Opinion: Trump is Not a Uniter – A Call for Demonstrations

Donald Trump courtesy of Mark Taylor.

Donald Trump courtesy of Mark Taylor.

By: Roy Trachtenberg

The day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, thousands of women of all religions, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and color, together as one voice for women’s rights, will march in Miami at the Bayfront Park Amphitheater. 

Promoting itself as neither a pro-Hillary or anti-Trump event, the message organizers of the Woman’s Rally in South Florida want to get across is to stop oppression. After his election, President Elect-Trump said he would act “Presidential” and “Unite all the people,”  Since then, he continues to lie, bully – as well as Tweet without giving much thought to either of his pledges. 

For instance when he hosted Saturday Night Live, it was a great show, yet when the show pokes fun at him, it is the “worst show” in history. He just announced that he saved 1,100 jobs at Carrier, preventing them from moving their factory. “The greatest deal in history” according to Trump. The truth: he saved 800 jobs with Carrier getting over $7 Million in tax benefits and he took to Twitter to berate the Union President for telling the truth. Trump wanted to cancel a Boeing contract for two Presidential airplanes because it “cost 4 billion”, The truth: according to Boeing, each plane cost $170 million. He’s not saving us money. This was a publicity stunt.

Since his election, there has been a rise in prejudice and discrimination that the Anti-Defamation League directly links to Trump’s behavior. Who could ever forget how Trump mimicked a disabled reporter along with embracing anti-semitic groups and propaganda.

The First Demonstration – The Woman’s Rally in South Florida Jan. 21, 2016

The first demonstration is scheduled for the day after Trump is sworn in as President. The major march is in Washington, D.C., and people from every area, including South Florida, will be demonstrating against Trump. Women as well as men are clearly angry over Trump’s treatment of women. During the campaign, Trump made disgusting comments about women who opposed him. He has called women ugly, fat and disgusting.

According to Stephanie Myers, one of the South Florida organizers, women are rallying in solidarity with those marching in Washington DC. “We will rally for the marginalized. We will rally to protect each other. We will rally so that humanity continues to move forward, always forward. Our message shall not be lost,” she said.

Demonstrations by Americans have led to the founding of our Republic, civil rights, the end of the Vietnam War, it has led to labor unions and women’s right to vote, just to name a few. There may be more demonstrations when Trump’s picks have to be approved by the Senate. Demonstrations have to take place to show Trump that we are not united, do not like his picks and the direction that he is taking. The Woman’s Rally in South Florida is only the first of many demonstrations to come.

Just take a look at Trump’s picks for government posts:

Scott Pruitt to be head of Environment Protection Agency who is against climate change and for economic ownership and development of our national parks. Who favors the big oil and the pipeline through native American lands.

Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education who is against public education and favors elitist charter schools – who never taught and has no administrative abilities.

Jeff Sessions for Attorney General who is against the Voting Rights Act and wants to deny voting rights to minorities and is the Senate’s most extreme anti-immigration, anti-environment, anti-women, anti-veteran, anti-health care ideologue.

Ben Carson for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who is against the Fair Housing Act and has no administrative or government background.

Wilbur Ross who is known as “King of Bankruptcy” for Commerce Secretary who is against the Dodd-Frank Act and became a millionaire off of the mortgage crisis and the thousands of people who lost their homes.

Tom Price for Secretary of Health & Human Services who opposed the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and is against Medicaid expansion and subsidies to help middle class buy health insurance.

Elaine Chao for Secretary of Transportation made $1.2 million while overseeing Wells Fargo Bank that admitted to creating millions of fake accounts.

Andrew Puzder for Secretary of Labor who is against raising the minimum wage.

Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor who has also spread false stories and re-tweeted anti-Semitic threats. He’s been criticized for dabbling in conspiracy theories and Islamophobia, for his questionable ties to foreign governments and wants to imprison Hillary Clinton.

None of these picks appeal to the vast majority of Hillary voters or Independent voters. Trump claims that he won the popular vote. The truth is that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 2.7 million. Trump cannot lie or bully his way out of the facts. The overwhelming voters of the U.S. do not like these picks and will demonstrate.

See you Saturday, January 21, 2017 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Bayfront Park Amphitheater, 301 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, Florida 33132. I’m urging all Coral Springs and Parkland residents to head to the Facebook page to Woman’s Rally in South Florida to register.  Or join their private group on Facebook here.

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About Roy Trachtenberg

avatar Roy Trachtenberg is a retired school administrator. He was born in Miami Beach, Florida but spent 35 years in the New York City school system. He is also a retired assistant professor of Education and one of the first to integrate technology into the classroom which he taught to other teachers. He is a former Dean of Education for a community college trade school where he developed curriculum for 9/11 workers displaced because of the terrorist attack. He is married to Sharon Rosenthal and lives in Coral Springs. He has a daughter and 3 grandchildren.


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  • kilroy

    What’s wrong with a little ” Change ” or ” Hope ” ??? oh that’s right it’s only ‘ cool ‘ when a JUNIOR senator wins a presidential election….

    • tjb

      Still hoping and waiting for his tax returns. What is he hiding? Also, he is very good at “changing” his mind. An example, before the election the electoral college according to trump was a disaster now he tells us it’s “genius”. He changes his mind more than his diaper.

