Hillary Clinton Holds Rally in Coral Springs

From HillaryClinton.com

From HillaryClinton.com

Please note:  times have changed since this was first published.

By: Sharon Aron Baron

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, seeking to capitalize on her strong performance in the most-watched presidential debate in history will be making a stop in Coral Springs on Friday.

According to the campaign, Clinton will discuss her vision for an America that is stronger together and an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top.

Broward County Democratic Party Chairman Mitch Ceasar said that even though Clinton has campaigned in Broward County many times, this time is especially exciting on the heels of such a great victory in the debate on Monday night.

Ceasar said the campaign was looking at several locations for the rally and believed the Coral Springs Gymnasium was a very nice site with great potential.

“We’ve been working on it for a long time to bring her to Broward for a public event, so we’re very pleased she’s coming,” he said.

The event will be held Friday, September 30, 2016. Doors to the Coral Springs Gymnasium open at 1:30 p.m.  The event is TBA.  Overflow crowds can watch at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts. Tamarac residents encouraged to attend. RSVP.

Coral Springs Gymnasium is located at 2501 Coral Springs Dr Coral Springs, Florida 33065. Map it

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  • kilroy

    Will she be charging her customary $200,000 for the speech ?

    • Puty

      discounted to $150K, as needs the vote!!!

    • Bibich Zabaleta

      No just your first born

    • Puty

      Needs the votes so only $150K

    • sally

      She should you piece of dog doodie

      • kilroy

        typical liberal – calling names – you have ‘ no tolerance ‘

  • Puty

    Cool, I’m going to the ‘overflow’ venue as bet they don’t need it and want to film it!!

    Strong debate performance? Most seemed to think it was scripted, non-productive on proposal details and smug. CNN poll landslide, but all other ones that include TIME and many other left newspapers went to Trump. He held back, but won’t next time and won’t have a moderator that asks about his Iraq war stance in 2003, women, tax returns, lawsuits from 1973 and other things we could care less about……we wanna learn how our country is going to go forward and not waste time with non-relative nonsense!!

    Most of Americans are tired of what is going on and gonna vote Trump to end this globalist takeover and bring back our great country!!!

  • jsb

    please dont ..

  • jsb

    no way

  • jsb

    She is a very corrupt person.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    LMFAO @ “overflow” crowds. #CrookedHillary can’t get more than 200 people at her events, and 50 of those are reporters. Meanwhile, Trump had 10,000 last night in Florida and the overflow was another couple of thousand that didn’t make it in. GTFOOH @ “overflow crowds” for #CrookedHillary…

    • Tjb

      Senator Sanders had larger crowds. Crowd size doesn’t make you a winning candidate. Just wondering… The overflow… Were they the women that Donnie “dated” when he was married.

  • Elizabeth Fisher

    LMAO @ “overflow” crowds. #CrookedHillary can’t get more than 200 people at her events, and 50 of those are reporters. Meanwhile, Trump had 10,000 last night in Florida and the overflow was another couple of thousand that didn’t make it in. GTFOOH @ “overflow crowds” for #CrookedHillary…

  • Fred223

    She cant fill a stadium? lol

  • Kumar

    20000 people attended for Trump in BB&T center in Sunrise. Hillary don’t have any people in Broward?? Poor Hilary, most good Americans like Trump, I guess…Hillary is a crooked liar. Why do we need to support her??

    • Tjb

      Was it a neo-Nazi rally. Hmm… Kumar doesn’t sound like an American name. Let’s support Donnie and bring American back to real Americans.

  • Kazz

    Who said we want her in our City? Bring your TRUMP SIGNS like they do to us!!!

  • Kazz

    Shame on Coral Springs, look at what happend to our City in the past 8 years 🙁 I’ll be there with my TRUMP SIGN, Let her know, Please do the same.

  • Dave

    I can’t wait to hear her talk about her experience: creating chaos in Libya and Syria, the rise of ISIS, the embarrassing failed “reset” with Russia, her support for the disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, the terror attack in Benghazi with four Americans dead. Oh, and her sullying of the reputations of all the women who accused her husband Bill of sexual attacks on them. Do tell us, Hillary.

  • Tjb

    And he is not corrupt. I will bet that he would have screwed your company for full payment on any construction work you performed for his business. I would imagine that you would think twice before doing business with him. Also, how many jobs has his company directly created?

  • Jose Antonio Rodriguez Menende

    Responsible and Patriotic Americans will NOT be voting for Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump on election day, they will be voting for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld.

  • kilroy

    Well things didn’t quite workout…..