Man Caught Operating One-Stop Auto Repair Shop Along Roadside

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Thanks to one concerned resident and the quick actions of the city, a makeshift car repair service operating on the side of the road will no longer be in service – for now.

A resident sent us a video of a man named “Frank” who does business outside of Advance Auto Parts on 300 N University Drive.  The resident who said that he goes at least once or twice a month, says Frank is there giving quotes and offering service along a nearby street. 

With no proof of a business license or insurance, Frank finds auto work from people at the store and seems to be finding it on a daily basis.

“He told me $80-$90 to replace my front CV Axle and said not to buy it because he gets better prices because he has a business account with Advance Auto,” said the resident.

This parking area next to Advance Auto Parts is where cars are serviced.

This parking area next to Advance Auto Parts is where cars are serviced.

I contacted Advance Auto manager Manager Chris who said they were not affiliated with Frank.  I also asked him if Frank received permission to do auto work on the premises.

“He doesn’t do it on our premises.  He does it way out there on the street to the right of us.”  He said that the area Frank performs service is a public road. 

The roadway is public right-of-way said Deputy City Manager Jennifer Bramley, who added that the parking spaces were on private property.  “Regardless, auto repair is not permitted.”

While this isn’t necessarily a scam, Coral Springs Police Captain Bradley McKeone urges residents to use care since there isn’t any recourse if something goes wrong.  “If it’s too good to sound true, well, it probably is,” he said.

After speaking with Bramley, she contacted code compliance and within a two hour time frame, the code department witnessed the violation taking place and issued a citation.  

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Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • Julie

    I’ve had auto repairs through frank and all the gents who repair cars on a daily basis through referral from ?? Nothing ever went wrong !! Theses guys are honest hard working fellas. You may get a less expensive price through their accounts ? So what ?? Go to a mechanic if you have concerns of repair protection. Simple! Some need a little assist getting the wiper blades on (ME) or getting those breaks repaired at a lesser expensive price to get back & forth to work. I’ve had LOTS of repairs done. These concerned “BORED” visitors NEED TO GO BACK HOME !! Who asked this guy to COME AND SAVE FLORIDA! If Frank scares you in the evening, come see him during the day! Watch” your own” neighborhood.

  • Danny

    Guy’s just trying to make a living. I haven’t seen anything about him doing faulty work, so what’s the issue? You people need to find something better to do with your time, and our tax dollars. 1 more hard working man who can’t feed his family. Hope you’re proud of yourselves.

  • Caroll

    How Sad it all this! Just one person without live. Just pure “envy”
    This person need his job, need to feed his family, need to pay rent.
    His is very honest and very good in what he does.
    The problem with this, is that unauthorized, without permission cameraman, is that what he did; is illegal too. So, he is complaining about illegal? let me laugh!!!
    If any want need to find FRANK, his cellphone number is 954-607-8509 you won’t regret it.