Police Union President Demanding Boycott after Officer is Denied Service

Sunoco at 1700 S Douglas Road in Miramar Florida

Sunoco at 1700 S Douglas Road in Miramar Florida

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The President of Broward County’s largest police union has called for a national boycott of Sunoco gas stations following an incident during which a uniformed officer from the Miramar Police Department was refused service by the sales clerk at one of the company’s locations.

“On a day when three officers are slain in Baton Rouge, La., and a fourth is fighting for his life, how can anyone deny service to a uniformed police officer?” said Broward County PBA President Jeff Marano.

In his incident report, the officer, who was wearing his full police uniform,  said that on Monday, he walked into the Sunoco Gas Station located at 1700 S Douglas Road around 2 p.m., and as he was attempting to get a drink from the refrigerated area, a black male, wearing a gray shirt with gray pants, walked up to him and asked why they arrested his “boy”. He asked the man who he was referring to, to which he said, “Ya’ll got my boy in the back of that car outside the gas station.”

The officer told him that the man was arrested and he couldn’t give him any further information. The man then walked away.

The officer then proceeded to walk towards the cashier in order to pay for his drink. The same individual that walked up to him earlier was standing behind the cash register without a name tag and closed his cashier’s window.  The officer then knocked on it in order to get his attention, however, the man looked at him and didn’t say anything. The officer asked, “Hey can you ring me up? I need to pay for my Gatorade.” The man then stated “No.” The officer asked him what he meant. The man said that he wouldn’t ring him up and said, “You know why.”

The officer asked him again to ring him up, and the man once again refused.

During the same time, the man said, “Get out of my way, I need to attend to customers.” The officer looked behind him and there was a line of four people trying to pay for their items. He moved out of the way, so they could pay, and after they were done, he again asked to pay, and was once again refused.

He then asked the man for his name and his manager or boss’s name, and he replied that he doesn’t have to give out his name or his boss’s name. The officer asked why he was refusing to ring up a police officer trying to buy a drink, to which he answered, “Because I don’t have to, that’s why.”

Marano is demanding the immediate termination of the Sunoco employee, however, a police search for the owner’s information was met with negative results. 

Update:  A letter from Jeffrey Byard Sunoco VP Distributor Operations for Sunoco  is attached.

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  • ST

    Will not go to sunoco again

    • Michael White

      You’ll be missed, I’m sure…..

    • Panda__Lover

      Update: they just fired the jerk clerk.

      • WHMay

        He just got his plane ticket from Soros. He’s on the way to #RNCinCLE to be a celebrity protester.

        • Conservativessuck

          What are you, five years old?

          • Cuervo Jones

            What does that have to do with anything, libtard?

          • Conservativessuck

            “Libtard”? So, you are five years old!

          • Barb

            your name is conservativessuck…yet you object to being called a libtard? That is precious.

          • Cuervo Jones

            So you can dish it out but you can’t take it? Pussy.

          • ARabbitsHome

            I don’t know, for sure, what you mean by Pussy. If you mean Pussy like I think you mean Pussy like as in a vagina then a “man” like you isn’t really able to dish “it” out. Micro men, like you, rarely are but you all surely squeak a lot. But in this case I would suggest no one get any oil for you. Hell, what if you had to pee? It would probably go all down your leg.

            PS You wish you were a Pussy!

          • Cuervo Jones

            So many words when you could have simply said “Why yes, I am indeed a big fat pathetic pussy. Please come over and fuck my wife.”

    • Michael Voight

      Why? Because one employee violated rules and did something you didn’t like, and was fired?

    • Conservativessuck

      Justice was served…you can’t ask for more.

      There’s no reason to blame Sunoco for the actions of a terminated ex-employee.

  • Rocket

    Cop refused to answer why he arrested a man, clerk refuses to serve him. What’s the problem? If the cop wasn’t a dick perhaps he would have been served. The public has a right to know why people are arrested, it’s part of the system of checks and balances. It’s why they can’t have secret trials.

    • JPW

      If this has to be explained to you there is no hope of you understanding it.
      Hint. PRIVACY LAWS.

      • James Miller

        Oh his name will be in the paper anyway just for the arrest….
        Privacy his name will be forever emblazoned when he gets out of jail possibly prison.
        Privacy hahahahahahaha
        If Privacy were such a concern perhaps removing forced background checks on people looking for a job.
        Then maybe we wouldn’t be in a place where most black men can never get a job, privacy, you funny.

        Nice joke.

      • chris

        While I do not agree with what went on, I have to correct you. Arrests are PUBLIC information, which is why they are often posted online and in the paper. Privacy laws do NOT apply to criminal arrests unless there is a special circumstance and it is authorized by the Judge or DA. You are the one who has something to learn.

        • John

          arrests are not public record until the person is processed. so you are the one who has something to learn.

        • ffangel4u

          I have to correct you chris. This officer does NOT have to give any information to anyone. It is between him and the person in the car. That is for the officers safety and at that time, the person in the back of the car’s safety. It’s called CYA. Covering both of their asses in case someone tries to start trouble. Next time you see a policeman, ask him. You’ll find out I’m telling you the truth. I know, I’m married to a policeman.

        • 4thStooge

          Arrests of minors are often sealed. Do we know how old the man in the car was? Not the cops job to give out that info.

      • Michael Voight

        The cop doesn’t have to tell him.

