Gas Station Employee to Customer: “You Guys are Killers and Your Money Isn’t Welcome Here”


UPDATE:  This location is owned by J & L Services Of Florida, Inc. also called “On the Move Texaco.” and the incident was by an employee, not the corporate owner.  The owner of this location is Jewish and told us “that behavior is totally intolerable,” and wants the exact time and date of the allegations by the victim so that he can handle accordingly.  Stay tuned for updates as this is an ongoing story.


By: Sharon Aron Baron

A woman who frequented a Coral Springs gas station is no longer welcome to go anymore because she is an Israeli.

Originally from Tel Aviv, the woman who has been a resident of the city for 15 years, told the story along with her son-in-law who did not want their name disclosed. She frequently bought gas and cigarettes at the Shell Station at 4600 North University Drive for years, and believed the employee knew that she was Israeli because she would speak Hebrew occasionally while on her phone.

Last week, and the final time she would visit, he told her, “You guys are killers and your money is not welcome here.”

She was shocked and left the store. Her family knew this employee of the Shell station was Palestinian, but that was never a problem before.

Another resident who is friends with the family and initially contacted Coral Springs Talk, also didn’t want his name used because of of possible retribution said, “These are sick people.”

He said he had just learned about it the other day. After hearing it, he couldn’t get it out of his mind. “I need to hear this. I live in North Springs. I go there frequently and go through the car wash, and I’ll never go there again. This is disgusting.”

We reached out to Shell’s corporate offices in Houston and spoke to Communications Manager Pam Rosen who said she took allegations of discrimination seriously.

“Shell does not condone the type of behavior alleged to have occurred and expected that third parties selling Shell-branded motor fuels to treat every customer in a fair and inclusive manner.”

They have alerted the Retail Area Manager to have him notify the independent wholesaler that operates and supplies that location for further information and action.

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