Missing Coral Springs Woman Maria Claudia Murphy Last Seen Walking on Sample Road

Maria Claudia Murphy of Coral Springs has been missing since March 16th, when she never returned home after making a deposit on University Drive.

Her credit and debit cards and SunPass have not been used, and she doesn’t have her cell phone with her. The last known video of Murphy is from a Broward Transit bus camera at 2:45 p.m. the same day, as seen here from nbcnews. It shows Murphy on the Northeast corner of Lyons and Copans Road.  Police say she left her wallet and credit cards in her car which was recovered in the parking lot of a restaurant on Sample Road.

Murphy is 45 years old, 5 feet 10, weighs about 170 pounds and has brown eyes and black hair.  If you see her, please call 911.

Maria Claudia Murphy of Coral Springs

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  • Walter Morris

    Thanks for your help posting this story about Maria Claudia Murphy! We won’t stop looking for her. We had a huge turnout on Saturday morning covering all of the intersections where she was last seen.


    • Vicky

      unsolved case or at least not publicized. I think there’s something very delicate behind.

  • AB

    Hopefully Maria comes home safe and sound. How could this woman just disappear leaving her children? Hopefully she is OK, maybe just needed a brake, but she needs to let someone know she is OK.

  • javier

    ice police sometimes kidnaped many people , must investigates detentions centers

  • jorge

    It’s April 5 th and Maria Claude Murphy is no longer mentioned in the news. Has she been found ?

    • Jorge,

      Unfortunately, Maria Claudia Murphy is still missing. I think about her everyday. I just can’t imagine how a person can just disappear. We obviously know that she left her car with her wallet and credit cards in them and she starts walking away.

      Where does she go?

      How come no one has found her by now? I just don’t get it? I initially believed before they found her BMW that surely, she had accidentally driven it into a canal. This happens a lot here and it takes years before they recover these cars. But now we know this isn’t the case.

      I will keep my eyes open for any news, which I’m sure will the family is as well.


  • javier

    finally i think they have to search on the waters

  • Fonsa

    I don’t even know Claudia, but live in the area and have been following this story with interest ever since I saw it on the internet. I also think it’s bizarre that a woman can just disappear from a populated area in broad daylight — and after three weeks, not a word from anyone. Are investigations still actively underway? Any leads or tips? The silence on this case is deafening.

  • Keith

    She changed her identity?

  • Josie

    I don’t know Claudia either, but I live in the surrounding area and it is sad to see that NOTHING else has been said about the whereabouts of this lady… I feel for her family and pray that she’s found well. The same way the media puts garbage for the sake of ratings they should be mentioning the fact this lady still missing to help in her safe return.

  • javier

    she’s more far from where she left her car and she’s finally dead

  • Vicky

    I live in the area where she was last seen. There are construction areas, canals, wood areas where I assume they should be looking for her from the beginning. Her search should be extended all east area up to the ocean, fliers should be distributed as well as video cameras search. Copans Rd, Atlantic, Lyons, Powerline etc. She just can’t not walk away and disappear unless there is a change of identity well planned. East area also have homeless people, if she is not herself, we should watch if anybody have her. News is very quiet but I’m just hoping the investigation continues. Praying for the family.

  • javier

    It was an attack from someone for a discussion, He was unconscious for many hours. Then he was wandering. Almost lost his memory due to hit. He walked away miles and miles and miles of the place until finally she died

  • jorge

    Sharon I think it would be a good idea to contact news to see if they would replay story

  • frank matthews

    they should have look in a 5 squre mile area for her im telling you theres something wrong bout this yall I cant feel it in my bones may god bless her