Earn Service Hours: Volunteers Needed to Help Beautify Coral Springs

Keep Coral Springs Beautiful

By: Chris Brunner

The City of Coral Springs is offering community service hours along with a free lunch in exchange for volunteers who will help keep the city beautiful.

As part of a city-wide clean-up program, Adopt-A-Street program and the Community Foundation of Broward, volunteers working with team captains will help clean different areas throughout the city on Saturday, January 27, from 9 to 11:30 a.m.  Along with earning service hours, there will be raffles for participants.

Oh yes, and lunch will be provided to volunteers after the clean-up.

Volunteer forms available at www.CoralSprings.org/volunteer or e-mail volunteer@coralsprings.orgIf you missed this date, there will be more throughout the year.  Sign up so you will be on the list for the next city-wide clean-up program.

About Chris Brunner

Chris Brunner Chris has been a contributing writer at Tamarac Talk and Coral Springs Talk since 2015 beginning back in high school. He is a resident of Coral Springs and is currently attending college.


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  • kilroy

    I too will be offering community service hours to anyone who cleans my car , mows my lawn , trims my hedges , pressure washes my roof , etc….
    Please bring a good attitude and a willingness to work for free ….

    • yoongo

      There is another word for what you stated and its not volunteerism.

    • tj

      I am available if you provide the tools. Please give me your address and your phone number so we can coordinate a start time Kilroy

  • yongo

    Is there a difference between service hours and forced labor or use of another word.

  • yongo

    Forcing children to do something they do not want to do is usually not accepted in our society and may be illegal in some places.

    • tj

      What if the child wants to give back to community… is it forced labor?

      • yongo

        Definitely is not volunteering is a great thing and should be considered by everyone as a way to help someone or to give back to the community. Forcing students to volunteer is something else. When a student doesn’t want to earn service hours he is punished that doesn’t seem right in a free country.