Lies Commissioner Powers Told Us, and Why We Voted for Skip


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By Ira Rather:

It wasn’t simply a victory for Walter Skip Campbell. It was a bloodbath for soon-to-be former Commissioner Tom Powers.

For months, Powers has taken to the campaign trail—and used his position to exploit city airwaves and other city resources—to garner support for a downtown development project that nobody really wanted. The problem he faced was that most Coral Springers didn’t want it, and he out and out lied to everyone by claiming we actually did:

In the second candidates’ forum, Powers even went so far as to claim that he had spoken to thousands of Coral Springers (yes, he said thousands), and just about every one of them supported the $28 million (at minimum) downtown development project. According to him, not one of these folks had a bad thing to say about it at all!

Now, one doesn’t have to be a college statistics major to realize this is impossible. If you ask 4,000 people whether they favor death by hanging for jaywalking, you’re going to get at least a few hundred folks who say, “Definitely!” A hundred and fifty will say they prefer the guillotine. And another hundred will ask, “What the hell is jaywalking?”

No large group…ever, ever, ever...totally agrees on anything, let alone do they all really understand the question.

So the claim that he spoke to thousands of people was in itself a big lie—it’s just not physically possible. And that all of them agreed that the new project is fantastic is a huge lie. It’s the kind of lie where your kid has marshmallow Peeps all over his face but denies getting into the Easter basket before he should. A childish lie. A stupid lie. An easily exposed lie.

His earlier lies claimed that the city went through extensive efforts to get citizen feedback on this new City Hall, except that this lie was quickly debunked once you looked at the “process” leading up to the go-ahead decision. About a hundred “regular” people provided input not on the big decision, but on what they wanted in a new City Hall. (But let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say two hundred. Still, hardly a representative sample of Coral Springs’ 125,000 plus residents.) That’s a big difference:

Asking a few hundred people what they want to see in a new City Hall is not the same as asking them if they want a new City Hall in the first place.

So that lie led to another lie where he claimed it wasn’t really necessary to put the new City Hall up for a vote. And yet another lie where you have to call it a “Municipal Complex” and not “City Hall”—and boy, did Powers get mad if you made this mistake and accidentally called it “City Hall.” (It was like calling a black person “Negro,” or a Native American an “Indian!”)

He lied when he claimed to be against a big downtown development project when former Mayor Gold first proposed it. Why the switch, all of a sudden?

He lied when he said that if we don’t do this project now, we will never again have this opportunity. An incredibly absurd lie, incredibly self-serving, and incredibly stupid. Developers will always come where there is a buck to be made, so how can you lie and claim that you’re the only one on earth who can bring development to that corridor?

He lied when he said this new City Hall would spur positive economic development, when all studies show that City Halls don’t. (Who the hell wants to go near City Hall unless they have to?) He lied by not publicly revealing that this project involves a hotel and movie theater, until this had to be revealed during the final stages of the campaign! He lied about us needing a huge parking garage, when the city has done just fine without one.

One of his bigger lies is that the $75,000 spent for the “Everything Under The Sun” logo was money well spent, and that there were also pages and pages of important marketing data gleaned via the Nashville company contracted to do this. And he lied by omission, with zero defense of the Commission spending over a million bucks on a few stupid entrance signs! (How the hell can you spend over a million dollars on three signs, get reamed over it by everyone, and not have a single word to support your decision? Silence can also be lying.)

He lied when he said this is the most transparent Commission ever, when anyone who watches Commission meetings on a regular basis knows much better. And the fact that he voted down Larry Vignola’s proposal way back that all off-site Commissioner Workshops be recorded for the record is not exactly a stellar example of transparency!

He lied when he claimed that his opponent Skip Campbell was only “causing trouble” and “lying” to get elected, as if scoring valid political points in a political contest is a bad thing. He lied claiming Skip “sneaked” into the race because of Gold’s last-minute withdrawal, and lied when he insulted and insinuated that Campbell was just running “for laughs,” and that Campbell’s future state office ambitions disqualified him as Coral Springs Mayor.

More lies?

How about the fact that our red light cameras haven’t saved any lives, but just earn money, yet he keeps lying that they’re there for safety? How come he lies that Coral Springs has never looked better, although anyone with decent vision or a good pair of glasses can see that it’s never looked worse? There are also his lies that say people criticizing his positions on the issues are just lying themselves to score political points! In other words, any critique against him and the Commission are all lies!

And he has also closed the last few Commission meetings with a lying speech “explaining” to everyone how everyone else is lying, and that only he tells the truth.

So bad were his lies that Campbell, who ran an incredibly minimalist campaign, destroyed him at the polls. But it wasn’t mainly Campbell’s qualities that propelled him to Mayor, it was Powers’ negatives—basically, all of his lies.

