The “Mean Girls” of the Broward County School Board Revealed

Just like the movie, the Broward County School Board has a couple of Mean Girls.

Just like the movie, the Broward County School Board has a couple of Mean Girls.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Two girls pass a note back in forth calling another girl a very naughty name.  If you think this happened at school, well, you’d be pretty close. It happened between two Broward County school board members on the dais at a public meeting.

Back in 2013, Buddy Nevins with Broward Beat reported the incident, but didn’t reveal the names of the two school board members that were passing the note.  After one of them threw it in the garbage, the third school board member retrieved it because she saw them writing it.  The note referred to her as a “selfish bitch.”


Abby Freedman campaigns for Rosalind Osgood at West Regional Library, Plantation this past weekend. Photo courtesy Broward Beat.

The two school board passing notes during a public meeting? Current Board Chair Rosalind Osgood and Vice Chair Abby FreedmanThe person they were referring to as a “selfish bitch” was School Board Member Nora Rupert. 

Rupert, who has served since 2010, is popular in her district, however, she has been passed over every year for a shot at becoming the next School Board Vice Chair.

Writer Buddy Nevins referred to them as “mean girls” in his story and wrote, “It would be funny if these women didn’t have a real job.  Like seeing our kids get the best possible education.  Like safeguarding our tax money. These women have to learn that every Board member is different.  Different backgrounds, different constituents and different opinions. And every Board member has the same vote. Every Board member deserves respect. Its time for the members to grow up.”

Abby Freedman was reelected in 2014 and Rosalind Osgood is up for reelection August 30.

Rupert made copies of the note and left it on the desks of the two others, however, we have heard from a source that there has never been an apology to her from the “mean girls” and Abby Freedman was heard saying “that’s what she gets for dumpster diving.”

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  • Barb

    If you keep up with the school board before you vote for Rosalind Osgood take a look at her attendance…maybe 50%…ridiculous for the money they make. Plus she has cancelled at least 2 workshops with no explanation. The other board members kept asking for workshops to discuss stuff that could not be discussed in open meetings.

  • Adele

    Take a look at Osgood’s campaign reports. Seems she received two $1,000 contributions from Alliance for Progressive Representative, a PAC out of Tallahassee. There is no PAC by that name registered and isn’t the additional $1,000 over the legal limit? But then again this is the school board, they can’t follow their own rules.

  • Youssef Hassan Wardani

    wow!! I felt myself awkward reading the story. I was aware of friction and conflicts. And I am for aware of their above the law attitude, but this is another notch to count.
    Thanks for posting this story.
    Time to share.