Planning and Zoning Board Discusses Habitat for Humanity Project

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New Affordable Housing Options Possibly Coming to Coral Springs. habitat for humanity

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By Bryan Boggiano

Habitat for Humanity’s proposed affordable housing complex is moving closer to reality.

The city’s planning and zoning board discussed further plans for the property at their Monday, November 14 meeting. 

This comes after the commission approved portions of the Habitat for Humanity project at their November 9 meeting to develop two separate plots of land north of Riverside Drive and Sample Road. 

The northern parcel lies just south and east of NW 37th Street.

It will have seven townhouse units, each with two stories, three bedrooms, an attached one-door garage, an individual driveway, and a sideway connection from Riverside Drive to the front door. 

The southern parcel is located roughly on Riverside Drive and NW 35th Court, about 230 feet south of the first plot. 

It will have two three-unit townhouse buildings that will have six residential units. 

The commission originally discussed the project at their May 18 meeting.

“It’s good to see a property that hasn’t been used [to be] developed in this fashion,” said board member Joe Morera.

Despite the approval, Habitat for Humanity still needs special exceptions from the city commission in order to start the project. 

On behalf of Habitat for Humanity, Engineering firm KEITH  requested multiple special exceptions to the city’s code to move forward with construction. 

In a presentation to the board, Habitat for Humanity CEO and Executive Director Nancy Robin, KEITH’s Planning Technician John Rinaldi, and KEITH’s Vice President Michael Vonder Meulen discussed the exceptions in detail.

They include platting requirements, plot size, front yard size, vehicle parking, a separation distance of vehicle parking areas and buildings, building length, landscaping, buffering, and sidewalks on both parcels of the proposed property. 

Habitat for Humanity Special Exceptions

Code Category

Code Criteria

North Property 

South Property 

Required Townhouse Units (Platting) 20 Units 7 Units 6 Units
Plot Size Minimum Plot Size: 5 acres

Minimum Width: 300 feet

Minimum Depth: 300 feet

Size: 0.53 acres

Width: 230.9 feet.

Depth: 100 feet./75 feet.

Size: 0.53 acres

Width: 212 feet

Depth: 100 feet

Front Yard Setback 50 feet, or not less than 25 feet.

or the height of the building

20 feet 18.5 feet
Prohibition of
Vehicular Use Area
(Driveways, Roadways, etc.)

in Required Yards
Forbidden within the first 10 feet of
front yards
2 feet 2 feet
Minimum Separation of
Any Building from Any Vehicular Use
Separated by at least 10 feet of
unpaved landscape
4.9 feet 8.7 feet
Building Length Maximum: 160 feet 164 feet No Special Exception Filed
Minimum Landscaped Open Space 45% of Total Area 36.3% 37.2%
Required Perimeter
Buffering Adjacent to Abutting
4-foot-high opaque screen required
between plots
2 feet 2 feet
Sidewalks Required Between Driveway Reservoir

and the Drive Lane

None Provided in Front None Provided in Rear
Minimum Distance
Between Buildings and Building.
Minimum: 20 feet side-to-side separation No Special Exception Filed 15 feet

Board members expressed concerns over property maintenance, limited space for parking and social gatherings, and fencing, but Habitat for Humanity can still change its site plan.

The board voted unanimously in favor of recommending a favorable review to the city commission on both the north and south plots. 

The commission will have the final say on Habitat for Humanity’s special exceptions.

“We want this to represent the future and show what other cities can do, too,” Robin said.

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