Commissioner Dan Daley Switches to Democratic Party

Dan Daley being sworn in  by Judge Ari Porth,. Photo by Sharon Aron Baron

Dan Daley being sworn in by Judge Ari Porth last November –  Photo by Sharon Aron Baron

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Coral Springs City Commissioner Dan Daley has confirmed today that he is no longer a Republican. 

Daley, 25 who had been a registered Republican since 2007, has changed his party affiliation to Democrat.  Once working for the State Legislature for House Representative Ari Porth, Daley insists that he didn’t do it for any reason other than what was in his heart. 

I didn’t feel as comfortable in my skin anymore,” Daley told us.  He was recently reelected unopposed, so it wasn’t for political reasons he states, as he isn’t up for reelection until 2018.

“I don’t share a lot of those beliefs,” he explained about the Republican party. Daley was one of the supporters behind-the-scenes for benefits of domestic partners for City employees and he also stated that while he is personally pro-life, he doesn’t believe government should be involved in those personal issues for women. 

“As as former president of the Broward County Young Democrats, I welcome him to the Democrat Party.”  said Coral Springs resident Carlos Verney.

Daley said he has already received the support of Congressman Ted Deutch.

Here is Dan Daley’s official Statement:

Dear Friends,

I find myself at a crossroads. Torn between what I feel and believe and what a party affiliation dictates. I switched from the Republican Party to the Democratic Party at the end of February. I switched without telling anyone (not even my mother) because I don’t think someone should be defined by party affiliation. I didn’t want to make a spectacle out of my decision and wanted to show that switching parties would not, and did not impact my ability to govern as a Coral Springs City Commissioner. I still have friends in the Republican Party, and while I respect their beliefs, I do not share all of them. 

I look forward to joining the Democratic Party. I welcome the opportunity to join old friends and make new ones. Having had the opportunity to work for former State Representative Ari Porth, I feel comfortable and confident that I can find a home in the Democratic Party. 


Dan Daley


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  • Chris

    “I don’t think someone should be defined by party affiliation”

    Why not classify as an independent then…

    • Bob Striet

      Backroom and back door politics at there finest, they learn young nowadays



    • Bob Striet

      Like no one could see this coming ?????.

  • Austin Cantrell

    Dan is absolutely an empty suit. This just makes it official. He is exactly the type of person that gives politicians a bad reputation. Switching parties WHILE IN OFFICE?! This is a pathetic attempt to trade votes for his values–either that or he was never a Republican to begin with and simply ran as one to get campaign funding. Can’t wait to campaign with whoever challenges Dan in 2018!

    • Bob Striet

      He had a great teacher while in Tallahassee, Past Gov. charlie Christ

    • Bob Striet

      He Has been empty since his concepcion, at one time he was not even a “true” legal city residnet when 1st running, lived else where and used friends address to run in his 1st campaign. One simply has to wonder why ? And why now ?

      • cat

        why do you even care? you literally have no life so you have to hate on Dan Daley, the only city commissioner who gives a shit about Coral Springs.

        • Bob Striet

          Just maybe it has something to do with his mentor being a Democrat ? Or his future Father in Law being a Democrat ? Or just simply like a fish out of water, flip flopping away. The only surprise here, he hasn’t done it sooner with those facts !

    • cat

      Because the job of city commissioner is really so important that it matters what political party they belong to. Educate yourself and watch something other than Fox News

      • Barb

        The city commission is non-partisan, I like Dan as a commissioner no matter what party he belongs to

  • Fred

    We all make mistakes. It’s good to see Commissioner Daley correcting his.

  • Barb

    Only reason to switch parties and announce it is if you are planning on running for a higher office. City commission is non-partisan and should remain so.

  • Barb

    Here’s a test for you Dan…if you really want to decide which party you are more suited for.

