Being “Everything Under the Sun” Comes With a Hefty Price


By: Robert Townblinder

It dawned on me after reading the article in Thursday’s edition of the Coral Springs Forum about the new $28 million downtown complex, now I know what that “Everything Under the Sun” slogan means.  This complex is the Taj Mahal that the current commission wants to build with our – the taxpayer’s money, but won’t let you vote on it.   

This complex will contain a movie house, residences, restaurants, retail shops, hotel, commercial establishments, green space, an Art Walk and a parking garage.  In other words, “Everything Under The Sun.”  And oh, yes, as an afterthought, seven percent of the space will be for city employees.

Follow the money 

Folks, this is no different than using public money to build sports stadiums for privately owned teams.  Teams owned by millionaires.  The presentation of this project was made to the city commission by the millionaire developer George Rahael, CEO of Amera Urban Developers who contributed, along with his family and friends, over $6,000 to Commissioner Powers’ campaign for mayor.

To add insult to injury, this is the same commission that voted to ask you to give them a 64 percent pay raise.  Enough is enough!

Robert Townblinder has either resided or have had a business in Coral Springs for over 30 years. He has been a student of politics and good government since his college days and has a good understanding of the public vs. the private sector and how elected officials are the stewards of the public’s money and trust.  Since childhood his parents taught him the difference between right from wrong. He has always believed that public money should never be used to fund private enterprise and that government should be transparent. He believes that when spending public money on construction projects to benefit a city, the public has a right to vote on whether or not to borrow, much less spend that money.  

  • We r not that dumb

    Robert Town blinder, really, we are to believe that is his real name when this website supports the candidates against city hall… Really, we are not that stupid.

    • We have been fair to all candidates. There are several writers that have contributed articles that you do not agree with. This website is open for all editorial opinion. Please submit yours anytime.

      • The Truth Seeker

        That is the point Coral Springs Talk. This piece is not editorial opinion, it is plainly misleading and wrong information disguised as opinion. I’d love to hear opinion on BOTH sides but I see alot of political mumbo jumbo twisted words and outright lies being sold as opinion. It honestly smells like an agenda.

  • barb

    LOL…It dawned on me reading your editorial that you really don’t know what you are talking about. The whole downtown area will contain those things, not the complex itself. As for the raises, they (by a 3-2 vote) voted to have it put on the ballot after a recommendation from a committee, period. The two commissioners who voted no were the only two who it would affect if it passed. They do not have the authority to change the pay only we do by a vote. So the very thing everyone is complaining about in one breathe about not being able to vote on something is now complaining that they are allowed to vote on something. I think someone needs to research their facts before commenting on them.

    • Ira

      The commissioners pick the members of the Charter Review Committee.

      And the commissioners decide which recommendations to take action on.

      Barb, you’re a very special kind of stupid, know that?

      • barb

        So what if they pick the members…what do they have to gain? You make it seem like they voted to give themselves a raise and they didn’t.

      • jhkilroy

        its pretty clear that ira has a ‘ war on women ‘ agenda….. he calls them stupid all the time including candidates for commissioner…. you know who is a very special kind of stupid ira ? thats right michelle obama… she is that kind of stupid that you just adore dont you ira.

    • Coral Springs Republican

      Barb: Actually, you don’t know what you are talking about. Perhaps you should research the facts …. a little further before commenting and telling other people they should research the facts. Any one of the commissioners who claim it will not affect them is telling a half truth. When their terms run out, they can run again for commissioner after sitting out only one term. (Think of why Roy Gold thought about running again). Therefore voting for the raises can affect them, especially if they are career politicians and they can succeed in running again, as they will be well known to make it likelier for them to win,. Now just like you were quick to jump on the article with an incorrect statement, go research the law and come back and tell us you were wrong. Bet we don’t heat from you on this matter again. Man this is just too easy.

      • The Truth Seeker

        But you will hear from me. She never mis-stated any law. She said it wouldn’t affect them based on them either voting no or saying they would contribute any increase to charity for the remainder of their term. The only fact here that you brought up and you are right, is they can run again after sitting out one term. The rest is your biased opinion. The only career politician around here is Skip. If you actually think Roy ran again for the money, well I won’t even label that kind of thinking. This whole debate is pointless as all anyone has to to is vote no against the proposal, a proposal by the way which takes the 1980 something Charter and gets it up to current times, and while 64% may sound exorbitant, it is still on par or less than surrounding cities. Just vote No if you don’t like it. End of debate – it’s just more noise Skip and Joy are screaming since they don’t have anything positive to say. I still want to hear ONE THING they say they will do instead of everything that is wrong with their opponents.

