VIDEO: Coral Springs Fire Academy 2015

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Check out this video of the 2015 Coral Springs Fire Academy class and get a first hand look at what these students go through during their training.

Filmed by Adrian Ferguson and Richie Batista, the Fire Academy has a full time class that lasts 11 weeks or a part time class lasting 25 weeks.   In the full time class, students are expected to dedicate an average of 15 hours a day to the program if they want to pass.

The Academy even offers a joint venture with Coral Springs High School that will prepare cadets for entry into postgraduate fire academies. This is a three year program and students must be part of the Coral Springs Fire Explorer program, have a minimum GPA of 2.5, have excellent attendance, and no disciplinary history. Students can apply for the program beginning in their 10th grade year.

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