In the end, the people of Coral Springs got a chance to vote on that new slogan. To vote on those signs. And to vote on this new City Hall.

And they booted Powers to the curb.

Because they knew he was lying all along.

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About Ira Rather

avatar Ira Rather is an advertising professional and sometimes publisher of He is a former Brooklynite and 20-year Coral Springs resident. In his spare time, he interacts with private and governmental agencies to implement policies and establish new regulations for the aggressive hunting and eradication of the invasive Burmese Python.


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  • Barb

    The only reason he won was because people knew his name and the Democratic party pushed him and backed him. That’s why he had 3000 more people voting for him than for seat 4. If you also add in the fact that Tom Powers stopped campaigning and fund raising because nobody had signed up to run against him till the last minute then withdrew while the competitor knew who he was running against the whole time.He raised more money than Powers, so I guess thats what you meant by Minimalistic campaign, sure that makes sense. It is really sad that these kind of tactics are used in what is supposed to be a non-partisan election. It will be a very bad move for the City and I guess just like the country had to find out for themselves that electing someone who really has no desire to lead but just make a name for themselves is not the best way to go. But I guess Ira when your anointed ones policies get crushed in the national election you have to lash out at someone so it is understandable. The saving grace in all of this is that he is only one person with one vote on a commission of 5, so do the math.

    • katc56

      I have known Skip for over 40 years and he is hard working honest man with strong principles and will do a great job for the city. Skip doesn’t need to do this he wanted to help the city better itself and bring forth a better city for all. P.S. He doesn’t need to make a name for himself or anyone else he already has a stellar reputation and a thriving law firm.

      • AMERICA 111

        Skip is a crock of horse manure. His family is worse. The way they unscrupulously treated Tom Powers at the voting polls is unconscionable. Screaming at him, lying about him. Do whatever it takes to win….and for what? Thriving law firm….my rear. He chases ambulances and raises the costs of everyone’s life with bogus law suits.

        • Karen

          Including lawsuits against Coral Springs. Conflict??? Hmmm

        • CampbellSupporter

          His family is worse? That family is the most amazing loving supportive family that ever existed! I’ve seen members of that family consistently be there for people that aren’t even blood related to him. To campaign hard for a family member is normal. If you want to talk smack on skip, fine, but to talk about a whole family negatively for supporting their loved one, get a life!!!

          • AMERICA 111

            The family were scum screaming at Tom in front of the polling location using profanity and showing their overall lack of total class. Morons.

        • SkipisWinning

          Skip Campbell and his family are some of the kindest, warm natured people. His nephew was and to this day remains one of my closest friends who helped me out in life, tremendously. To slander a family over a political race is appalling. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was taught not to be a sore loser. Don’t “sling mud” on an entire group of people just because your choice candidate couldn’t open his mouth without spitting out a lie.

          As for having a nice house, when did working hard and enjoying the rewards become a reason for disdain? Maybe Mr. Power’s could afford a larger house if he was an honest and hard working politician like Mayor Campbell is.

          • barb

            Hmmm let me get the scaled out…Cop vs Politician….think Powers wins on that one.. The thread was talking about how some of his family were not acting as kind warm natured people when they were screaming at him at the polls. Unless you were there, I don’t think you can really comment and if you were I am sure you understand the comment. He never took an interest in the town before and am hoping his motives are honest, time will tell.

          • Barb, you cannot say that Skip Campbell didn’t take an interest in the town, he was a State Senator overseeing Coral Springs back in 1998 and has been involved with many organizations. Just because you don’t know much about him, you cannot dismiss what he has done.

            Here is more information about him and what he did as your State Senator:

            In 1996, Campbell was elected to the Florida Senate, where he represented the western portions of central and northern Broward County. He has sponsored and supported numerous bills in the areas of crime fighting, education, consumer rights and safety, and the protection of the quality of health care. Campbell was reelected to the Senate in 2000 and 2004, and was elected Minority Whip in 1998. He currently serves on seven committees:

            Children and Families, Chair
            Government Efficiency Appropriations, Vice Chair
            Banking and Insurance
            Rules and Calendar
            Ways and Means
            Select Committee on Medicaid Reform

            Campbell remains active in the local community. He has served as local chairman of the Broward Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, as a board member for Kids in Distress, and on the Legal Advocates Committee of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. He has been actively involved with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the Arthritis Foundation and the Emerald Society. Campbell has received numerous awards for his civic, professional, and legislative efforts including the Hope Award of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Distinguished Community Service Award of the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League of Coral Springs/Parkland, the VALOR award from the American Diabetes Association, and the Outstanding Senator Award from the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers.

