Worst Neighbor in Coral Springs: Update

Paul A Dematteis of the Glen Walk Development in Coral Springs may be Coral Springs’ worst neighbor.

Dematteis lives in the Glen Walk development with his wife Kathleen and has been harassing his neighbors by parking his car in front of their home.  Not in his own driveway, or in front of his own home, but in front of Andrea and Matthew’s home.


The Coral Springs Police can’t do anything, nor can the Mayor.  They say it’s a HOA issue.

According to friends of the couple, Andrea and Matthew asked Dematteis to move his car off their grass and he told them, ” Go inside and enjoy your fucking baby.”

Dematteis is still parking in front of their home and has threatened to sue WSVN for airing the “Help me Howard” segment, which they have since pulled from their website. Dematteis is allegedly bragging to friends that he won the ordeal and continues to park his car in front of their home.

I tried to contact Andrea and Matthew, but they cannot comment because of current litigation.

Dematteis home courtesy of bcpa.net

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  • This guy is a douche bag. I am sending this story to mycrappyneighbor.com. Grow up Dematteis.

  • Ira Rather

    Good for him.

    This town has too many stuck-up jerks. Give me a break!

    What the hell ever happened to personal freedom? How does a guy parking his car on his own property hurt anyone ELSE’S freedom?

    This guy deserves a MEDAL for exposing many of the a-holes who live in, and RUN, this city.

    Editor: Ira you obviously didn’t watch the video nor did you read the story. The neighbor is parking in his neighbors property, and on his grass. The neighbor has his own garage, his own driveway and the front of his own home but chooses to park his car across the street.

    • Ira, your trolling comment is silly. Try reading things and listening to things before commenting.

  • Grumpy Neighbor

    Should have titled the article “Worst Neighbor in the history of Coral Springs”. — Glad that douchebag does not live next to me. A few days in jail is a small price to pay to wipe the smug look of his face.

  • take out the trash

    This sorry excuse for a man must really be compensating for something. To go to such lengths just to annoy someone is just proof that he clearly has some bullying issues. Maybe he can go yell at some old ladies if he needs to boost his little self esteem some. These types of people are actually laughable and must hide beyond a lawyer.

  • AB

    The neighbor Dematteis seem like a real jerk, they would not like it if someone did it to them. What is this guys problem? Does he not have anything more important to do in his life? Then park his car infront of the neighbors house. How Petty. Nice guy called the child a fu–king baby, nice language guy, really on a innocent baby???
    If this guy has an attorney, he would have advised him to park in front of his own house.
    I agree to declare him the worst neighbor in Coral Springs.

    Ira maybe this guy should be your neighbor. See how long you keep laughing.

  • Allan Rosen

    The fat PIG has nothing better to do than terrorize his neighbors. He needs to get the sh!t beat out of him by some of the local gang members.

  • Uncle Funboy

    Ha, it worked. They wrote a story too!!


  • Chris

    Anyone else see the irony here? Big New York tough guy targets one neighbor in particular to pick on, a young pregnant woman. Makes their life difficult and laughs about it. Then when the news story airs a lot of people post comments picking on him and making his life difficult.

    Big man runs to his lawyer and files a lawsuit against the news station. So he gets picked on and instead of standing up and making a statement he runs and hides behind his lawyer. COWARD!!!! HYPOCRITE!!!

  • Richard

    I went to high school with with Matt here. Nicest guy you can meet and always had a smile on his face. Recently reconnected through facebook to see this kind of crap going on his life.. honestly it’s unacceptable inhumane behavior. Curse at a infant baby? to a pregnant lady?? I do hope that this gets resolved fast and HOA comes to their senses because this makes them look terrible. They are just as bad as the idiot for not doing anything..

  • Stan

    I’m not taking sides but I would like to state something similar that happened to me: My child was having a birthday party and there was no place to park except in front of the neighbors house, they came out and threw a fit even though they didn’t need it and the mail had already ran that day. They made me move it by saying they would tow it. They showed no care when I said its for a disabled childs birthday party. They treated me so horribly. I had to park a block away and walk. Now that I know it is legal to park there I’m tempted to do so just to screw with them for being total jerks. I have no idea if this case is similar just giving you guys food for thought.

  • jax

    he has been blocking there mailbox forcing them to go get there mail at the post office which is wrong he his on there grass he is cussing at them he is harrassing them thats what this story boils down too read all the storys about whats happned to them..he is an over grown child playing games with his neibors this is childish elementary school type behavior he just does it with a car…at some point he will do something they can press charges on him for im sure they document all his harrassment..