The Bin Doctor

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The Bin Doctor
The Bin Doctor offers curbside service that sanitizes the interior and exterior of your bins.
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The Bin Doctor was started in Coral Springs, Florida, by Christy and Spiro Edgos to protect their family from the harmful bacteria inside their trash and recycling bins stored inside the garage. Before The Bin Doctor was born, the Edgos family had two young ones in diapers and a Yorkie named Sammy.

With the contents of the bins produced by this family, combined with South Florida's heat, it was impossible to walk through the garage and ignore the foul odors coming from the bins.

If the Edgos family had this sort of problem, then more families and homes have similar issues. What better way to protect your own family and help the neighborhoods and community at large by bringing attention to a growing problem of mold and bacteria-filled bins and providing a service to solve that problem!

Affordable and Efficient

Curbside service sanitizes the interior and exterior of your bins.

Follows your normal trash collection service – Your bins are already placed on the curb, so you do not have to do anything more.

Low rates for monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly service.

Month to month, pay after service, and no contracts.