Deutch Announces his Bid for Reelection in Newly Drawn District

Congressman Ted Deutch at a Town Hall meeting in Coral Springs last fall. Photo by Sharon Aron Baron

Congressman Ted Deutch at a Town Hall meeting in Coral Springs last fall. Photo by Sharon Aron Baron

A message from U.S Congressman Ted Deutch:

Ten years ago, I took a leap and ran for a Florida State Senate seat from Broward and Palm Beach counties. I ran for public office because after years volunteering and working in the community to help those in need, promote tolerance, and strengthen the U.S.-Israel relationship, I saw elected office as a way to have a greater impact on the South Florida that my family and I love to call home.

Today, I am excited to announce that I intend to for re-election to Congress in Florida’s newly-drawn 22nd congressional district. The new 22nd district stretches from Fort Lauderdale in the south to western Broward communities like Margate, Coral Springs, and Parkland and portions of southern Palm Beach County including Boca Raton.

The 22nd district, approved today by the Florida Supreme Court, is home to around 300,000 constituents I am proud to serve today, as well as thousands of Broward and Palm Beach County residents I previously represented in the Florida Senate and in Congress. I am excited to run in the community where my wife and I work, where my daughters graduated and my son attends high school, where my family goes to synagogue, and where I have spent so much time working for and with the people of South Florida.

The residents of Broward and Palm Beach know me for more than the time I’ve spent in their businesses, community centers, schools, retirement communities, and churches. They know me from the years I’ve spent working for Port Everglades expansion and beach renourishment, organizing veterans jobs fairs at the Fort Lauderdale Armory, and hosting community forums on student loans, immigration, and other important issues at Florida Atlantic University and Broward College.

During my time in Tallahassee and my four terms in Congress, I’ve been honored to pass laws that fund cancer research, tighten sanctions on Iran, and award veterans with medals of honor they were wrongfully denied. I also take pride in my work securing federal funding for the roads, ports, and infrastructure that South Florida businesses need to grow and compete, and in these times of global uncertainty, my role as top Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa.

South Florida’s economy has come a long way since the financial crisis, with our tourism and real estate sectors back in business and more Floridians back at work. Yet we also face enormous challenges that deserve real solutions, from growing incomes and helping more Americans retire securely to making college more affordable.

The issues that we face in South Florida and as a country, like the deadly mass shooting that struck San Bernardino just hours ago, have no boundaries. Now is the time for us to move forward together as a community and as a country, and I am more committed than ever to delivering progress for the people of South Florida.  

I have devoted my entire career in public life to serving the people of both Broward and Palm Beach counties. The new 22nd district offers me the only opportunity to continue working for both of these wonderful communities in Congress, and I am proud to put my record of accomplishment up against anyone.

In the coming months, I’ll be working harder than ever to continue championing the concerns, aspirations, and needs of the people of Broward and Palm Beach counties in Congress.

U.S Congressman Ted Deutch currently represents Coral Springs and Parkland.

  • John Doe Sr

    This is not good. We don’t need career politicians. I have written to him many times about different concerns. His responses are essentially rhetorical non-answers. He has no plan for anything and blindly marches to the calling of his party leadership rather than the folks who he should be representing.

    • Puty

      What a joke; “working harder than ever to continue championing the
      concerns, aspirations, and needs of the people of Broward and Palm Beach
      counties in Congress.” His voting record says he votes for the good of his party’s agenda, which isn’t the Democrats our parents knew!! It is the Progressive party….wake up out there, you owe it to your kids and their kids!!

  • Just My Opinion

    I find him to be the opposite, an independent and passionate leader of the community that will work tirelessly for students, the elderly, businesses and has in fact has split from his party politics, i.e, Iran, Israel, etc. because the security of his constituents trumps party politics. I will admit that I have not personally written him or requested his assistance, but based on his record so far, I’m proud to call him my Congressman.

    • John Doe Sr

      Visit this site. These are simple straight forward questions about important topics/issues that Ted declines to take a definitive stand. He has no backbone.His marching orders come directly from Barry and Debbie. Check out his voting record also. You can plainly see his dedicated partisanship.

    • Puty

      I like how he shows at the park for Veteran ceremonies but has to speak first so he can leave…..that’s ‘Politicking’, not respecting.

  • Just My Opinion

    Look. It’s clear that the two of you are Republican, maybe Conservative, maybe Tea Party. Full disclosure. I’m a Democrat but I consider myself pretty moderate and have voted for Republicans, i.e., Jeb Bush when I thought the were the best candidate overall. In the case of Ted Deusch, I don’t know another candidate that cares as much as this guy about his constituents. But again, that’s just my opinion.

  • jhkilroy

    “FOUR TERMS IN CONGRESS” ….. seriously time for some FRESH meat…. will be voting for the guy running against him for sure…