          • Barb

            Oh sry didn’t realize the moderator for the website had an opinion. But since you do….what does any of that have to do with the actual town. None of the committee’s are about the town. Makes sense that you have his resume at hand though. I don’t really give a crap what he did while he was being paid as a senator. Or really what he has done in Broward County…it is not Coral Springs and you don’t have to have a college degree to realize the difference. Did Ira forget he was the moderator and respond?

          • This is the editor writing. That information was not a resume on hand, but info that anyone can find online.

          • AMERICA 111

            You may have been taught not to be a sore loser….but you missed class the day humble winner was taught.

            In classic form, you say not to sling mud – while you are slinging mud.

            The reference to Campbell living in the most expensive neighborhood in Coral Springs only illustrates how out of touch he is with the majority of residents here.

            Give me a cop over a slick politician any day.

            If you could have heard the profanity spewed by the Campbell family at the polls directly to Tom Powers your opinion would be different.

          • FACTS

            @AMERICA 111 – I was at early voting all day everyday and was right there near Tom and Skip’s people/family and they were all joking having a good time with each other. So I don’t know what you are talking about “the profanity” there was no profanity from either side! It’s amazing that because your anointed one, Tom Powers, lost you are just saying anything to try to justify Tom getting DESTROYED in this election. He lost absentee(big), he lost early voting(big) & he lost election day(big). Tom and the gang lost big time! GET OVER IT!! I didn’t vote for Obama and disagree with him on basically every single issue, but I don’t sit on every blog posting about it. In about 6+ hours Skip Campbell is officially the new Mayor of Coral Springs.. DONE DEAL! The fat lady has sung!

      • roxie

        Best said. Thanks express the feeling of many of us ole timers in Coral Springs

      • Barb

        Sorry Katc56, but after watching and hearing and reading all the lies told by him and his campaign I can’t agree with you. If he wanted to help the city better itself, why has he never been involved before? The ones who have volunteered and been involved are the ones who are doing it out of passion. Not someone who has never done a thing positive for the city. If he was truly passionate then why didn’t he throw his name out there when everyone else did and not use the backdoor tactics that were used? It is what it is and I am sure he will be in for a bit of a shock at how much time and energy it actually involves. I just hope the city isn’t the one to suffer.

        • springswatcher

          I as a city resident and voter wasn’t involved before, but I got involved this time with passion by working for the election of Skip Campbell and that helped to keep Commissioner Powers from becoming Mayor.

          The important thing to remember is not that Skip Campbell won, but that the city residents won, by keeping Tom Powers out of office.

          Tom Powers, by his actions and total lack of concern for city residents proved that he never should have been elected Commissioner. The voters then proved he should never be elected Mayor.

          Well done Voters!

          • Barb

            So you responded to my post but didn’t refute any of the facts. Its just he’s bad and he’s good. I guess that’s because the facts speak for themself.

  • AMERICA 111

    This has to be the biggest crock of horse manure I have ever read. Goodbye Coral Springs. Goodbye vision of this being a “family place” and town. Hello poverty stricken Section 8 type residents who will destroy what is left from this city.

    “Democrat” Campbell not only lives in a multi million dollar luxurious home in Eagle Trace, he lives in the nicest community within Eagle Trace. Tom Powers, lives in a very modest home in Maplewood (not Maplewood Isles) and lives a “normal” life. Who in their right mind is State Senator then goes backward, way backward to be a City Mayor? A loser who is a life politician that will suck the government’s “teet” until nothing is left. Slick lawyer and politician? Skip Campbell. All you hard working people of Coral Springs looking for your biggest investment (home) to become valuable again? Suck it. Skip is it here to ruin you because he doesn’t give a rats rear end about it.

    Goodbye iPic type theatre downtown. Goodbye big retail downtown. None of the people “in da hood” along Riverside and related will frequent these places during working hours. Oh they would have after hours though….bully for you.

    Ira Rather….let me guess. Jewish heritage stuck in the 60;s voting for a Democrat because your parents did…and their parents did. That was when Martin Luther King was a Republican (look it up). Let me guess, you voted for Obama because again your parents always voted Democrat even though they have completely ruined society? See: DETROIT. You vote Democrat due to your heritage yet this current Administration SPITS in the eye of blessed Israel (See: “ChickenS%^&T”).

    Chalk up Coral Springs to the waste pile. Add Joy to your life voters. What a crying shame. Johnny Carson and Westinghouse must be rolling in their graves over what has happened and will happen to their city.

    • Just to clarify: according to BCPA, Walters’ home’s taxable value is just over a million. Not “multi-million.” He purchased his home 30 years ago – a great investment for very little.

      • AMERICA 111

        Taxable value? Last appraised? Horse manure. Slick politician.

    • Paco

      America 111, you are a straight up bigot and no doubt proud of it!

