What’s Your Favorite Grocery Store in Coral Springs?

There are so many great grocery stores to choose from, but everyone has a favorite.   Think your neighborhood has a better Publix than another?  Like the membership clubs better than Publix?

Take the poll.  Let’s see where everyone shops.   Am I missing a favorite here?  Let me know.   Why do you shop at the grocery store that you go routinely shop at?   Is it just routine, or do you really find good quality food or  bargains there.

Take the online poll.  You’re allowed to vote for your two favorite stores.


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  • Nat K.

    You missed the best Publix in Coral Springs – At Ramblewood Square!

    1305 North University Drive

    Nicest employees, good managers, they totally go out of their way for you. Wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

  • You know, I thought I had to be missing a Publix and I can’t believe I missed that one! Thanks so much! I just added it. Oh I love that one too!

    Gosh, are there any other ones I’m missing?

  • Native Floridian

    I shop occasionally at Whole Foods (too expensive all the time) but I like the one in Plantation a lot better than the one here. The service is better especially in the bakery. It just seems to be bigger as well. The parking is a mess though.

  • Gino

    I hate all these grocery stores down here. You should shop at Kroger in Georgia. Those are 100% better. Too bad Publix has a monopoly around here because we could use another competitor around here.

  • Jay

    You left out the publix on coral ridge and sample

  • Jay,

    You are absolutely right! I can’t believe it. I went on Google maps just to double check and it’s really strange, I overlooked it because it comes up as a pharmacy instead of grocery! Well, I apologize and hopefully there are shoppers that like it enough to boost it’s score. Thanks again!


  • JenniferT

    I love Fresh Market. If you havent shopped here,you are missing out because the prepared foods are fantastic and the meats are fresh. It’s expensive but less expensive than eating out so that’s how I justify all my trips there. Great little survey!

  • PK

    You missed the Walmart on Atlantic and Coral Springs ,,, how ever ,, you did not miss much !

  • LF

    Shopping at Publix lately gives me sticker shock. I only purchase hard to find items there – NEVER buy baked goods except their bread, NEVER buy their meat – Way too Expensive. When you look at a danish that used to be a couple bucks is not almost $6 – that is ridiculous. I’m sure their rising prices are due to so much spoilage because customer’s won’t pay their insane prices. I’m a regular at Aldi’s now. Their products are generic, very good and I’m sure they will give Publix a run for their money very soon. Savings at Aldi can range from 30-50% on most of their staple items. Fresh produce savings are phenomenal at Aldi.