Six Celebrities That Can Speak To Me In Any Language

I bet you didn’t know that Actor Bradley Cooper spoke fluent French, did you?

By: Sharon Aron Baron

One of the few regrets that I have in my life is that I have never mastered another language. I envy those that can, and people usually look puzzled when they see how easily impressed I am with their linguistic skills.

How are they able to think in another language  so effortlessly, while I struggle daily just to find the right English words?

My son picked up reading Hebrew so easily for his Bar Mitzvah, which I’m sure most of it he’s forgotten.  However, since then, he’s taken four years of French, and according to his teacher, his accent is beautiful.  Whenever I ask him to speak French to me, he brushes me off and refuses to indulge me.

At my age, I don’t believe I could ever absorb the complexities of learning a new language. I got close, after studying Spanish for two years in college where I was doing well with basic conversation.  Unfortunately, I never immersed myself in a Spanish culture to master it. Now, I’ve forgotten most of what I have learned.

These videos of gorgeous actors is a real treat. What makes these men even sexier is that they have mastered another language.   Because of our geographical differences, this is something I see more often in European than in American men.

What I would give to have a language lesson from any of these men!

Did you know gorgeous actor Bradley Cooper speaks fluent French? Moi non plus!

We all know that Johnny Depp speaks fluent French as he has lived in France for years with his former partner Vanessa Paradis and children.

Actor Colin Firth shows off how fluent he is in Italian

As children, both Ben and his brother Casey Affleck lived in Mexico. Here he is promoting the movie “Argo”

Viggo Mortensen discussing “Hildalgo” in Danish. Motensen is a Danish-American Citizen.

Mortensen has stated that he was raised speaking English and Spanish and at times feels more comfortable expressing himself in Spanish. He also has some knowledge of Catalan twice, when receiving a prize in Catalonia, he made a short speech in Catalan.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt starred in 3rd Rock from the Sun TV Show, The Dark Knight Rises and recently starred in Lincoln. He is also fluent in French taking classes at Columbia University entirely in French.

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