      • springswatcher

        He’s posted as truthseeker, fedupsenior and a slew of other names. He’s just a royal PITA.
        I suspect he’s part of Commissioner errrr…..Ex Commissioner Powers inner circle and just like Powers he’s strongly bigoted and biased toward those that are less fortunate than Powers and his special interest pals.

        • The Truth Seeker

          Sorry springswatcher, Just like there is one Howard Melamed, there is one TruthSeeker, me. I’ve NEVER hurled any insults at anyone, except maybe telling Ira to watch out for Karma. I’ve always independently supported the facts. Do I know Powers from all the hours and sweat he has given the city over the past 6 years, sure, I’ve never denied that – but being a special interest and calling me bigoted and biased, well lets just say you’re wrong and you don’t know me. But thats the difference between us, I am one person under one name arguing facts and interested in actual debate/opinion where guys like you just know how to throw out insults and lies without any basis in fact.

          • The Truth Seeker

            And for the record, I congratulate Campbell, Carter and Cimaglia on their victory. The people have spoken and that is the result. However, I do disagree, and with Campbell moreso than Carter. While I think Carter is a good woman I just don’t agree with her ‘plan’ and some of the things she was saying, but I do think once she is exposed to both sides of things and works with the rest of the commission, she will see things in a different light and will be fair. I expect the ‘downtown’ to go on as planned. I do believe OTOH Campbell did this purely for political gain. I believe he will spend very little time engaged in the city, basically as little time as he needs to carry out duties as Mayor (perhaps even just attend commission meetings). I expect this really is about a stepping stone for the Senate race in 16. I also believe this was largely about partisan politics. By looking at the numbers and looking at all the money pumped into his campaign by the D party PAC’s. But that is my OPINION that I am entitled to.

            I am not going to engage in any of this name calling, guessing games, etc. My interest was and still is the future of this city regardless of the people that sit on the dais. So only time will tell, we will all see how this plays out but I suspect it will be very different than argued. The proof will be in the pudding, lets see how they work.

      • AMERICA 111

        You bet, I am bigoted against Democrat Socialists…..hate them with a passion.

    • Ira

      How did you bring this local election all the way over to the Middle East?

      And how come some in your camp keep bringing up party affiliation, but you accuse the other side of doing this?

      Incredibly, Boccard and Powers turned out to be big liberal spenders with this downtown project, a “negative” characteristic always reserved for Democrats. Campbell, Carter and Holz, on the other hand, are the fiscal conservatives here, the Republican claim to fame.

      It’s totally reversed, and for me–and the vast majority of Coral Springs voters on both sides of the aisle–party affiliation had nothing to do with these results. The numbers show that, that clearly, MANY Republicans here went for Skip.

      And by the way:

      Israel rocks!!!

      • Barb

        How would you know how many republican voted for Skip? What a stupid statement.

        • Ira

          Uhhhh…it’s simple math based on how many Republican and Democratic voters there are in CS.

          • Barb

            They didn’t all vote, its not simple math. It’s a stupid statement. Coral Springs is more democratic than republican…ask Howard he got the list of registered voters.

  • Karen

    Consider the source of this editorial…pretty much everyone hates you and the trash you write. “minimalist campaign”??? Are you kidding me? Skip went all out with the smear tactics and unfortunately prevailed by misleading the voters. He stepped all over Powers for political gain to get his name out so he can be elected back to his senate seat again. Skip will be campaigning soon for that…no time to be mayor. Absolutely NOTHING will get done the next two years. I guess we are doomed to be another Margate or Tamarac.

    • springswatcher

      MARGATE? I was reading that it must be a great city that Coral Springs commissioners like to visit, because when Boccard and Powers rushed to meet with Officer Hughes, resulting in the Sunshine Law charges, they met in a MARGATE sports bar. Not a Coral Springs sports bar.

      That meeting eventually cost the Coral Springs taxpayers 90,000.00 dollars to defend Boccard and Powers. Yep, Boccard and Powers preferred and contributed to a MARGATE business instead of Coral Springs business. Wow, what ever happened their loyalty to city businesses? Humm, think maybe they just didn’t want to been seen meeting together in Coral Springs?

      Doomed to be another MARGATE? Boccard and Powers must like MARGATE.

      • Barb

        Why don’t we talk about how the Judge dismissed it for lack of evidence. How the whole thing was a setup to get them off the board because gee they were asking too many questions. Why don’t we talk about how right after the city manager quit because he was going to be investigated. I don’t know about you but if I hadn’t done anything wrong I certainly would not give up a extremely well paying job because someone was mad at me. unless of course I thought I might end up in jail for something. Wasn’t it right after that that it came to light how the police pensions were not funded correctly? Then the police chief quit followed by the city attorney. Coincidence…lol…I don’t think so. Maybe it’s that the commissioners found out something and were investigating. Maybe they found out the union was using something against the city manager to get their huge raises and benefits. Maybe all the domestic violence calls that were made to his house or DUI’s he was never charged with. Maybe now that they are out of office and are allowed to actually have conversations with each other they will explain exactly what they found.

