Community Meeting Being Held for Proposed Charter School Move


By: Sharon Aron Baron

Residents are invited to a meeting to discuss the proposed relocation of the Coral Springs Charter School to Mullins Park on Wednesday night.

The community meeting, which was initially scheduled for April 9, is now being held on June 3 at 7 p.m and residents can ask questions about the proposed move.

“We want to be able to present the community complete results of the Traffic Study at the next community meeting,” City Manager Erdal Donmez said.

The meeting will be held at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts • A/B Meeting Room 2855 Coral Springs Drive.


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  • Dan I

    OMG LOL. If I didn’t love the school I wouldn’t rewrite this. Right now most of the kids that do sports have to be bused to various fields for practice. Some of the teams warm up by running around the freaking building to include the library. I’ve seen the girls basketball team training in the make shift basketball court outside because the gym is being used by another sport. They have no track, no football field, no baseball or soft ball fields. No place for the band to practice outside. The cross county teams have to run the neighborhoods and thru crosswalks to practice. The drama dept has a small facility. Soooooooooo the benefits are very easy to see. Mullins Park will be right there. The kids 6 thru 12 grade can use all the fields. The drama dept, choirs, and jazz bands, may be able to use the performing arts center during the day.

    You know our girls softball team just won the 4a State Championships and went undefeated without having a home on campus field? Do you know The boys Varsity Football Team came in 2 and played for the conference championship and won the Commisssioners AGAIN without an on campus practice or home field? The move makes perfect sense. Ask any of the kids that go to school there and they will say the same thing. Hope my info helps.

  • Dan I

    My response was because someone on Facebook wanted to know how this move was going to benefit the students. I think my answer sums it up perfectly.

  • Barbara

    The only problem is this is a charter school. Which means we will be using our parks etc., which we pay taxes for a charter school which is not only for Coral Springs kids. Charter schools normally do not have many of those amenities that is the major difference between the public schools and charter schools. They also do not have the same restrictions regarding sports, it is much easier to recruit which they do and give preference to those kids for their sports teams as far as getting into the school. They have a great softball coach which I am sure helped and congrats to them. Sure it will be great for the kids And just a fyi..most cross country teams run the neighborhoods, Taravella does, Ramblewood does, as well as sharing the gym for different sports. Bottom line though it is our tax money is being used for it and that in a nutshell is the problem, we already pay taxes for schools.

  • Dan I

    The majority of the kids that attend this school are from Coral Springs. Residents here are given priority over folks living outside the city. You said something, OUR parks. Anyone can use the parks. They don’t check your ID when you walk on the public basketball court or field to kick a ball around or even a playground. Unless most Charter schools, the City of Coral Springs oversees this one. That is another reason why it is so successful. I sont understand your statement about paying taxes for the school. We tax payers are not forking over one dime for the construction of this school and garage. That is where the misinformation is. The 25 million Bill is going to be paid by Charter Schools USA. Lastly, as for running the streets for CC, the middle school kids run with the High School kids too. Maybe all these CC teams should be running the parks instead of the busy streets. Their meets are in parks not busy streets.

    • Barb

      They do however when you are on a sports team and they pay for the use of fields through a fee ( sports card) that is paid when they sign up. If a travel team wants to use the field for practice they pay a fee as well. You would be hard pressed to find a field that you can use to just go practice on with your kid or put together a pick up game without someone from parks and rec kicking you off . We also subsidize the school, look at the budget. We have forked over a lot of money for numerous upgrades.

  • scott chalom

    Scott Chalom I can’t understand the problem. It already is busy here. We live in downtown!!! We live right in front of the New Art Walk. But the future will be beautiful and fun!!!!!!!!!!

  • scott chalom

    BTW, my girls begin CSCS in August, we look forward to a great future for them!!!!

  • volunteer

    This is not an inner city school where kids are being forced to go to a school in the concrete jungle without sports fields. Parents are choosing to send their children to CS Charter knowing fully well what amenities the school does and does not have. No school is perfect. As in life (and choosing your college) you may have to sacrifice one thing to get another. It’s a wonderful school, and it should never have been built at the busiest intersection in the city, but the parking lot at Mullins and the CS Center for the Arts is the worst choice of a location next to its current one. I live at the other end of the city, but I am 100% for those residents that live in the area. I am sure a traffic study was done for the downtown location, yet everyone is dissatisfied. “Managing” the traffic of this school at the proposed location will be absolutely insane. Also, it is absolutely insulting to CS residents to tell them “to get used to the change”. Not all change is good, (a la pollution and the resulting global warming) and luckily the democratic process allows us to speak up and tell that to our elected officials. The citizens of CS are loudly saying “NO”, and the city commission and its staff had better find another location.

    • Barb

      I agree the traffic will be a nightmare regardless of what their traffic study says. Doesn’t matter it is a done deal and was a long time ago. The parents have already been told as much.

      • volunteer

        It is NOT a done deal no matter what has been said in the past. The prior commission tried to push it through. Staff said last night it won’t come to a vote for the commission until the Fall. Plenty of time for petitions, etc. — a real grassroots effort. Sounded to me last night that there are a few who are already in the process.

        • Dan I

          Interesting to hear this. Was there a grass root effort to deny the building the Performing Arts Center? I don’t remember when it was built and what transpired. Can someone educate me please?

        • Barb

          This idea goes further back then the last commission, it has been talked about for years with lots of commissions.The reason it was pitched to the parents first was so they would have the support needed when the opposition came. But in a town when so little of the population even bothers to vote it seems to me that it is a done deal.

    • CSResident

      CS Charter is a FOR PROFIT SCHOOL run by CHARTER SCHOOLS USA with a less than stellar reputation owned by Mr. Jonathan Hage. Consider the fact that one of our public schools, Coral Glades, has gone without an auditorium for 11 years and the city can’t seem to find funds to build one. Yet, the city wants this relocation at a high cost to the city and certain profits for Charter Schools USA. What does that say about where the priority lies with the use of our tax dollars?. I don’t see how Coral Springs residents can approve this relocation at such as high price to our children.

      • Dan I

        You are wrong. The city is leasing the land to the charter school and the charter school is paying for everything. Get your facts straight. Ask the school board what they are going to do with the 800 million that was approved for them.