr old baby, Harley dead in our front yard. Two dogs (Siberian Huskies) sat next to his body. Neighbors witnessed it and did nothing. He was asleep in a condo on our porch and these dogs came from 1/2 mile away and chose our yard, finding him asleep..pulled him from the bed (the opening of the condo showed it) and tore him up. The owner was cited (one had a collar and tags) and she had one put to sleep. Apparently it had shown signs of aggression towards her newborn child, from what she said. A few years later our neighbor failed at closing their gate and their dog (a huge Mastiff) came into my yard and got a hold of my baby, Buddy. He was laying in our yard under the tree where Harley had died. He chased him, got him, shook him, threw him in the air and then carried him into his owner’s house. I followed, beating on the dog and finally..after breaking my finger, got him off of Buddy. I carried him home where he screamed and died in my arms. They were not Pit Bulls, but I know people who have the breed and swear how gentle they are, but I have seen them having their jaws pried open with broom handles and even crow bars. Their jaws are strong and when they don’t want to let go, they won’t. The awful thing was that in both cases of my cats being killed by dogs in MY yard, the law stated that I was at fault for allowing my cats to be outside. The leash law apparently goes for cats too, and had my cats been in the house where the law says they have to be, they would not have died. It would have been a different story had a child been torn up. This guy here is the biggest piece of crap that walks on the planet at this point. To walk on someone else’s property and take such a large strong dog to the face of a cat, is beyond belief. What did the ass think would happen? No one should have to bury their beloved cat (or another dog for that matter) because of asses like this. To step on a cat, who is the victim here, and pull the dog is stupid. I hope that someone finds him and his dog is put to sleep and he is jailed for what he has done. And that isn’t even enough punishment, as nothing will take Mama’s suffering and torture away that she went through, fighting a losing battle against those powerful jaws. Nor will it bring her back to her beloved family. Laws need to be tightened and enforced where this breed is concerned. She tried to get away at one point and ran back into the dog. She had to be confused and her only thought was to flee..not realizing the direction she was headed once free of the dog. Not her fault. Part of me hopes the authorities find this guy before others go hunting for him. But part of me hopes he is found and dealt with before the authorities get him. Either way, I hope the punishment is the toughest on him and his dog. RIP Mama

  • dubv

    Pit bull owners always want to go on about it being about the owner. Well, it is usually both: a dangerous dog and the dim or malicious person attracted to it. Earth to pit bull owners, as rationality increases the chance of having a pit goes down quite quickly. So, you have an obvious idiot like the guy in the video with his pit bull. Makes you feel safe huh? Pit bull owners are only worried about their ability to have these things, and collateral damage like that in this video are just what the rest of us will have to put up with so that pit owners aren’t inconvenienced.

  • Arindam

    I have had kittens killed by street dogs who I continue to feed and medicate to this day. I am a cat person, and spend around five hours a day on my self financed cat shelter. Needless to say the video has not left me thrilled. However, what i find most chilling is the way a lot of people are reacting to it. If you really believe you have the right to torture and kill the dog as ‘punishment’ then I don’t know how you are any better than the owner of the dog.

    The bitch that is responsible for most deaths of my kittens brings whatever little food she gets on the streets for her grown babies and licks them clean when they are wounded like any animal mother would. Pit bulls may not show such loving instincts, I have not had the misfortune to meet any, but I realized long back that it is indeed my responsibility to make sure my sheltered or pet cats remain safe, and I am not quoting law here.

    For all those who have lost their beloved feline family members, – believe me, after more than three decades of burying my babies variously killed by dogs and humans, I understand how it feels. But please do not go all sadistic on the dog. Deep down, you know perfectly well who is responsible for what.

    • Cooney Morgan

      THANK YOU! That was the most intelligent comment I have read on this other than a few replies to comments. Also thanks for what you are doing for those kitties.

  • Danny McKinney

    That Man needs to be sentenced in prison til he ages. He is a culprit possessed by the devil. He doesn’t know how to give direction on the dog. If you see this man, call the Police he is very mean and ugly which makes him feel desperate. He will not get away from this crime.

  • Michael Sturges

    dogs kill cats its in there nature at times i have seen labidors, Shepherd’s,you name i have seen or heard of it going after and some times killing a cat the only reason this is a big deal is the people targeting the pittbull breed. let the man out its crazy to arrest any one for a natural thing and he tried to save the cat by the way it reads

  • Pitmongers

    bla bla bla. Dogs have been killing cats for ever. this is not another “pitbull” thing. its a dog and a cat. the dog won. sorry about the cat.