        • Coral Springs Republican

          Truth Seeker: They are all Career Politicians once they run for a second term. Sorry, but that includes Powers, Boccard, Daley, Vignola and Bruck. You are accusing Skip of being a career politician because he was an elected official before. But so has Powers (he’s been a commissioner for at least one term). Vignola (Check), Daley (Check), Bruck (Check). So you cannot say Skip is the “only career politician”. My guess is you are out to spread false information so people think negatively about anybody but the status quo.

          • barb

            This is not a political office…it is a town commission.

          • The Truth Seeker

            Well sure by THAT definition pretty much every candidate in any city is a career politician. If you think my saying Skip is the only career politician I am spreading false information then so be it. This is all stupid and meaningless opinion and has no relevance on the election. But it ‘appears’ Campbell has ulterior motives, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe he does really care about the city after not doing a single thing for it for years. Let him prove it. In a newspaper article he was accused of running for Senate again in 2016 and he blew that off very ‘politician like’. If its true let him get up in front of the people and PROMISE he won’t seek any other office during his time as a city official. Call me skeptical.

      • Barb

        So this is an if this happens and that happens it might be beneficial for them to put something on the ballot for US to vote on. It will not pass just like it didn’t pass last time a commission put it on the ballot. It does however make for good campaigning fluff. But please tell me what else you think I was wrong about if its so easy.

  • Abunchofbullshit

    The article should have ‘paid political article’ after it!!! Ya know, this is so typical, attack a proposal with none of your own; I would say that we outlived the building we are in so what do you folks propose…..we keep running Coral Springs into the ground? Didn’t your group bring us all this Section 8 garbage that has taken this beautiful city down the slippery slope it has gone?? Hey, we could move CS gov’t into one of the empty buildings in the Industrial Park that your ghetto creation has helped cause! It’s not too late to save this city, but we won’t by having no class!!

    • Ira

      Coral Springs Talk caused “ghetto creation?” Or do you mean to say “black people?”

      You’re failing at hiding your racism and ignorance, but what can we expect from you anyway?

      • Barb

        I think she was referring to previous commissions.

      • Abunchofbullshit

        Oh, you again Ira!! Love your comeback, is that off of page 40 or is that 52 of your Progressive handbook?? Don’t forget to throw in something about the environment too….it’s the Progressive way. If you have been here in CS any length of time you tell me the neighborhoods haven’t gone down hill! Get out from behind your ‘gate’ Mr. Ira, and look around. By your ‘daffynition’ everyone in Parkland must be a racist, as zero Section 8 housing there! BTW, the Avatar is YOUR gal, Nancy Pelosi, getting a ‘stretch’ in case you haven’t figured it out, but I’m sure you aren’t ‘ignorant’, just a sucker who has fallen for what is fed to you ‘hook, line and sinker!!

  • realtruthseeker

    Truthseeker, you’re not seeking the truth and it looks like you’re obviously involved with Commissioner Tom Powers and his special interest groups in some way. I’ve been reading a lot of the blogs the last few days. You post on nearly every blog and you occasionally post under different names. Your style is familiar to the raving and ranting of Commissioner Tom Powers and the other commissioners, using bully like tactics, calling anyone that disagrees with Commissioner Tom Powers and his special interest groups a bunch of liars and a lot of other very nasty names. Like Commissioner Tom Powers and his group, you join in an attack on the person, not the facts.

    Maybe you’re a hired watchdog for Toms Powers and his special interest groups. You, or those associated with you obviously have something personal to gain if Tom Powers remains in office.

    I sure hope you’re not somewhere in City Hall blogging on behalf of Commissioner
    Powers and his special interest groups at the expense of the City Taxpayers.

    • barb

      What exactly has he said that wasn’t true. If you go through the expenses of the candidates, which I haven’t all of them…but the ones that I have most of the money is going to campaign managers…something that 4 years ago was not a normal expense. Geez its a city election…supposed to be non politcal…Whose agenda is being pushed here.