    • Adios Tommy

      @Karen – Skip went with the smear tactics? Skip used no smear tactics! Tom was the ONLY one who sent out a negative personal attack piece in all of the municipal races! It was a desperate and completely classless attempt to try to win, but it back fired! Back fired BIG TIME! Look at what happened at the debate when Laurette made the comment about her opponents will say anything to get elected, she got booed (again). Coral Springs voters don’t like negative attacks. Especially after all of the negative commercials being played over and over and over from the crist/scott race. Skip kept his campaign completely issue oriented. He and Tom had serious differences of opinion on the issues, but that’s not smear tactics. If Skip had sent out a mail piece talking about Tom being suspended from office for 3 months for ethics violations, then that would be a smear campaign, but that never happened. Say what you will, but at least be honest and factual!!

      • Barb

        He wasn’t suspended for 3 months for ethics violations, he was suspended pending the outcome of charges, HUGE difference and the charges were dismissed. Again just being factual. He did however have other people say he was lying and bring up the charges.

      • Karen

        Sorry but what you just wrote is COMPLETE BS! At all the debates, and in all Tom’s mailers Tom was completely positive with no attacks, contrary to Slick Skip who knows the political game well and with his printed crap mail pieces, anything to scare voters. This entire campaign was well orchestrated by Skip, from how he slid in the back door to get in the race (the Roy Gold for mayor ploy was an entire sham)…to the trashy mailers Skip put out…and let’s not forget his camp of abusive trash talking supporters at the polls. Good ole Skip is just using this mayoral race as a stepping stone to get his name back out (trust me, nobody remembered he was a senator before this) for his upcoming Senate race he’ll be campaigning for soon. And you know it as well. Goodbye!

        • Karen

          Feel free to respond, but know I won’t be reading your response. I’m done with reading about this election especially if it has anything to do with trashing Tom.

  • Robert

    Wondering why you keep deleting my comments. Could it be because you don’t have permission to use this photo?? Delete the photo now!

    • Robert, your comments are not being deleted. We have an account with Shutterstock where we download many of our images. This costs our company a couple hundred dollars a years. Many times you do not see photos credited, but they are embedded when you right click and see that data. We don’t normally credit Shutterstock on photos as it doesn’t look good, however, to appease you we have for this image. – Editor.

      • Robert

        Interesting because this exact picture is not in their search index. Please provide the link.

        • Richard, we will not be bullied by you by having to provide links or anything. If you continue to harass us about the permission we have to use this photo, I will have to ban you from this page. – Editor.

          • Robert

            I’m not bullying…just want to make sure proper credit is given or photo is purchased. I do not see this on shutterstock. I’m a photographer and have had my image stolen before…it’s not right.

          • Robert

            Besides Shutterstock would never have the white where the grass should be.

          • Robert, you really have a lot of time on your hands, don’t you? This is where I got the photo. I have also used it before. I have an account with Shutterstock. Anymore questions because I have other things to do here.

          • Robert

            Thank you Please credit your source on your editorials.

          • Robert, no thank you.

  • Ira

    Sorry for not replying earlier, but I’m on the iPad and it’s getting funky on me. Will reply when I’m on my laptop.

    • AMERICA 111

      Real funky like when you wrote this ridiculous piece of rubbish article?

  • Ira

    Okay–I’m on the computer now.

    I supply my own images, and simply send them to CS Talk along with the articles.

    I own huge collections of Stock Art, including Hemera Photo Technologies, Big Box of Art, many of the PhotoDisc series of images, ShutterStock, and others. Once these discs are purchased, you own unlimited rights to all of the images. You just can’t resell them, and since I don’t get paid to write here, usage here wouldn’t be considered reselling.

    I also acquire free art through Wikimedia, and other sources on the internet where copyright isn’t indicated, which in a legal sense, opens up those images for public use. Granted, this is a sticky subject, because uncopyrighted artwork doesn’t necessarily INDICATE uncopyrighted artwork, because the image could have been hijacked from elsewhere. For example, my uncopyrighted image here could be construed as royalty-free for usage by anyone.

    However, while image providers often request use of a credit line, they can’t really require it, since that could be considered an unwanted alteration of the image. (If I used an image full page in a magazine, for example, and had to put the c line ON the image.) Yes, it’s better practice to do so, always include a copyright line, and that’s my fault.