    • Janet Baker

      Since when does a police officer have to answer to any random person who just asks him? If the guy really wanted to know (and had legitimate need to know), there are proper channels to follow. Moreover, unless the clerk was the owner, he was not there on his own behalf but on that of his employer.

    • lamk123

      The public did not have a right to know why the person was in the car. Period. Where do you get your knowledge… or more correctly lack of knowledge of things?

    • Christine

      Would you just want a cop telling everybody your business if you were sitting in the back of a police car. Yes, public record after being processed at the jail.

    • John

      you are a brand new kind of stupid. why the typical suspect was arrested is nobody’s busisness until the arrested BLACK CRIMINAL is processed. at that point it becomes public record. try to understand that as liberals do hate when facts get in the way.

    • Lisa E.

      So you’re saying that if the cop had told him who was sitting in the patrol car, and why, the jerk clerk would gladly have served him.
      Yeah, right!

    • curtis morris

      Are you seriously that stupid? Or can you not read?!

    • Conservativessuck

      You are deluded and/or incredibly misinformed. The only person law enforcement HAS to, or should, inform of why they are being arrested is the arrestee. The public does not have any right to that information until that information is published.

  • Maria Miyoshi

    It is not the practice of the police to share information with the public regarding an arrest to anyone without a public records request. That officer likely did not know who the man in the store was and is not at liberty to share information regarding the alleged arrest. It is the right of a business to deny service to anyone but it is tastless and poor form to deny service to a uniformed police officer for no apparent reason other then the officer doing his job. The only person the police are required by law to tell what someone is charged with is the person being charged or the parent of the person being charged if the person being charged is a juvenile. I will be boycotting Sunoco Gas Stations and will be telling everyone i know to do the same. The clerk should be fired and a formal apology should be issued by Sunoco.

    • Panda__Lover

      refresh the page. they apologized and fired the clerk.

  • stuckup1

    Been boycotting Sunoco for years. Very bad gasoline. Wrecked the engine of my minivan. A few cents cheaper per gallon of gas, several thousand dollars in engine repairs.

    • Michael Voight

      Interesting, since many gas stations get their gas from the same supplier.

    • 4thStooge

      All gas sucks now because of Ethanol.

  • Keigh Oss

    everybody wants to act like an asshole and then get offended when treated like an asshole. assholes, everywhere.

    • Michael Voight

      Until the guys arrest is processed, this is NOT public information and the cop doesn’t have to explain the story to everyone who asked. The employee is still supposed to do his job.

  • god of wings

    Sounds like that Sunoco better hope they never need the police. Good on the VP for his response, but that employee needs to be terminated.

    • Panda__Lover

      they did

  • Skip Manley

    Store owners are being plagued by employees who have sand for brains. Post the name and pictures of these brain dead bottom feeders so they never burden another store owner again.

  • Michael White

    Why can’t we boycott police? I never signed up for their service, I’ve never used it, I never will use it. I have no interest in their petty whining about people disrespecting them, they deserve no respect. Some may earn it, but they all feel that simply by virtue of their chosen job, they’re entitled. Newsflash…you’ve chosen a career as the strong arm, revenue generating arm of a corrupt system. Want respect? Get a job helping people, something heroic, like a firefighter. Someone who puts their own lives in harm’s way to save others, instead of a career putting others in harm’s way so you can go home at the end of your shift.

    • Scot Wirth

      AH, another stellar argument from a perfect

    • Christine

      you are an asshole Michael. You won’t ever need a cop? And you know this how? Car wreck, someone breaking into your house, hurting your children,( if you have any) Who are you going to call? The fire department won’t go into a crime scene without safety clearance from police and you just may be on the side of needing the help. Hope they have your name and boycott you while you are screaming for their help. But they would never do that. They are there to help citizens, even citizens just like you who are hateful towards them.

      • Michael White

        You’re right, I feel so helped when they write tickets for tail lights out, or grass not mowed. I feel protected when they choke someone to death on a sidewalk over pennies in tax revenue. I feel so much safer when they execute a child carrying a toy. I feel so served when I hear a cop tell a dying man “Fuck your breath”, after another cop just shot him for no reason. Enjoy your fantasy world where cops aren’t the problem

    • John

      pity that if your sorry ass was in trouble a cop would come help. you are an asshole.

    • Michael Voight

      Police help people you IDIOT.
      Please tell me how the cop arresting this guy was “revenue generating”
      How much profit are the taxpayers going to make when a cop arrests a criminal?
      You act like the cop’s employer is a for profit corporation.

  • Barb

    Well maybe they should sue for discrimination…isn’t that what we are doing now, you refuse service to a class of people they can sue. Thats just me being flip…what is going on is just ridiculous. Being a cop is a noble profession and one that affects everyone’s lives. Respect them they will respect you, threaten them and you are on your own they have every right to change their tactics and protect themselves….common sense. However don’t think we should boycott a company for one idiot, just like we shouldn’t condemn cops for one bad shoot

  • Michael Voight

    Stupid… The owner fired the guy who refused to provide Service, yet these idiots want to boycott an entire change and hurt people who had NOTHING to do with it.

  • Chas Ellsworth

    Never did go to Sunoco, never will — look at the clowns they hire to work there !
    Goes for Arbys, Taco Bell, IHop, and any other places that refuse service to THOSE that give their lives for the AMERICAN People!

  • Ian Richardson

    Sorry, but that is that gentleman’s right. Like or not service industry workers are not obligated to serve you. Was it a dick move? Yes. If he violated company policy he will be fired.