Help Stop These Litter Whores From Junking Up Our Community

UPDATE:  As of February 1st, they have been bombarded with calls through our phone and tweet campaign and have changed all their signs with a new number.  Unfortunately, they have not taken down their illegal signs in our community!


I suggest you call this one first and then proceed to bother them with the other ones.

Help stop this form of urban spam in our community by stopping these illegal “snipe signs” seen all over Tamarac, Lauderhill, Coral Springs, North Lauderhill and Sunrise. The worst offenders lately have been a Tax service marketing call center based out of Tampa who directs callers to local tax services in the area.

Feel free to call them today and tell them that we do not want their signs in our community and we will call their call center until they stop littering our neighborhoods with their signs.  You can reach them at:




You can even tell them I sent you.

Everyday, our city code enforcement officers are collecting these signs, only to have them appear the next day.  It’s been a losing battle and I think the residents should tell these companies that they’ve had enough.  Please help by doing your part by letting these companies know that their signs are illegal.  If you are bold enough, ask for the name and address of their company so we can send them a fine for $50 per sign as well as their their email or fax number so we can send them a copy of the statute below:

403.413?Florida Litter Law.—

In or on any public highway, road, street, alley, or thoroughfare, including any portion of the right-of-way thereof, or any other public lands, except in containers or areas lawfully provided therefor. When any litter is thrown or discarded from a motor vehicle, the operator or owner of the motor vehicle, or both, shall be deemed in violation of this section;

Any person who dumps litter in violation of subsection (4) in an amount not exceeding 15 pounds in weight or 27 cubic feet in volume and not for commercial purposes is guilty of a noncriminal infraction, punishable by a civil penalty of $100, from which $50 shall be deposited into the Solid Waste Management Trust Fund to be used for the solid waste management grant program pursuant to s. 403.7095. In addition, the court may require the violator to pick up litter or perform other labor commensurate with the offense committed.

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