Poll: Your Turn to Vote for the Best Pizza in Coral Springs

pizza-challengeBy: Dan I. Cook

It’s Pizza Poll time! Our Facebook page received an impressive 300-plus nominations for best pizza joints in Coral Springs and now the poll is open with your top selections for the best pizza.

But first I’d like to share my two favorite pizza joints of all time here in Broward County: Big Louie’s Pizzeria and Uno Pizzeria & Grill. Big Louie’s has changed hands so many times, it has lost its luster with me. UNOs closed years ago and hasn’t made a come back to Broward, which I still can’t figure out why.

So here’s the deal.  We’re keeping this simple by judging plain cheese pizza.  Why you ask? Because cheese pizza has all the the basic building blocks of a great pizza which are:

1.  Dough

2.  Sauce

3.  Cheese

4. How it’s cooked

If the restaurant nails those four basic components, you can place whatever toppings you want on it and it should taste fantastic.

The rules are simple, vote for your favorite joint that makes the best cheese pizza. We have the following restaurants that our Facebook fans nominated: Pasquale’s Pizza & Subs, Pizza Carousel, Pizza Brew, Big Anthony & Guido’s Restaurant, Sicilian Oven Restaurant, Pepperoni Grill, Brus Room Sports Grille, Joe’s Pizza and Pasta, Vito’s Gourmet Pizza, Pizza De Luna, Annie’s Pizza, Guido’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, La Fontana Pizzeria, Pizza Time Italian Restaurant, Nick’s New Haven Style Pizzeria & Bar, Sbarros, Sals on West Sample Road, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza and Sophia’s Pizzeria Restaurant.

The poll will run for a week. A group of judges will then go to the top three finalists, taste the pizza. and then nominate a winner. Remember this is for Coral Springs only, Sorry J.R. Pizza Bella, you’re in Margate.

Thanks and may the best pizza win. Stay Hungry!

About Dan I. Cook

avatar Native of Broward, Food Warrior, Beer Ninja, Wine Fraud, and Former Marine. I will give you an honest opinion of my experience. I write for free and I dine with my OWN money. I don't want coupons or gifts. So go screw yourself if you think that will work to make your review better. Whether it's high-end food or the dollar menu, I will steer you in the proper direction. I love Broward and especially the Coral Springs area. I take pride with what I type and I hope you enjoy my twisted take on food reviews or as I call them, Food Stories. LOL. Stay Hungry!


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  • Paul Osterhout

    If you need a judge, hit me up.

    • Dan I Cook

      Send a message to Coral Springs Talk with your contact information. You can not be affiliated with any of the three finalist. We are looking at March 14 starting at 1130a to do the judging. We pay for our own food so everyone will just chip in for the pies. Stay Hungry!

  • Mike Cusano

    This shouldnt even be a competition..pasquales hands down

  • D Azzarello

    I am sorry but pasquales is not the best I feel….and way overpriced…..too commericalized………

    • Jackie

      Just because a PIE is $20 ($12 on Wend) does not mean its bad. It is the best Pizza I ever had and many others agree with me, because they have gone to 1 location to 3 in a matter no time. You would not be growing if you did not have clientele. No disrespect intended but call Domino’s or get a frozen pie for cheap pizza.

  • Dan I

    The poll closes on Wednesday, so get your votes in!

  • MERY

    the best pizza I’ve ever eaten in united states is in Guido’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, excellent cheese, its mass is crisp to bite, and say aroma loosing her sauce true Italian sason, I WANT TO GO BACK TO CORAL SPRING ONLY FOR TESTING ESA DELICIOUS PIZZA “

  • Mike Romero

    Pasquale’s is WORTH the money!! You get what you pay for. The best pizza in Coral Springs in my opinion.

  • Bruce

    La Pizzaria on Sample & 441…..it’s the real deal. Pasquales would be 2nd

  • Laura Stuart

    Guidos has by far the BEST pizza! Scrumptious

  • shellshokt

    Pasquale’s is definitely good, but Guido’s is OUR favorite. The kids BEG to go there. Also, for what Pasquale’s charges, it should not be self serve. Dining there with my kids is always a hassle because I’m running around trying to get us all drinks and utensils and then trying to carry a hot pizza to the table hoping I don’t spill it on anyone along the way. It’s frustrating and the price just doesn’t justify it.

  • Sandra Statner

    Pasquale’s is the BEST…Yes, it is more money than the rest, but I would rather pay a few dollars more for better pizza.