Missing Woman Last Seen in Coral Springs, Found Safe and Alive


Glendale Tyson, 67, has been found after being missing for several days. Photo Courtesy of Corissa Griffin

By Selene Raj

After almost five full days of being missing, Glendale Tyson was found safely in Hollywood.

Tyson, 67, had last been seen on Monday evening at a bus stop in Coral Springs on her way to her home in Miami. She was in touch with her Coral Springs cousin, Corissa Griffin, on Tuesday morning, but by the evening, Griffin confirmed with Tyson’s Miami roommate that she never came home on Monday.

By Wednesday, she was reported missing to the Coral Springs Police Department, who tried to ping her phone’s location and found that it had been off for more than 24 hours.

Griffin began to fear the worst as the days passed, especially because Tyson’s dementia often worsened when she did not eat. But, by early Saturday afternoon, she would get the one phone call she was hoping to get—confirming that Tyson was found, safe, and alive.

Tyson is unsure of what happened to her between Monday and Saturday—she doesn’t remember much. She does know that at some point, she woke up to the sound of other people’s voices and realized that she was sleeping on the street.

At that point, lost and disorientated, she was in Hollywood but thought she was in Miami.

She began to knock on doors when a neighbor noticed she was knocking on an empty door—an AirBnB.

That woman began speaking to her and realized she was in distress.  Another neighbor had initially called the police, but when they arrived, the neighbor who took her in told the police she would assume responsibility by taking into her home.

Griffin says this made all the difference—she knows Tyson as someone who wouldn’t usually ask for help, so it took a stranger taking her in and engaging in conversation to understand what Tyson was going through and help her reunite with loved ones.

Tyson repeatedly told the woman her roommate’s name, thinking her roommate moved without telling her.

The woman helped Tyson charge her phone, then scrolled through it, looking for her roommate’s number — since that was the name Tyson kept saying. She subsequently reached Griffin, her Coral Springs cousin.

“I was so relieved and grateful that someone was kind enough to offer her help in her time of distress,” said Griffin.

Griffin notified Coral Springs and Hollywood Police right away that her cousin had been found, and went to pick her up, overwhelmed with gratitude for the people that took her in.

“I immediately went to the lady and thanked her and her husband for graciously engaging my cousin in conversation,” said Griffin.

The woman even gave her a portable charger as a parting gift and told her never to leave without one.

Tyson has been staying with Griffin for the past the day and plans to reunite with her roommate on Monday.

The family is glad she has been found and incredibly thankful for the kindness of strangers.

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Selene Raj

Selene Raj
Selene Raj is a writer and a Florida International University graduate. Born in Trinidad and raised in America, she completed her Master’s in Mass Communications in 2020 and has been living in Coral Springs since 2004. She is passionate about the communities she lives and works in and loves reporting and sharing stories that are as complex and meaningful as the people who live in them.

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