City of Coral Springs Addresses NW 40th Street Improvement Projects

NW 40th Street

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By Bryan Boggiano

The commission authorized a resolution supporting the NW 40th Street Improvement Projects at their Wednesday, Dec. 15 meeting.

In response, city staff will submit a grant application for the 2021 Complete Streets Localized Initiatives Program (CSPLIP).

The grant application is part of the NW 40th Street Improvements Project, seeking infrastructural improvements to NW 40th Street between University Drive and Riverside Drive. The grant itself seeks $2,462,387.56 from CSLIP.

Project components include asphalt sidewalk removal on the road’s south side, sidewalk replacement and expansion on the north side, curb and gutter installation, drainage improvements, improved landscaping, and unspecified traffic calming devices, according to city documents.

The Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization annually provides funding for the Complete Streets Localized Initiative Program (CSLIP). The MPO reviews applications from municipalities across Broward County.

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Broward County puts together a priority list of projects and then gives that list to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).

All projects that FDOT approves will be included in their 5-year work program in Sept. 2022. The MPO reviews after, and if both MPO and FDOT approve, the projects are included in the FDOT’s 2028 Work Program.

Projects that cost between $500,000 and $3 million are eligible to receive CSLIP funding. Additionally, the city needed to pass a resolution to be eligible for funding.

If the NW 40th Street project receives approval, under FDOT’s s Local Agency Program LAP, the city would be responsible for funding design, environmental certificates, construction engineering and inspection, and post-design services, according to city documents.

In total, Coral Springs would have to pay $875,346.74.

The city would provide about $169,130.18 to begin the design and survey component in 2026. Currently, there is $40,000 for this component for 2022.

Local funds for construction engineering and inspection services are not required until 2028 and cost about $202,956.21. Construction contingency is estimated at $338,260.35.

The FDOT Work program will reimburse the city $537,086.39, while the Capital Improvement Program and Community Block Development Grant will reimburse the remaining $338,260.35.

The city commission previously passed a resolution in 2020 for staff to submit a grant application, but since it ranked low on CSLIP’s priority list, the city did not receive funding. Both FDOT and MPO gave the city suggestions for future applications to get approved.

Commissioners unanimously passed the new resolution, included in the meeting’s consent agenda.

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