Sightings: Unusual Truck in the Springs

Steve Puryear and his truck at a Coral Springs Starbucks

Steve Puryear and his truck at a Coral Springs Starbucks

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Everyday around the city you pretty much see the same make and model cars driving up and down University Drive.  It’s refreshing to see something on the road that is unusual and breaks up the mundane ride.

This particular truck has been spotted by several on our Facebook page, but you probably don’t know the story of the person who created it.   I happened to run into the driver at Starbucks and was fortunate that he wasn’t shy about talking about his truck.

Owner Steve Puryear, is a clinician who works at Sure Fit Labs here in Coral Springs where they make orthotics and prosthetics.  He is also a part-time artist who told me that after the clear coating came off the truck, the estimates to repair it weren’t worth the money and he figured he could do something more creative for a lot less.  The pieces on the front are leftover from an art project, and he covered the sides and back with pennies glued on with silicon.

“It’s cheaper than a paint job,” Puyear said.

His car draws attention from other drivers and he said that he gets so many looks and questions at traffic lights that he stopped making eye contact with others.   

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