More Sleazy Tactics in the Broward Sheriff’s Election

How low can your opponents go when they hire an actress to portray your “girlfriend” in order to win the election.

In this video, a no-named woman is shown here speaking in the camera to Scott Israel, saying “Hey Scott, you never told me you were a policeman…” She’s supposed to be playing his girlfriend in this reality video gone bad.

The description of it says:

Meet the former girlfriend of Broward County Sheriff’s candidate Scott Israel. The happily married father of triplets, Scott seems to have a “friend” that his wife Susan knows nothing about. Integrity? That’s Scott Israel. Illegitimate children? That’s Scott Israel. A much younger girlfriend on the side? That’s Scott Israel. When voting on November 6th, please vote Scott Israel for Broward County Sheriff. 
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The person who posted the video is listed as “Barry Israel.”

Who is behind this and why?

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  • Who do you think, and why do you think!

  • WingTip

    REALLY??? Why would CS Talk contribute to the spread of sleaze by posting this? This ranks right up there with the report CS Talk posted about what a resident did to his dog.

    Personally I find these types of report disgusting and offensive. I have my doubts that there are folks who are interested in this types of reports. Raise the bar CS Talk.

    • Wingtip, you think that’s bad? You should read the stuff that I refuse and send to other publications. This election has more sleaze than I ever remember.

  • ELKC

    This is beyond disgusting! Anything for Lamberti to win this election! Pure bs! Horrible. No integrity whatsover! Talk about stooping so damn low!

  • As “put-up” jobs go, this one is rather crude. Lamberti is running the election as poorly as he runs BSO. Bye-bye Lamberti!

  • Dick Norris

    Lamberti is a repulsive snake. It is time for him to pack up and leave town.