    In this case, I did an internal computer search for “lying” and this image came up via my external drive, which holds tons of images. I recognized it as being one I previously used, and owned, so no problem, even though CS Talk linked the image to their own account as well.

    (This photo won’t look exactly the same as the original because I stretched the horizontal scale to make it wider without constraining its proportions.)

    Anyway, you bring up a big issue nowadays (although your motivation might have been a little nefarious), and it’s something I’ll be a lot more careful about. As a writer and photographer (sort of) myself, I don’t want people using my images without compensation.

    But sometimes I don’t care, which is why today’s internet is a real minefield for professional photographers.

  • bigdaddy

    The jokes on Skip and Joy. The commission now has the 3 votes to jam down the throats of the other 2 what they want done, Can you say Lame Duck???????? Cause that’s what just happened. Don’t gloat too long cause you will be eating crow!!!

  • James Higben

    America 111 – why don’t you post your real name tough guy? You sound like an idiot! And by the way Skip won!! Haaaaa

    • springswatcher

      He’s posted as truthseeker, fedupsenior and a slew of other names. Hi’s just a royal PITA.

      I suspect he’s part of Commissioner errrr…..Ex Commissioner Powers inner circle and just like Powers he’s strongly bigoted and biased toward those that are less fortunate than Powers and his special interest pals.

    • SkipisWinning

      James Higben, I could not agree more. And by the way, awesome name

  • Jay

    Too many people are assuming Cimaglia won. He did not! Once the recount is done, then we will find out the official results! Get the facts straight!

  • jhkilroy

    Lets see how much of the Taj Mahal gets ” cut ” by the ” conservative ” Skip and Joy Carter….. hmmmm I bet not ONE PENNY gets CUT from the project now in fact I bet the budget will EXPAND now that its a ” shovel ready ” project, it was only wasteful when they weren’t in office…. I bet this website will NOT cover it either….

    • RelaxPeople

      People are such haters! Your beloved Tom Powers LOST! Don’t be sore losers, have some class! People voted for skip because they obviously want a breath of fresh air. Get over it, stop being rude, and let the process work itself out!

      • jhkilroy

        They ran on the platform of cutting cost of the ‘ eighth wonder ‘ thats why ! it BETTER get done … I’m sure ira will make sure that a buck or two gets shaved and call it a ‘ win ‘ for the people and skip but when people vote for cuts they mean MILLIONS not just the indoor plant budget for the site…. it will not happen because they are democrats and government cuts are not in their vocabulary but it sure seemed to be in the election.

  • Dave Hulett

    Would just like to point that Tom Powers never won an election in Coral Springs. He lost to Claudette Bruck and now he has lost to Campbell. He was extremely lucky to be unopposed for two terms. Hopefully we can find good candidates so that no one gets a free ride like Daley did this time around and Powers had also hoped to do.

  • wide-eyed

    You all know the old saying, ‘Power corrupts.” Unfortunately, this is what I believe happened to Tom Powers. Tom is by nature a good man. However, he got caught up with his own self pride and ego and was encouraged by others who were looking out for their own self interest. The game of politics corrupts just about everyone in its path. We never think that it will happen in such a great city as Coral Springs, but it does. If each commission seat is equal to one vote including the Mayor’s seat, why in all reasoning did Tom choose to resign from his commission seat which allowed him two more years to run for the seat of Mayor? The vision and drive he said he had for the city could still have been in his control. Apparently, a lowly commission seat was not good enough for him. The answer is plain and simple; pride and ego. Well, I guess he and many others in his circle got a wake up call.

    • Barb

      Why didn’t someone who has never been involved in this Cities government go for a commission seat so he could learn how the process works before running for Mayor. I guess that answer is plain and simple, pride and ego oh and lets not forget to get his name back out there. Works both ways. There is not any proof of any corruption and you should be much more careful with your words.

      • wide-eyed

        You are not really asking such a silly question, are you? A State senator knows the political process much more than a city commissioner. The State senator is responsible for a lot more citizens encompassing a number of different cities than a city commissioner is. Go back and reread your Introduction to Government textbook. Corruption comes in all forms; unfortuntely you perceive it to be only a physical act of one being caught and being prosecuted. As a wise uncle once told me when I too thought I was so great and smart; “Go past your local cementery and glance at all the tombstones. One day they were like us, one day we’ll be like them.” It really puts life into perspective. I find it interesting that you didn’t respond to the value of the commisssion seat vote statement.

        • Ira

          I too was/am still obsessed with why Powers would risk giving up his ability to “serve” the city by chancing a Mayoral run, and it’s three parts:

          1) incredible ego.

          2) Outrageous hubris in his belief that he couldn’t lose.

          3) Unbridled hunger for power, so he can take the Mayor’s seat and now also tell Homan and Cimaglia what to do.

