Broward County Commission Passes Resolution Opposing Withdraw from Paris Agreement

Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine, Mayor Barbara Sharief, Commissioner Nan Rich who sponsored the bill. Not pictured is Commissioner Dale Holness.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

The Broward County Commission voted to move forward on a resolution opposing the withdrawal from the Paris Agreement of 2015 and to acknowledge that global climate change is real at Tuesday’s meeting.

“Today I am proud to co-sponsor a resolution on behalf of Broward County in support of the Paris Agreement,” said Michael Udine who represents Coral Springs. “In District 3, and the Greater South Florida area, we know the devastating effects that climate change can have on our environment, businesses and our homes.  This resolution continues to make climate change a priority in Broward County.”

Initially co-sponsored by Mayor Barbara Sharief, Commissioners Dale Holness, Nan Rich and Michael Udine, the resolution states that the president’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement of 2015  reverses decades of American diplomatic leadership.  Withdrawing also places our country on the wrong side of history, along with raising the potential for harm to the American people and economy by increasing the likelihood of very costly, damaging climate impacts in the U.S. including severe effects in Broward County from flooding, beach erosion, extreme weather and saltwater intrusion, among other climate-related problems.

The resolution also reiterates its previous commitments to reduce operational and countywide greenhouse gas emissions to at least 80 percent below 2010 levels by the year 2050.

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Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • Rob

    I dont know for sure but I bet chip our lone republican voted no since he is a trump

  • yongo

    Political grandstanding if these politicians are so worried about climate change why haven’t they recommended or required coral springs to convert all its vehicles to natural gas wherever possible. How about all our landscaping equipment change over to propane. How about requiring all contractors they hire to use natural gas or propane. Solar roofs on city buildings. Hybrid cars for city parking officers instead of very large sedans. Require all city officials to present their recommendations for reducing then City’s carbon footprint. Lets start there if you want citizens to take you serious.

    • barb

      This is the Broward county commission

      • yongo

        You missed the point

  • Education and Common Sense

    The various Commissioners should likely begin with actually reading the Paris Agreement, as they would immediately come to realize that it is an agreement that would have virtually no impact on future temperatures, but at a very large cost to be inflicted disproportionately upon the world’s poor.

    Remove emotion and employ research and intelligence please.

    Read more at:

    • barb

      Now why would they do that? How silly it is something Trump did, plain and simple. Any town, county, state can still continue their conservation push.

    • tjb

      Not to say the article from the National Review doesn’t have some merit, but the author of the article is a part of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research (AEI) a conservative think tank and charity, A group that wants capitalism to rule without government intervention of any kind on most matters.

  • I suffer from allergies, pave the damn planet!
    I rather live on an oxygen tank than this miserable watery eyes, unyielding sneezing and overall feeling of dread.

    I’ve tried all medicines without relief, pave the planet now, it’s the only way us allergy suffers will survive.

    “Ok just for higher ratings rant off, back to our normal scheduled programming.”

  • Puty

    Scary bunch missing common sense and running our county!! Or are they ‘smart like a fox (or and Al Gore) and have shares in the carbon market?? We have led the world in innovation, and anyone who has some years on them realizes how we have improved the US environment since the 60’s. So for all that we should literally throw away our economy and jobs (we will all have to run for county seats) and allow the likes of China and India to have until 2030 before they need to even think about trying to comply…..sounds like there are other motivations here by the elites and socialists. On top of all that CO2 makes the world go around and is not a pollutant because some twit politician says so; study your chemistry while in your ‘safe place’!

  • yongo

    I hope these same commissions are against coral springs destroying betty stradling. park and replacing the green area with two large concrete buildings and large driveways and adding to the pollution in the area with school busses and their fumes as well as the hundred of added cars dropping off and picking up the 2000 students. Oh by the way there is a large middle school directly across the street creating its own traffic problems and pollution. Lets see how outspoken they are now to protect the environment.

  • yongo

    No word from Broward county commissioners grand standing on the Paris accord. Against pollution pictured in the paper while right under their noses the city of coral springs wants to destroy acres of a public park to be Replaced by two large concrete buildings plus adding to the pollution by bringing hundreds of additional cars, busses and trucks. a very concerned bunch, no local politics here. Were you really fooled by their concern?