    • The Truth Seeker

      Hmmmm, Ok…

      1. You’re just wrong. I can absolutely promise you I am just a very long term citizen of this city with no agenda. The only reason I started posting here is because when I read stuff and looked into it, it was wrong. I started out with a VERY open mind and looked at every single candidate individually. It became very obvious there were 2 very divided ‘camps’ of candidates. So while it may look personal, one side is spewing buillshit and basically just criticizing everything the existing commission is doing with no plan of their own. In my business life we never just toss out problems without having a solution of our own. So thats what I’m looking for ‘What will you bring to the table to make the city better’. One side is doing things the other is just throwing darts. So… if it seems I am ‘involved’ with Powers or those that think like him its because I believe in what he/they are saying which I have always backed up with facts.

      2. I have no idea what blogs you are referring to as again I promise I am only posting here. I am not on Facebook or any other websites.

      3. Powers using bully like tactics and ranting and raving? Sorry buddy, I don’t see that. And if you say I am the one calling others liars and very nasty names well you’re just plain wrong. Maybe you have me confused with Ira. My posts have been nothing but respectful. I invite opposing opinion but as my name suggests I want THE FREAKING TRUTH as thats what our citizens and this city deserves. I throw in the bullshit flag when I see bullshit and there is alot of it being thrown around by ‘1 side’. They seem to have an agenda and are willing to say anything. I f Campbell, Carter or the rest have better ideas for the city I WANT TO HEAR IT! I asked Joy in another article here about HER plan when she blasted Powers. Thats not a leader or professional. I expect I will get no reply. But please, if they have a plan besides ‘it’s too expensive’, this cost too much, bla, bla, TELL US. Quit the negativity and throwing darts and tell me WHAT YOU CAN DO. All I hear are the same arguments over and over and I respond with the same FACTS over and over.

      So my friend, I would love to see what posts I called people some really nasty names or have done anything besides pointing out cold hard facts which Powers opposition (like yourself) don’t want to hear.

      You may want to reflect on this and look in the mirror as you have done what you falsely accuse me of. You are the one that sounds like yet another watchdog and have something to gain if Campbell and others win.

      My position is while I certainly don’t agree with everything, like I said I would vote No on the 64% increase because of the way it was done, I am looking objectively at the facts and until I hear something positive from Campbell who ironically a month ago posted all over how he opposes the downtown, now changed his tune and he says on his ads, and I quote “Develop our downtown and business community to bring jobs and improve our lifestyle”. It is stuff exactly like THAT that turns me off and has me supporting Powers. It’s like the original argument doesn’t work anymore so change it. It’s politics, saying what people want to hear.

      And lastly, yes, I DO KNOW Powers. Wanna know why, because the guy busts his ass for the city and attends almost every ribbon cutting, fundraiser/charity, etc. in the city and I have met him at several. That is a far cry from being his pawn or part of some SIG. And what exactly has Skip done in this city? I am at many events and I can honestly say I have never seen Skip at any events, on any city committees or even at commission meetings.

      So if theres any agenda, thats it, I love this damn city and I want to see it evolve and I think Powers is doing the right thing (backed up by facts) so until I see some other candidate offer better, which I am totally open to, Powers does have my support.

      Until I see you reply with some facts of your own and holes in my facts, I am dismissing this reply as more of the same. If you are the realtruthseeker, please start sharing some truths instead of spreading more bullshit about others you don’t know.

      • Andy Holz

        While the claim that taxes won’t be raised for the new complex is technically true, the fact that there is “room” in the budget to fund this project reveals how inflated our budget has become.

        Increasing spending power of our residents goes a long way in helping promote local businesses within our community. Tax revenue has increased by 16% since 2008; the same period of time saw property values decrease by 16%. The millage rate has jumped 30% over that time. My plan for the city includes decreasing the millage rate by 15% from the proposed rate, including the debt service rate. This would save homeowners and residents of Coral Springs $5.5 million every year (adjusted for property values).
        A homeowner whose house is appraised at $200,000, at the proposed rate, would pay $955 in property taxes to the city.
        Under my plan, the same house would pay $811 in property taxes.
        The proposed ad valorem tax revenue for FY2015 is a 26% increase from 2008.

  • jhkilroy

    Who had the bright idea to remove the beautiful cursive logo for that lame font ? if you cant read or write in cursive then blame a teacher…