          • wide-eyed

            Spot on. I agree 100% with you. When are people ever going to learn that there is no “sure thing” except death.

        • Barb

          There is a huge difference between National politics, State politics and a city commission. Night and day. Almost everyone who has been mayor, recently anyway, started as a commissioner. This way they could learn the ropes. How embarrassing is it going to be when Skip is asked a question about something as Mayor and he will have no clue because he is a newcomer. The mayor represents the city and has to have knowledge to do that and thats the difference between the positions. I felt the exact same way when Boccard ran for Mayor without having been on the board.


    Important facts to remember here… In Coral Springs we have a commission/manager form of government, not a strong mayor. So the title of “Mayor” is nothing more than a ceremonial position. If Tom was doing this because of his love for the city he would’ve just stayed in his commission seat and had the same vote value as the mayor. However this is not and was never about Tom’s love for the city. It’s about ego and power hungriness. The days of these guys thinking that they can just hand pick their successors is over now. The days of them thinking that they somehow know better than everyone else are over now. This election became a direct referendum on the municipal complex. The municipal complex that Tom said people were hanging from street lights screaming for and demanding the commission create. Tom said that he knocked on 4,000+ doors and 100% of those people said thats what must be done. Well if that were the case then why did he lose by almost 14%. It wasnt as though he lost by 1 or 2%, this wasnt even close! I wonder if they will finally admit that they got this wrong and that if they are going to indeed build a $28 million dollar project that they had better get the taxpayers approval. Not one time in the history of the city have the voters said no to a bond issue once the case was made to them about why it was necessary, but these guys didnt care about that. All they were concerned with was getting their Coral Springs Mount Rushmore built and forever having their names tied to it. Let’s not forget that the ENTIRE time that Roy Gold sat in the Mayors seat all these guys shut him down every time he brought up the city hall idea. But the very next meeting after Vince was sworn in City Hall was at the top of these guys agendas. Well the voters saw through these guys phoniness and sent a clear message about what they think about Tom and the boys trying to pull a fast one on them. It’s going to be so nice to see new faces and new ideas up there on the dias!

    • Barb

      The only fact you put out was about our form of government. It is not a fact that the election was a direct referendum on t he municipal complex, that is your opinion. My opinion is the election was the result of the democratic party getting involved in City politics. And most democrats tend to just vote how they are told.

      • wide-eyed

        You are to funny. I wish you had been in my debate class in college. What fun I would have had. So according to your opinion, most democrats tend to vote as told. What is you opinion based on? Fairy tales or facts? Should I believe then that most republicans too tend to vote as they are told? I’d rather want to believe that every citizen takes the time to research their decisions before making a conclusion. That is until I get comments such as yours.

        • Barb

          I am only going by what I have seen, I would also want to believe that people take the time to research their decisions, but then Obama wouldn’t have been re-elected.

          • wide-eyed

            LOL! So now I am to believe that you are standing next to the democrat voters when they cast their ballots since this is how you came up with your evidence, right? You are too funny. Find me one perfect president in our nation’s history and you can go to the head of the class. There is not one, no not one. One stinks and the other smells. If anything, Obama is more republican then you think. When he took decisive active and bailed out the banks and GM he prevented a severe depression in our country which would have made 1929 look like a reccession. The stock market which contols the entire world has more than doubled during his time in office causing all boats to be highly lifted up and sail on. Property values, investments, 401k’s and trade have risen and the financial bleeding of hospitals has been curtailed by making everyone have health care insurance and not freeloading off the backs of taxpayers and stiff the hospitals. The medical insurance companies have seen their sales go through the roof all thanks to Obammacare. If that’s not a republican sector i don’t know what is. You know what’s wrong with repubicans, they don’t like to spread the wealth. For some strange sick reason they believe they are the “entitled ones” and everyone else is second class. Well it’s a new age and everyone have better learn to get along and help their neighbor. I’ve yet to see a U-Haul following a hearse, have you?

          • FACTS

            Well seeing as though every single mail piece that Tom put out was about the municipal complex and he made 2 videos about the municipal complex and hearing his pitch at the polls he was talking about the municipal complex and the biggest disagreement between the candidates was about the municipal complex I think its fair to say that this was a referendum on the municipal complex and Tom knew it (why he put a video out 5 days before ED and also had Bruce Weinberg write an editorial about it). And your other premise about only democrats voting for Skip, how do you explain all the republicans that voted for Skip as well? Go precinct by precinct and take a look at a few things A) the amount of votes that were cast B) the amount of votes that upper ballot candidates got i.e. scott, bondi, atwater, putnam C) the amount of more votes Skip got over Tom. This tells you that an overwhelming number of republicans voted for Skip. If someone had no idea about any of the candidates and no idea about any of the issues going on in the city and just read about the candidates and their visions, Skip would look like the republican and Tom would look like the tax and spend democrat. Bottom line. Yes the democrats stood behind Skip and voted, BUT many of the republicans voted for Skip too. You can’t argue numbers.. Numbers don’t lie.

