Charter Schools USA Founder Sets Sail for Riches

Jonathan Hage and Edward Pozzuoli enjoy cruising around in their Yacht named "Fishin 4

Jonathan Hage and Edward Pozzuoli enjoy cruising around in their Yacht named “Fishin 4

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Picture this: the superintendent of your public school system makes so much money that he’s tooling around in his own 43-foot yacht on the weekends.

Hard to believe, right?

A public school superintendent has to report to his board of directors, the school board, who would think twice about paying lavish sums of money on the taxpayer’s dime. However, if you’re the founder of Charter Schools USA, no one bats an eyelash.

Charter Schools USA founder Jonathan Hage and his first mate Edward Pozzuoli, attorney for Charter Schools USA who is also president of the law firm Tripp Scott, have registered a yacht under the name of “Fishin’ 4 Schools” as well as formed an LLC under the same name.

Hage and Pozzuoli's yacht in back of Hage's Coral Ridge Country Club home in Fort Lauderdale.

Hage and Pozzuoli’s yacht in back of Hage’s Coral Ridge Country Club home in Fort Lauderdale.

This begs the question: What other assets do they own that are hidden under aliases?

Charter schools are public schools that receive state tax dollars, but function with their own boards of directors and enjoy substantial independence from state and local regulations. Charter Schools USA is a for-profit company which operates 58 schools in several states, including Florida, for a combined 48,000 students, however, both Hage and Pozzuoli send their children to Pine Crest Schools – a private school located in Fort Lauderdale.

There are big dollars in those students numbers. If Hage and Pozzuoli make $100 off each of those 48,000 students, that would be a $4.8 million dollar annual payday.

Too bad Charter Schools USA isn’t Fishin 4 Schools in the areas of town that really need school choice. They’re sinking these babies in middle class neighborhoods with established A-rated public schools to snag some of the brightest students.

Let’s go Fishin’ 4 Schools with Charter Schools USA!

Catch some fish sticks and cook them up in the full galley complete with corian countertops, two burner cook tops, sink and a refrigerator freezer.

After a day out at sea relax in the solid teak floored salon watching your Samsung 15” LCD TV, or listen to the Bose Stereo system and relax in the four-person ultra-leather sofa seats.

Wait, there’s more!

Just in case you want to stay overnight in Bimini or the Bahamas, there is a Master Stateroom and Bathroom on board and room for others to sleep as well.

But sadly, all good things must come to an end. Hage and Pozzuoli have listed their yacht for sale for $349,500 on, a brokerage company that is geared for Russian buyers. This would net them 12,281,030.76 Russian Rubles!

So keep your eyes peeled. Maybe we’ll be seeing an installation of Fishin 4 Schools 2 parked in Hage’s backyard.

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