Woman Helps Save Baby Squirrel That Fell Out of Nest

Photo by Lynn Hough

Baby Squirrel – Photo by Lynn Hough

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Coral Springs resident Lynn Hough didn’t anticipate rescuing an animal when she set out to walk her dogs on Saturday. However, while at the park near the Turtle Run Apartments for an evening walk, she a noticed a squirrel hovering over something. Hough looked closer and saw she had a baby under her.

“I looked up to see if there was a nest anywhere so I could maybe help her by getting the baby back in, but it was at the top of some very skinny palms,” said Hough.

The mother spent around 30 minutes cleaning her baby and attempted to lift him back up to the nest, but she kept dropping him said Hough. Finally, the mother gave up, leaving him to go back and look after the others in the nest.

Hough went home and told her daughter Allie and mother Sally that they needed to do something, so they googled “How to care for a baby squirrel”.  They went back to the park and tried to figure out how to get it back in the nest. But after some struggle, it didn’t look like it was going to happen she said.  So Hough picked it up in an old t-shirt, warmed him in her hands, and put him in a shoebox.

Through Google, she found a rescue organization that helps locals with injured wildlife.  The owner, Cindy Rohkamm, a Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator takes in animals and holds them until the South Florida Wildlife Center in Davie can pick them up. Rohkamm explained that the Rescue Center helps over 12,000 animals a year, has four veterinarians, along with a large staff, that care for the animals that are brought in.  They also help the animals adapt back in to the wild.

Hough donated a small amount of money to her and thanked her.

“I will definitely be going down to the Wildlife Center and checking out this place,” said Hough.

Cindy Rohkamm, Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator can be reached at 954-942-6798 and the South Florida Wildlife Center can be found online or on Facebook at SFWC

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