POLL: Vote for the Next President of the United States

Trump-or-HillaryBy: Sharon Aron Baron

This has been a contentious year in politics, and if you’re on social media, you may have been drawn into a few heated arguments over who will make the best (or worst) president. There are so many opinions and everyone believes theirs is the right one.  

We’re going to take a poll between now and after the Republican and Democratic conventions to see who you are voting for, as well as to see if  anyone changes their minds before November.

How Did Coral Springs Residents Vote in the past?

Let’s look back to see how Coral Springs residents voted in the 2012 election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Out of 33 precincts, Obama won in 31 of them.  In 2008 between Barack Obama and John McCain, Obama won in 32 out of 33 precincts.  

Are the past two elections any indication how residents will vote?  More importantly, are they any indication how Floridians will vote. Who will you vote for in November:  Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or someone else?

About Sharon Aron Baron

Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • jsb

    What’s wrong with you people in CS? Vote for Crooked Hillary? Same people that voted for our Liar in Chief and throwing your vote away for Third Party Candidate?? That is a voted for crooked Hillary.

    • The problem is all out South Florida is filled with liberals, just like New York. It’s near clone of the Empire state.

      • Barb

        lol I moved here because my vote didn’t count in NY…so maybe it’s changing

  • triplehelix247

    Hillary should be disqualified from being President

  • Barb

    It really boggles the mind that anyone could vote for her after everything that has gone on from the time she was a lawyer, to her time in the white house, senate and then as Secretary of state. Scandal after scandal…yet here we are and “Really what difference does it make at this point”….It makes a huge difference!!!!

  • Barb

    We should be very careful and mindful of this election…the last one the numbers were way off in Broward and throughout Florida. There were districts where the difference in votes for just president and senate were crazy and all late returns. I think he probably won in 2008 but 2012 the numbers were very funky.

  • Puty

    Whether Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or Independent this is not just another election! Look around, this is not the country we were, or designed to be. We are full of politicians that are interested in themselves, not we the American public, and it doesn’t matter what party. What concerns me is the total shift to the left of all parties, and people need to realize that JFK today would probably be a Republican with his views. Our country is being stolen from us and most don’t even realize it because the press is in the bag as well!!

    Use the internet, it’s so easy to check out the truths. Much of what you can check on to separate the BS from truth can be found in .gov publications from independent agencies like the CBO, etc. Again, this needs to be more than a popularity contest as in years past; voting for someone because they are a ‘first’ is totally stupid and should be about who can take the reigns and run this Great Country, the largest business in the world! If it makes you happy you have a chance to vote for the first woman, or the first business person….both firsts!

    Whoever gets elected, I’m just praying that they love this country and have studied American History to know where we have come from and want to continue our great traditions. My other prayer is that they stay off my TV every other day, shut-up unless needed, AND WORK FOR A LIVING!!!

    GOD BLESS AMERICA and if you won’t assimilate go back home where you belong!

  • jsb

    Good to see the good people of CS have come to their senses….. Remember, Hillary’s freedom depends on her winning. AG Christie will go after her very quickly.