Coral Springs Director Tackles Downtime From Pandemic by Launching Sci Fi Series

By W.E. Brower Jr.

With a pandemic still spreading and uncertainty rising, an astronaut is forced to choose between venturing to deep space to seek a world suitable for humans to establish and live on or remain on earth and protect his wife and daughter.  He does this while preparing to face an impending global disaster known only by select government officials.

This sets the premise for the upcoming Sci-Fi series Eternal Variance starring Coleman Nelson and Deanna Raschell.

Filmed at Geovanni Molina Studios in the Corporate Park area of Coral Springs and the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, Eternal Variance, which costs between $50,000 – $100,000 an episode to produce, is slated to premiere on Amazon Prime,

The man behind the series is director and lead actor Geovanni Molina, who has called Coral Springs home for seven years.

Originally from Miami, Molina, who graduated from Sunset Senior High, went to Miami Dade College, then studied business at FAU. He found himself working on sets and taking private lessons from film teachers in Deerfield Beach before making the creative leap. 

“I’ve been interested in filmmaking since I was a child. That was my dream, to touch the world.” Said Molina while editing the pilot episode from his studio.

Molina’s dream of touching the world had slowly come to reality when Reel Films Studios, which opened ten years ago, ushered in the first film, Scapegoat.

Under Molina, five films and four TV shows have been produced so far.

While Eternal Variance and the horror flick One Dark Secret are being finalized, 2022 rumbles through with Bigfoot: The Monster Within, plus two more TV series. 

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