          • wide-eyed

            I never mentioned or implied that only democrats voted for Skip. You have me confused with another writer on this post. I do agree with you on the numbers. Futhermore, Powers wasn’t thinking when he asked Weinberg to write editorial about it. Weinberg himself had to step down from running for a commisssion seat a few years back due to his IRS tax problem which made news. I guess Power’s inner circle had a short memory.

          • Facts

            @wide-eyed I was replying to what @Barb was saying.

          • Barb

            I am pretty sure Crist got almost 70% of the vote in Broward County. So don’t actually understand you argument. I would venture a guess that most didn’t even know that this had become a partisan contest. Except those who were collected specifically from the democratic rolls for this specific purpose.

          • Barb

            WOW…Really and if you believe that I have a box of air to sell to you real cheap though so you still have money to spread around.

    • springswatcher

      I concur with you. I do so because of incidents that demonstrated commissioner Powers bias, bigotry, warped sense of priorities and his personal attempt to gain and maintain total control of all city departments, including the city managers office, the city attorneys office and the city police department. It’s all well documented, even though he attempted to place a veil over the functioning of City government.

      The Mayor is a ceremonial Mayor with one commission vote, but the position carries the prestigious and Honorable Title of City Mayor. Why would Powers resign his commission seat to run for Mayor? I think that’s easy to answer. He didn’t want someone else to run for the prestigious and Honorable title of Mayor, a position he felt he was entitled to. It was, at that time, a position that he and his special interest groups just couldn’t foresee anyone else defeating him during an election for Mayor. For all practical purposes he must have thought he, himself
      would run unopposed and be elected Mayor by default.

      In that scenario, his vacant commission seat would still end up under his control because he would have joined Daley, Vignola, Cimaglia, Homan, the Republican party and numerous additional special interest groups in a crushing, pounding overwhelming campaign of support for Cimaglia and Homan with thousands upon thousands of robocalls, advertisements and signs used in an attempt to sway the City voters. Residents daring to disagree with Powers position would continue to be discredited by Powers and his allies as liars and other derogatory insulting names.

      They just couldn’t have anticipated Skip Campbell stepping up to the plate. Skip Campbell stepped up to the plate because the city needed his help. They didn’t anticipate the result of Joy Carter stepping up to the plate. They didn’t anticipate the courage of Howard Melamed to keep on speaking the truth. They couldn’t shout down Howard and they couldn’t discredit him. They thought they could, but he continued to stand up to them on behalf of all the city residents
      and he kept on speaking the truth. I myself believe that Howard Melamed was the catalyst in the campaign for the truth.

      Oh, by the way. Do you think anyone is going to file a complaint with the state and the city concerning Homan’s use of robocalls in which she was identified as a Republican Party candidate with family values and support of businesses? Didn’t the closing of that robocall message state it was approved and paid for by candidate Homan?. I think the context of those Homan endorsed calls might contain a clear violation of both State Statues and City Code relating to nonpartisan elections. If there was a violation, the resulting small fine, if any, handed down by the state election office would be mute at this time, but it would provide guidance and caution for a candidates conduct in future elections.

      Maybe one of the first issues placed on the table for this new commission should be reinstatement of the portion of the election code that the Boccard and Powers led commission recently and carelessly elimated That’s the portion of the City election code that allowed Skip Campbell to enter as a candidate for Mayor. It was initially placed in the city code for a reason and Boccard and Powers should never have carelessly and recklessly tampered with it.

      It’s just another Boccard and Powers screw up in which Daley and Vignola participated. Daley and Vignola should right their wrong and join the three new commission members in restoring that long standing portion of the city election code. That city code was there for a purpose,
      it served its purpose and it worked when it was needed, just as the past city commissioners that voted on it many years ago intended. It was needed this election year and it worked. Put it back into the city election code.

      One might ask, gosh, why would the city attorney allow the long standing election code to be altered by the Boccard / Powers commission? Well, that reminds me of another Power’s misstatement, when he implied during the second forum that the city attorney watches out for the rights of the residents.

      In reality, the city attorney works only for city hall and the city commissioners.The city attorney is accountable to the city manager and represents only the interest of the city government, the city departments, the city employees and the sitting commissioners. The city residents have to watch out for themselves and their individual rights and they need to continue encouraging and voting for the candidates that represent the best interest of all the city residents.

      • Barb

        You lost me at bigotry, how ridiculous, so enough of this crap you are spewing. Not reading any of it.

      • Ira

        Man, you know your stuff.