Residents at Forum Learn More about Coral Springs City Commissioner Candidates

If you missed the candidate forum held at the Coral Springs Charter School last Wednesday, here is video of the debate between Dr. Mark Gendal and Dan Daley.

Sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Broward, the debate went smoothly, and both men seemed prepared for the array of questions.   The moderator had a tough time with Dr. Gendal’s name, calling him “Jindel.”   Gendal kept his cool during the faux pas and never corrected the moderator.   It took a few audience members to straighten out the pronunciation issue with the moderator, who then decided to play it safe and call him “Mark.”

Some highlights:  Question about crime, public safety, and changes they would make to police and fire.  They also discussed property taxes and were asked if they ever saw a situation where they would support an increase.

The tension gets broken around 13 minutes and 15 seconds in when Dr Mark Gendel receives a phone call from his wife who was out of town.  What would have been really been a positive if he had actually taken the call.  Without missing a beat, he went back to discussing the budget.

Both candidates have a lot of passion and knowledge about the city, making this race a hard one to determine the outcome.


YouTube Video courtesy of Dan Daley Campaign