Resolution Opposing Anti-Abortion Legislation Tabled for Oct. 20

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By Bryan Boggiano

A resolution on a hot-topic issue will have to wait for a vote.

The commission tabled a resolution opposing anti-abortion legislation to their Wednesday, Oct. 20 meeting. It comes as a result of the meeting extending to almost 11 p.m. with an extended public comment about the abortion resolution and the new Trulieve location.

The fetal heartbeat law in Texas effectively bans abortions after six weeks, including in cases of rape and incest. It also allows private citizens to sue anybody who provides an abortion, patients, and anybody who “aids or abets” in a patient accessing abortion or a clinic. A judge suspended that law Wednesday, but its future remains unclear.

Legislators in Florida filed a similar bill.

The resolution would urge other state municipalities to safeguard and promote reproductive healthcare and abortion rights and direct city lobbyists to advocate against legislation infringing upon a woman’s right to legal abortion.

According to the resolution, the United States Supreme Court established in Roe v. Wade¬†that the due process clause of the 14th Amendment provides a right to privacy that includes a woman’s right to choose.

Randall Cutter, pastor and business manager at New Dawn Community Church, alleged the resolution is tone deaf, claiming that the resolution does not unify residents or impact Texas or Florida law, saying that he was against the resolution.

Pastor Michael Souckar of St. Andrew Catholic Parish said the issue is controversial and is premature since the issue is not relevant to Florida or Coral Springs.

But not everybody was opposed to the resolution.

Halle Mayne of Equality Florida addressed the Texas anti-abortion bill, arguing the bill could be the first of many across the country. She urged the commission to pass the resolution.

“It is now more important than ever for local elected leaders to speak out and pledge a commitment to support abortion access.”

Resident Brett Robert believes that the resolution addresses the right to freedom, something he said is fundamental.

He mentioned that ending legal abortion will not end abortion. Robert also said that abortions are medically necessary in some cases, and in others, people cannot bring a child into the world and raise them adequately.

“If you do not want to have an abortion, you never have to have one,” he said. “Family planning is very, very important to a good society and a society where everybody can fulfill their full potential.”

As the commission meeting extended past 10:30 p.m., the commission voted 3-2 to table the resolution, citing the late time. Commissioners Joy Carter and Shawn Cerra voted to table, as did Mayor Scott Brook.

Commissioner Nancy Metayer and Vice Mayor Joshua Simmons opposed.

Metayer said that even though they have full-time jobs outside of the commission and it was getting late, they still have a commitment to the residents of Coral Springs.

Simmons said it was unfair for the commission to table the resolution, considering how many people spoke about it and how important it is. Simmons said that while he understood it was late, he believes the commission needs to be careful about tabling such issues.

“We should talk about it, we should take the vote, and we should discuss it,” Simmons said.

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Resolution Opposing Anti-Abortion Legislation Tabled for Oct. 20

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