Keep Coral Springs Tree City USA: Resident says ‘Leaf’ our Trees Alone, Petition Against Proposed Removal

Keep Coral Springs Tree City USA: Resident says 'Leaf' our Trees Alone, Petition Against Proposed Removal

Coral Springs Canal. {Jason Schulman}

By Ryan Yousefi

A Coral Springs resident has created a petition hoping to stall a plan to remove large amounts of trees and vegetation, an effort residents are worried will end the city’s long reign as Tree City USA

Resident Jason Schulman is speaking out against the proposed Stormwater Resiliency and Safety project, which involves the removal of trees and vegetation near canals operated by the Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID), much of which it says has accumulated due to powerful storms.

In the petition, Schulman argues that removing trees along canals would negatively impact the environment and property values. So far, with over 100 signatures, the petition is urging CSID to reconsider the project and explore alternative solutions that would protect both properties and the environment. 

Schulman’s petition makes the case that trees set to be removed provide many benefits, including reducing air pollution, moderating the local climate, providing shade and cooling, creating habitat for wildlife, and improving mental health and well-being. 

He also warns that removing trees could increase erosion and sedimentation, leading to water quality and drainage issues, even as the CSID’s stated goal is to prevent flooding during storms by clearing potential obstructions from canals. 

Rather than simply being against the CSID’s plan, Schulam closes his petition with alternative solutions to accomplish the group’s goals, such as pruning or trimming trees instead of removing them completely, planting native shrubs or grasses along canal banks, installing erosion control measures, or implementing stormwater best management practices. 

The full petition can be read here.

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Ryan Yousefi
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