Hurricane Irma: Be Prepared with these Tips on Weathering this Storm

By: Howard Melamed

Now that the National Hurricane Center has indicated that we will positively 100 percent without a doubt be hit by the largest, biggest, unbelievably powerful storm of all time, rather than panic, I am choosing to write.

I am quite tired of the CNN and everyone else telling my how bad it is going to be. I believe as of this date everyone that wanted to get out of town has done so. The only reason CNN is keeping the pressure of how bad things and the world is coming to an end as we know it, is to increase their ratings around the world. You and I elected to stay in Coral Springs and ride out the storm whatever that means. So the best thing that CNN can do for us is to shut up already. We know how bad a hurricane can get and we are well prepared as best as we can to ‘ride it out’.

Having said this, and now that you are here with me let’s make sure about a few things:

Question: I have put the hurricane shutters up. Am I totally safe ?

Answer: You are as safe as you made possible. The shutters and if you have impact resistant windows are there to make sure that the hurricane wind does not break your windows, and pressurize your house blowing your roof off. That is the main reason for the shutters and ‘hurricane proof ‘ glass.

Additionally I would do the following:

Remember : 911 services will stop during the peak of the hurricane. However, if you have an emergency, call 954-344-1800 or 911 and at least when they can come out they have you on the list.

We have a scanner radio connected to that is tuned into our police and fire department 911 centers. You can listen and hear whats going on in the city. We can have 24 people listening to the link at the same time as long as there is an internet link to our scanner it will continue to work.  Another great link is spaghetti models

Last : Don’t be stupid. Most people are killed not from the storm itself but the aftermath. Just because a tree did not fall during the storm does not mean it is not going to fall afterwards. As well, downed power-lines can are dangerous. STAY home ! There is nothing for you to do in the city other than protect your family and yourself.

Good luck and I will see you on the other side of the storm. Hopefully, the government will once again be wrong and the hurricane will pass – far away from us.