Video: Baby Ducklings Rescued After Being Trapped in Drain

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Coral Springs Talk was first contacted on Easter Sunday by a desperate Nanette Carlisle who said that a family of baby ducks had been trapped under the street at Coral Springs Drive South of Wiles Road on 45th Street since Thursday. She said that neighbors had called CSPD and they tried to rescue them but said that since they couldn’t see or hear them there was nothing else they could do.

The mother duck was desperate because all of her babies were trapped in the drain and she was patiently waiting outside, but luckily several good samaritans were able to rescue a few of them.  The mother duck must have been satisfied with this and left with them to the nearest canal leaving the others in the drain. Without the mother duck nearby coaxing out the rest, it was hard to get the other ones close to the entrances to convince them to come out.

After we posted this, so many residents came to the rescue as you can see from the video that was filmed by Sara Gerard who wanted to thank all of them, especially good samaritan and dad Leonard Hampton and Bryan Ruvolo who came to the rescue and helped get these ducklings out one by one.

They were handed over to the Duck Haven a nonprofit organization in Margate where they will be taken care of. Duck Haven also accepts donations for their help.

Great job to everyone.

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Sharon Aron Baron

Sharon Aron Baron
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