Salt Life Sea Shack Closes its Doors in Coral Springs


By: Chris Brunner

The Jacksonville concept restaurant that was open for a little more than two years has suddenly closed its doors.  

We reviewed Salt Life Sea Shack back in April of 2012 and said  “it would be riding a wave of popularity in Coral Springs.”  Sadly, readers have tipped us off to their recent closing and we will try to contact the owners to find out why this week.

Located at The Walk, Salt Life replaced Longhorn Steakhouse after it closed its doors.  We’ll keep you posted.  In the meantime,  what do you think should go up in its place?

About Chris Brunner

Chris Brunner Chris has been a contributing writer at Tamarac Talk and Coral Springs Talk since 2015 beginning back in high school. He is a resident of Coral Springs and is currently attending college.


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  • Guest

    RA Sushi!


    It’s a shame, but not surprising:

    There are way too many restaurants in Coral Springs to support the population, and people don’t travel here to eat from elsewhere.

    Plus, the only thing Coral Springs Economic Development concentrates on is low paying retail and restaurant jobs.

    Plus, most of these restaurants stink.

    Expect more to close in the months ahead, and you have to be crazy to open one in this city.

  • mjdart54 .

    How about a Mellow Mushroom like Delray Beach with lots of Craft Beers on Tap.

    Maybe something like “The Office” in Delray Beach

    Maybe a “Yard House” like Boca

  • guest

    Yard House

  • Jenn

    Coral Springs needs something different, we have a pizza, burger, and chain restaurant on every corner. How about a place where someone can get a nice big salad or a vegetarian entree.

  • Austin Cantrell

    Check out the “Holz Plan” for fiscal responsibility and local business growth! Andy Holz is running to win Coral Springs City Commission Seat 5 this November.

  • Ezra

    Would love to see a a Pei Wei in Coral Springs

  • We need a Cheesecake Factory here! Or a PF Changs, or something new and different. Someplace with good A/C too. Four of us go out every Friday and we are running out of places to go.

  • Like Food, Hate To Cook

    Juice Bar Restaurant that sells “Frappé”!!
    Check out Don Frappé at


    “Hash House Of Go Go”


    Chinese Buffet Restaurant with All You Can Eat Crab Legs


    White Castle, Hardee’s, Famous Dave’s, Cayote Canyon, Shoney’s, Village Inn…

    Something New!!