Residents at Forum Learn More about Coral Springs City Commissioner Candidates

If you missed the candidate forum held at the Coral Springs Charter School last Wednesday, here is video of the debate between Dr. Mark Gendal and Dan Daley.

Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Broward, the debate went smoothly, and both men seemed prepared for the array of questions.   The moderator had a tough time with Dr. Gendal’s name, calling him “Jindel.”   Gendal kept his cool during the faux pas and never corrected the moderator.   It took a few audience members to straighten out the pronunciation issue with the moderator, who then decided to play it safe and call him “Mark.”

Some highlights:  Question about crime, public safety, and changes they would make to police and fire.  They also discussed property taxes and were asked if they ever saw a situation where they would support an increase.

The tension gets broken around 13 minutes and 15 seconds in when Dr Mark Gendel receives a phone call from his wife who was out of town.  What would have been really been a positive if he had actually taken the call.  Without missing a beat, he went back to discussing the budget.

Both candidates have a lot of passion and knowledge about the city, making this race a hard one to determine the outcome.


YouTube Video courtesy of Dan Daley Campaign

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  • consumingflame

    What would have been really been a positive if he had actually taken the call…..?

    • Perhaps I should have elaborated. I thought it would have shown how important his wife was and how she was first priority even though he was on stage….I guess it would have been more of a loving gesture. Maybe as a wife, i thought it would have been a positive!

  • WingTip

    My first impression was I didn’t like the quasi cocky attitude presented by Dan Daley. I did like the genuine likability of Dr. Gendel. However, the younger candidate appeared better prepared to answer questions and the cockiness seemed to evolve into confidence. Meanwhile, Dr. Gendel appeared to struggle to find answers and referred to reports city staff has compiled for him, The clincher was the phone ringing. Sorry Doc, it is what it is. Pay attention to the small stuff.
    Now to be fair, neither one of them actually said anything substantially opposing. They both want to upgrade public safety and promote growth of our downtown. I feel like Dan Daley may prove to be more assertive/aggressive in pursuing these endeavors. That is not a knock on the Dr., he was actually my first choice.

  • Mark Gendal

    Please LISTEN to this debate. Watch my opponent call Coral Springs a cheap place to live, blame the City Government for being a hard place to do business and stay in business, and attack one of our great Italian restaurants in our City for Code violations. REALLY listen. I hope you will choose me, a 30 year EXPERIENCED award winning businessman as your commissioner for the 15th largest City in Florida.

    • WingTip

      I thought he was referring to the millage rate being one of the lowest in the county
      I also thought the comment about the Italian rest. was a help wanted sign in the window and the owner was being harassed by code enf. for it being against the sign ordinance. Those types of issues make it tough to run a business.
      I like your community policing idea and having bike patrols, especially since the police will be getting new uniforms.
      I’d like to see corporate park marketed better. Share your ideas on bringing new businesses to the city.
      I do not think energy should be spent on a new city hall. Focus on building up downtown and expand the college. Once that is moving, then maybe the revenues will allow for a replacement, and hopefully not at the expenses of commercial real estate. Build it near Mullins and the Public Safety Complex.

      Dr.Gendel I want to support your campaign. My family has supported your business for over a decade. You earned that support for your business and we continue to share with you on that. I need you to earn my support of your campaign, by sharing your ideas on bringing business to the city and growing downtown, those are my important issues relative to all candidates running for a seat on the commission.

  • Mark Gendal

    I did not find answers in those reports, I brought them in to show how our present Commission and City Staff are solving complex problems.I support the initiatives of these reports for improved Code Enforcement, City esthetics and Public Safety. Wing Tip, please call me if you want to discuss them. 954-536-5721