Suspect Hides in Coral Springs School Forcing Code Red Lockdown

Junior Dorvelia

Junior Dorvelia

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The second day of school was met with one frightening situation for parents when a suspect being pulled over for a traffic stop ran inside a school forcing it into lockdown.

According to the report, Coral Springs Police pulled over Junior Dorvelia, 27, for a traffic stop on Tuesday because he drove straight through an intersection marked “right turn only.” The vehicle stopped in the parking lot of Coral Park Elementary School where Dorvelia exited his vehicle and began walking around to the passenger side. When the officer asked for his driver’s license, Dorvelia said that he did not have one. He then told the officer that he was not getting a ticket and began walking away, telling the officer he would have to catch him. The officer then told him to come back, but Dorvelia started walking back to the vehicle through the parking lot. When the officer got on his motorcycle and began driving toward him, he jumped a locked fence into the property of the school. He then ran across the school property and jumped the fence on the north side of the school into the Summer Hill Subdivision.

A perimeter was set up in the area and the suspect was spotted by another officer near the canal on the north side of the development. Dorvelia then ran from the officers south through Summer Hill, jumped the fence again on the north east side of Coral Park Elementary School and ran through the school again in an attempt to resist arrest from the officer in pursuit.

Another officer spotted the suspect in the school hiding behind a janitor’s trash cart in the breezeway. When Donvelia saw one of the officers coming towards him he attempted to run again, but was detained by two officers in the breezeway.

Children were being dismissed at the time,  and the school was put in Code Red Lockdown the time Dorvelia was attempting to elude arrest. School Resource Officer Hannah Rincon who usually splits her time between Coral Park and Park Springs Elementary was at the the school, and assisted with the lockdown procedures.

“Thank God she was on campus,” said Sergeant Carla Kmiotek. “Having her there definitely assisted in the lockdown procedure.”

The School Principal Camille Pontillo advised she would pursue charges against Dorvelia.

A check on Dorvelia’s record shows that he had a habitual suspension in 2009 as well as 11 other suspensions and revocations. He also had an open arrest for petty theft.

He was taken to Coral Springs Police Department and then transported to BSO.

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Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • Joy Carter

    I asked the City Commission if we could use part of the surplus dollars to fund additional SRO officers for Coral Springs schools THIS YEAR, instead of next, especially when BSO subsidizes these officers – I was turned down. This time we got lucky and I hope there is no next time.

  • Nosey Neighbor

    At least we’re not treating it like the Coral Gables police and calling his trespassing a “prank”,..

  • lara

    piece of crap….we need someone with a gun in the schools for monsters like this..

  • jhkilroy

    suspect looks like every obama voter / supporter I have ever met…. come on guys maybe he was just brought up in a bad area or had some bad friends – he is really good in his heart….. after all he voted obama didnt he ?

    • Scalia

      Another troll who can’t collaborate with others to find better solutions for our community unless they’re part of the same party. People like you hold government hostage, unable to do anything of value. Show some respect for our president. You may not agree with all his views, but he’s trying to serve the best he can. Try to come up with solutions instead or throwing rocks.

      • Abunchofbullshit

        Yeah, but WHO is he serving!!!

  • Puppyme1

    And to think that Democrats don’t want armed Officers at our kid’s schools? Go figure?!

    • eerw

      I’m a democrat and I support armed officer in our schools.

      • jhkilroy

        you just made Hilary’s ” watch list ” for this outrage sir.

        • Joe A

          Fox News one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest donors for better part of two decades. Explain that.

  • Slappin Niggas

    If he would have been killed it would have been a useless shooting.