Mythos Forced out of The Walk


By: Sharon Aron Baron

After serving Coral Springs residents since 2004, Mythos Greek Taverna at The Walk will close their doors after this weekend. This unique dining experience offering Greek food, live music, and belly dancing will leave a large following of customers behind.

In January, The Walk’s property owner, Amera Corporation gave notice to owner Gil Sternbach that they would not renew his lease because they had received a lucrative offer from a national chain giving him very little time to move out.

“It wasn’t a situation where I had any say,” said Sternbach.

Fortunately, he was able to negotiate with the landlord to allow him to stay longer so that he could look for another location.

Sternbach couldn’t discuss much more about the details.

Mythos has built up a large following over the years, attracting diners from Aventura to Wellington, Weston to Boynton Beach. Today Sternbach received a phone call from an out-of-state customer that would be in town and needed a table for 25 people Sunday evening at 7 pm. “People frequently come from out-of-state for the unique dining experience here.”

Fortunately for Sternbach, he’s receiving calls from people with suggestions on where to bring Mythos, and he’s looking into a few of them. He requires the same basics his location at The Walk has: a large restaurant and bar, and an outdoor seating area with plenty of room for entertainment and walking traffic.

Mythos is open for one last weekend until April 28th. Sternbach asks that if you have a LocalDines certificate for Mythos, please use it by then.  To stay in touch with Mythos, please check out their Facebook page.

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Sharon Aron Baron Sharon Aron Baron is the Editor of Talk Media and writer for Coral Springs Talk. CST was created in 2012 to provide News, Views and Entertainment for the residents of Coral Springs, Parkland and the rest of South Florida.


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  • PK

    The Owner of Mythoe Greek Taverna is Gil Sternbach !

    You not only got the name of the restaurant wrong, you got the Owner’s name wrong as well!
    Not too credible !

    • My apologies. I’ll have to fire my highly paid copy editor at once. However, Mythos is the way Sternbach has it spelled on his website. I’ll use that version versus the greek version.

    • AJ

      That letter is a “Sigma” not an “E”, thus it’s “Mythos”

    • Not too Credible

      Hey PK you’re not too credible yourself. How many years have you been thinking that Sigma was an E?

  • Ellen

    Thanks for all the wonderful food and entertainment over the years. We will miss you. I will miss the beef kabob.

  • Parkland Diner

    This is a travesty that they will be gone. We are now being replaced with a sea of matching stores and restaurants. What is it, an Applebees? Ruby Tuesday’s? Obviously some large company could pay their outrageous rent at the Walk and they didn’t care who got the boot. We will be happy to follow Mythos where ever they may go so keep us posted.

  • Quite obviously, The Walk, needs to enlist someone with marketing intelligence because the chain of events within the last few months (i.e., limited music nights, pushing a great restaurant with outside dining and entertainment out) are evident they don’t see the forest for the trees. Coral Springs definitely lacks establishments where adults can enjoy local bands, adult beverages and a place to move to the music. When The Walk kills off establishments that embrace music and entertainment, as well as good food and drink, they cut their own throats. The Walk has the property and capability to pull more people into the shops and restaurants by adding more entertainment value, yet they stick their heads in the sand. When Peggy Fox was running things, the restaurants and shops florished and more people frequented The Walk for after-hours dining and musical entertainment. The “new” Walk killed that. Sorry but true.

  • Mizner Park but the rent would be crazy. The publix shopping center at county line and university. The heron bay publix. The publix shopping center at powerline and hillsboro.

  • Charlie Artner

    It is a shame that all these big “national chains” can come in here and force the local small businesses and family businesses out of their places. I hope that new place owned by that “national chain” is getting boycotted. I will definitely not go there. Screw those big chains

  • So what’s replacing it?

    • Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

      • Thanks, not really a fan of their food. I was hoping a J Marks would open. Sorry to hear that Mytho is closing. They always had some great live music.

  • Me

    Nearly 4 years now – nobody moved in – doesn’t make sense – is this this where the new diner is going?