    If a Republican doesn’t like guns they don’t buy one.
    If a Democrat doesn’t like them they want all guns banned.
    If a Republican is a vegetarian they don’t eat meat.
    If a Democrat is a vegetarian they want all meat banned for everyone.
    If a Republican is down and out they think about how to better themselves
    A Democrat wonders who is going to take care of them
    If a Republican is gay they go about their lIves
    If a Democrat is gay they demand legislated respect
    If a Republican is non-religious they don’t go to church
    A Democrat wants all mention of God and Religion silenced
    If a Republican needs health care they go shopping for it or gets a job that provides it
    A Democrat demands the rest of us pay for his.
    If a Republican doesn’t like a talk show they change the channel
    Democrats demand the channel be shut down……..

    Just a little glimpse into the differences.

    • cat

      You’re kind of stupid

      • Barb

        Lol that is your response. Just stating the facts.

      • Abunchofbullshit

        Hey Cat, who is the stupid one; you are just like the typical Progressives, call names with no facts stated. Which one of Barb’s points do you disagree with and why? So typical these days, all rhetoric with no facts, just lies. You must have been damaged by the ‘War on Women’!!!

        • Fred

          It’s almost as if you think Barb’s copypasta is worthy of a rebuttal. How bizarre.

          • Barb

            Nope think she asked which one there was a disagreement with. Obviously it was right on the money.

          • Fred

            This list just demonstrates the black/white thinking lowest common denominator conservatives are plagued by.

            There are Republicans that support more gun control and Democrats that support no gun control. Plenty of Republicans support marriage equality ( while there are Democrats that do not.

            Each of your points about Republicans and each of your points about Democrats is demonstrably false. When you repost this sort of idiocy, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when people assume you’re not particularly bright.

          • Barb

            I guess we will have to agree to disagree because I think it highlights the differences extremely well.

          • Fred

            Yes, I understand that you do. It’s a consequence of low-effort black/white thinking.

          • Barb

            Yes it is..that has been the democrats mantra…war on women, we want to control a woman’s body and choices and it goes on and on. So yeah, you might be right.

          • Fred


          • tj

            Fred … I agree with your “huh?” … also, she mocks both parties with her stereotyping of values and beliefs

  • Abunchofbullshit

    Wow, really, the support of Ted Deutch!! The man who shows here in Coral Springs for a ceremony to honor the military, and always has to be moved up on the speaking schedule so he can leave and take in five or ten more ceremonies; that’s politicking, not ‘respecting’. The real problem is we accept that from our Politicians and discount it as ‘those Politicians’.

  • Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

    A nobody by the name of Dan Daley switches parties and this is news? A lowly city commissioner of Irish descent switches parties and this is national news worthy of the Twitter account of the DNC Chair?

    And Dan Daley certainly isn’t the smartest guy on the planet if he has just discovered how the Republican Party feels about abortion and gay marriage. He says that he is leaving the Republican Party and joining the Democratic Party because of the Republican stand on abortion and gay marriage. But what the 25-year-old Dan Daley needs to understand is that these two issues have been contentious issues for Democrats and Republicans since he was in diapers.

    But this is not about diapers. It is about panties.

    The political argument he wants to sell us, his reason for switching parties, does not make sense at all. Simply because abortion and gays are not new issues for the two major parties.

    Switching parties is a traumatic event in any young man’s life. And my guess is that this young man from Florida suffered a traumatic experience. As a Floridian practicing Republican politics, he surely thought that he can get his way with Florida’s Attorney General. But if his advances were rejected outright by the Republican Pam Bondi, that is a trauma worthy of abandoning the Republican Party.

    And the DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who also represents Florida’s 23rd District in the House, welcomes him to the Democratic Party with open arms. She has determined that when the nationally acclaimed and internationally renowned Dan Daley becomes a Democrat that this is news of sufficient importance to her Twitter followers. And her followers are many. She has 296,000.

    But the DNC Chair needs to put her reputation above all else. Dan Daley is from her home state of Florida. She doesn’t need the gossip. She doesn’t need people to start thinking that maybe she is giving him what Pam Bondi wasn’t willing to give him.

    That would certainly be a good reason for him to switch. Although it is unlikely that the DNC Chair spreads her legs for Catholics. Or for anyone outside her faith.

  • jhkilroy

    great another politician who thinks we need to raise taxes and dole out food stamps to get votes – just great….. If you switch parties just to get elected you should be thrown out of the office held.