Senior Health Fair Extravaganza Held October 15

SeniorHealthFair_2014By: Chris Brunner

The annual Senior Health Fair Extravaganza is being held once again, and if you were too young to go before, this may be your year.

All seniors are invited on Wednesday, October 15, at the Coral Springs Gymnasium. The fair, sponsored by Sports Authority, will feature a variety of health screenings and wellness advice. Participants include health care agencies, hospice, senior housing services, and other providers offering senior care.

In addition, the Police Department will be offering seniors the CarFit program, which offers older adults the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles “fit” them. The DMV will also be there renewing licenses and vehicle registrations.

The Health Fair will also feature raffles, giveaways and refreshments. The event is open to all seniors, family members, residents or business owners who offer services to seniors.

The event will be held from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Coral Springs Gymnasium located at 2501 Coral Springs Drive, just north of Royal Palm Blvd.

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Chris Brunner Chris has been a contributing writer at Tamarac Talk and Coral Springs Talk since 2015 beginning back in high school. He is a resident of Coral Springs and is currently attending college.


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  • votingforseniors

    Nice article, but seniors have to face the reality that Coral Springs is not a senior friendly city. Commissioner Tom Powers hasn’t been a friend of seniors. I’ve heard that City Hall employees may at times be instructed to simply ignore the request of seniors and show favor to younger residents. As a result, seniors can’t depend on receiving fair dealing, honesty, compassion or understanding from anyone in or associated with City Hall. Coral Springs is currently not a place for seniors to live out their golden years.

    Orders and instructions to city employees always come from the city commissioners and the city manager. It’s time for seniors to vote for someone that cares about them. Voting for Walter Skip Campbell as Mayor will help restore some respect for the City’s senior citizens. Skip Campbell has a genuine concern for Senior Citizens.

    Commissioner Tom Powers, the City Hall and the police force may at times actually work against the best interest of older residents. A couple years ago, several Coral Springs Police Officers allegedly falsified a police report that sent a 60 year old Coral Springs Widow to jail. The Widow spent the entire night in jail before she was released. The state attorney withdrew charges against the 60 year old Widow when through a recording it was revealed that the charges filed by the much younger Coral Springs Police Officers were allegedly based on false accusations. The Widow was lucky the recording surfaced or she might have spent a year in jail and become a senior with a criminal record. Were the young officers responsible for the alleged false accusations discharged from their city employment? No, only one of the officers received a brief suspension and may still be on the police force.

    Is the real reason for the police being present at this senior event examining the fit between seniors and their cars to check seniors license, registration, insurance and look for violations so they can charge the elderly seniors with something? That would provide extra income for the city and more money for city salaries and pensions. Maybe seniors should be careful and maybe even fearful
    when dealing with the police, because in Coral Springs it’s proven that nobody polices the police. .

    Stop the citywide one sided uncaring treatment of seniors and don’t vote for Tom Powers. Vote for Skip Campbell. He will help protect the individual rights and Interest of Senior Citizens in their Golden Years.

    Seniors shouldn’t vote for Commissioner candidate Laurette Homan either. Her only “senior solution” is to stop showing seniors any respect by no longer referring to them as seniors and then showing them some movies in the park. She obviously doesn’t understand the needs of seniors.

    Tom Powers and Laurette Homan just don’t seem to have any respect or concerns for seniors and the elderly. A vote for Powers and Holman is a vote for more of the same second class treatment for the
    elderly. Seniors deserve better. Walter Skip Campbell and Commissioner candidate Joy Carter deserve the vote of all Senior Citizens and the vote of the family and friends of Senior Citizens.

    • Barb

      Or you could ignore this horse crap (because thats what it is) and think why would this man even want to be Mayor of a town he has never had any interest in? Why have we suddenly become a town where it has come down to mud-slinging and slandering to win an election? Are these the kind of people we want running our town?

    • Fed Up Senior

      I agree 100% Barb. This sounds like Campbell’s campaign manager tossing more bullshit
      out there. I guess they feel since they can’t win based on facts they will throw as many lies out there as possible, keep repeating them and hope the citizens of Coral Springs are stupid enough to believe it. I believe the residents of CS are smart enough to see through it. The only thing Campbell wants is to go get his name out there for another run at the Senate in 2016, he couldn’t care less about this city and he proves it when he speaks. If by some miracle he were to get elected he would be off campaigning within a few months and would put zero effort into Coral Springs. If that’s wrong let him publicly promise he would not run for any other office. He has nothing positive to offer this city so the plan is to try to tear down everything else. Sure he
      is a slick talking attorney and sounds credible but anyone who knows what’s really going on in the city knows he is way short on facts and peddling BS.

      Here are some FACTS for you. First, the city has already spent money on refurbishing Sartory Hall. We also have buses tailored specifically to seniors. It may not be perfect but it is very far from ignoring seniors. Also, Powers chairs a committee called the Customer Involved Government Committee. Every year that committee conducts what they call a ‘study circle’ on a chosen topic. The goal of the study circle is to go out and collect facts about the topic, talk to the residents affected and brainstorm improvements. These improvements are then presented to the commission to vote on. Want to guess what this years study circle topic is? Yup, SENIORS. Powers and the rest of the commission voted Seniors as the most important topic on the short list presented. Want to guess what volunteer is on the study circle committee? Yup, Homan. She sat through several meetings with seniors from all over the city to listen to what was important to them. Want to know what she heard over and over? Seniors told her they didn’t want to be treated like old folks, they wanted to be active, they wanted activities like exercise sessions, cultural events and guess what else – an outdoor atmosphere where they can listen to music or watch movies. Don’t believe it, call Homan, her # is available on her website and ask to see her notes. I know this from attending one of these sessions where Homan collected the information. Homan runs a business in the city full time, is raising two kids and yet still has time to volunteer on important city committees. She was genuinely interested in our concerns. I haven’t seen Campbell or Carter volunteering or doing anything to help seniors.

      So I would say a vote for Homan and Powers is a vote for the truth, people that genuinely
      listen to residents, and truly care about the city and improving it while a vote for Campbell, Carter, et al is a vote for these lies, mud slinging and a political agenda that this delusional commentator is pushing. What Coral Springs future do you want? Vote for the people you believe in, whomever they are but don’t be swayed by all this absolute crap.

      I am so fed up with these roaches coming out from the dark posting pure nonsense in every single article. I think this will be a great positive event.