  • Tonya

    First of all, how the heck can any of you tell that it’s a pit? You can’t honestly tell me that you can be 100% sure from this video, especially since the guy hasn’t even been caught. It could very well have been a mixed breed of some sort, a mutt. There ARE other dogs that look very similar to pits. Just because of all these attacks that are getting so much media, people automatically think OMG, it’s a pit, when really it wasn’t. Second, he should be held 100% responsible for the cat being killed, he should not have walked up the diveway to begin with. The dog could probably be properly trained if it’s still young enough, I’ve seen it done many times it is posible. Pit Bulls are easy to train – FACT. Extremely easy to train. All they want to do is please you. As they are so sensitive to your feelings, verbal training comes easily with this breed. Pits were not agressive many years ago, they were considered heros, even nanny dogs (so what does that right there tell you about how they are with children, naturally?), but because of these ass holes, who got into dog fighting, knew that they have the strongest jaws bred for agression, or the drug dealers and gangs. They’re the ones that have given these dogs a bad name. Every bully that I have met has been one of the sweetest dogs, of course I was always with the owner the first time, so the dog got to know me and every time after that I had no problems with them.
    Now, I feel really bad for the family for losing their family member like that, it actually brought a tear to my eye. Yes, dogs have been killing cats for many years in nature, but this was not nature. After watching the video, I almost felt like the guy is a cat hater, like what he did was intentional.
    I love animals, and I mean all animals, and it breaks my heart to see ANY animal intentionally hurt. And Debbie, the comment about the “locked” jaw, please do some research on an animals anatomy before making a comment like that. I’m not a “pitmonger” but I hate that word too. There is no evidence for the existence of a physiological “locking mechanism” in the teeth or jaw structure of normal pit bull-type dogs, although a dog’s jaws can be locked in a closed position by surgically correctable jaw abnormalities. However, pit bull-type dogs exhibit “bite, hold, and shake” behavior, which is seen in ALL breeds of dogs, and at times refuse to release when biting. Their jaws are constructed just like any other dog. In fact if you take the x-ray of a Chihuahua and compare it to that of a Pit Bull, you will see that they are both the same except for the size difference. It’s also like saying gators and crocs “lock” their jaws. NO THEY DON’T, they just have very strong muscles to keep them closed.
    Anyway, I could go on but I think I’ve said enough. To the family, Tia I’m really sorry for your loss, I know how it feels to lose a four legged family member, but please for the sake of other pits out there make sure you know that’s what it is before you make assumptions.

    • swmell

      It’s a pit bull plain and clear. Any moron can tell that. I really don’t care what else the dog has in it. Second, next time you watch someone being mauled by a pit (mind you the pit was well care of, trained like any other dog and treated excellently by the owner) then you can have an opinion. I have been in this situation. Until then why don’t you research the fact that pit bulls genes have now changed due to the breeding for fighting. Until Pit Bull lovers stand up and admit there is an issue, this will keep happening. Thanks for your opinion, as it was just that. An opinion…

  • pupraiser

    The cat shouldn’t have been loose.

    • Denise

      You shouldn’t be loose. This cat was on his own property, The old POS and his POS dog were trespassing.

  • Vic

    Some of your comments are infuriating! I hope this man never gets out of jail – he’s a sick, worthless person who doesn’t deserve to see the light of day.. So sad about Mama. Some of the comments make it as if it’s Mama the cat’s fault herself. Scary that there are people like you with this type of opinion in society.

  • K

    Consider this case a sad accident. He clearly did his best to try get the poor cat out of his dogs jaws, i love animals but a person should not go to jail for a horrible accident. Given a huge fine for leaving the cat yes, but from the video he walked away as another man came and finally managed to get the cat free. A jail sentence would have been right only if he had set the dog on the cat on purpose and watched for enjoyment, he didnt do this. I feel sorry for the cat, and the elderly man.

  • Timothy Hines

    kill the pit bull and sentence the for animal cruelty that pour cat doesn’t deserve to die I hope the pit bull get’s taken away and put to sleep and to the cat owner’s I am truly sorry that you lost you cat I hope you will do any and every thing to have that ugly stupid pit bull taken to the animal shelter and have that pit bull put to sleep I am a pit bull hater I hate pit bulls ill tell you right now if any pit bull walks in front of my car I will floor it and un it over every time my brother brings his pit bull over to my mother’s house and my she is large white German Shepherd and if my brother’s pit bull even touches one hair on my white German Shepherd I will do what ever it take to have it destroyed I will never own a pit bull they are fighting breed and that’s not what I want like I said if a pit bull hurt me white German Shepherd I will have it taken to the pound and I hope the animal shelter animal pound or who ever in charge will find that pit bull aggressive and have that pit bull put to sleep and that mean I have one less pit bull I have to worry about pit are the most hated breed’s and dangerous breed’s hope those people catch that man and his beloved pit bull I hope that man gets his pit bull taken from him I hope he loses his pit bull I hope he never again see another pit bull again pit bull’s don’t deserve to breath the same air we and normal dog breed breathes all pit deserve to die pit are the most hated breed of them all