      • kilroy

        if you only had this passion for obama’s college transcripts… what is HE HIDING ?!?

        • Fred

          And if you only had this passion for Bush’s college transcripts.. what was he hiding? College transcripts are often not released. Tax returns have been released consistently for quite some time. You may find your false equivalence convincing or clever, but nobody with at least two brain cells to rub together does.

        • Tjb

          Trump has yet to released his college or tax info. I agree with Fred about your false equivalence, it is spot on. Lets see if trump will ever release his tax return as he promised.

          • Barb

            Maybe he is waiting till it is done with its audit…or maybe he will do it 3 years later like Obama did with his birth certificate.

          • tjb

            Trump can legally release his tax returns before the audit ends. Also, the question of Obama’s birth place was slander perpetrated by people like trump to unfairly discredit Obama. Birtherism against Obama proved to be totally bogus. Trump was wrong Obama birth. Also, i am willing to bet that trump will never release his tax returns as promised.

          • Barb

            You seem to forget who started the whole question of his birth place, It was Clintons campaign. It was no more slander than questioning anyone else’s. Racism over it was just a bogus talking point to get people riled up. It does not matter if he can legally release them, he doesn’t have to. BTW do you not think if something substantial was in them that the democrats wouldn’t have pushed the IRS to rush it through? It was just another talking point.

          • Tjb

            Still would like to see his tax returns… why won’t he release them if there is nothing substantial?

          • kilroy

            maybe they got deleted on Hillary’s email server….

          • Fred

            It was released June 12, 2008, six months before he took office. The fact that the perfectly legitimate and legal document didn’t satisfy some conspiracy nuts is of no consequence.

      • A4

        Just like Osama sorry Obama’s Birth Certificate or Hilary’s emails….?

  • nvlo

    “the message organizers of the Woman’s Rally in South Florida want to get across is to stop oppression.”
    As a Hispanic woman, I’ll start off by saying that any real oppression has been in place before Trump, since he hasn’t been sworn in yet. Anything else is just following the lead by a very biased media. Trump’s ‘hot mic’ comments are just that, and will not affect me or any woman that I know of.

    Mr. Trachtenberg headlines this article by speaking about demonstrations, but alas, like most left leaning articles it deteriorates into a laundry list of negative criticisms about Trump.
    About the Carrier deal he nit picks the 1000 vs 800 jobs saved. Really?! Pray tell me, what was Obama doing prior to being sworn in? In my mind, and most reasonable people, this negotiation by Trump is any indication of what’s to come under his leadership, as a very positive path. And Dow Jones seems to agree with me.

    I suggest Mr. Trachtenberg also fact checks his information. I did. According to Politifact.com “That adds up to a grand total of $3.73 billion over 12 years.” Apparently the author might not realized there were two planes in the contract. But again, I suggest that just because the media runs with false information, Mr. Trachtenberg shouldn’t.

    The author then links an increase in hate crimes and discrimination. But fails to mention that most of these ‘reports’ are panning out to be hoaxes perpetuated by very non- Trump supporters.
    Followed by a criticism of ALL of Trump’s picks for his Cabinet. I’m sure if they were all political insiders, Mr Trachtenberg would be screaming from the hilltops how hypocritical of Trump for not draining the swamp like he promised. And just a reminder on Obama’s proficient crony choices, just on HUD, Julian Castro proved to be corrupt. Or how about, Tim ‘IRS scandal’ Geitner as Secretary of Treasury?

    The next to the last paragraph is the most revealing. The author asserts that the majority of people do not like Trump’s picks and will demonstrate. I would rewrite the paragraph by stating that most people will NOT demonstrate and just like Obama was given a chance, indeed eight years worth, that those with maturity shall do the same with Trump.

    In my opinion, the liberal fear is not that Trump will be a horrible President. The real liberal fear is that Mr. Trump will succeed and be a great President….then what?

    • tjb

      President Obama saved 1,500, 000 auto industry jobs and added between 9,300,000 to 14,000,000 million jobs during his terms. Also, Carl Icahn, and a man that trump calls a financial genius states that the current DOW spike could be a BUBBLE. Time will tell. Also, don’t forget in the last eight yrs the Dow has increased 150% or over 12% a year.If trump can do the same I will be a rich man but I am not holding my breath. Finally, did Obama say he was going to drain the swamp? trump did and he adding more gators to the swamp ( U of F grads should not be offended),

      • kilroy

        hahahaha the DOW is even higher after Trump since that seems to be your bell weather… also the dow is high because interest rates are LOW – there is nowhere else to put investments… when a CD is under ONE PERCENT you tend to go to the stock market..

        • Tjb

          I know the Dow is higher … did you read the posts Kilroy? Also it was not about Clinton. The original post focus was on Obama and Trump.

      • barb

        He also added 20 million people onto food stamps, over 30 million onto medicaid and another 17 million to the not working numbers. How much did he waste investing in so called “shovel ready jobs” or bogus energy jobs? On a personal note he kept the interest rate so low that those of us who bought savings bonds for our kids college got royally screwed.

        • tjb

          Lets not add the 30 million people to Medicaid…is let them die your solution?

  • 00blahblahblah00

    “The Woman’s Rally in South Florida Jan. 21, 2016” – get your time machines ready, ladies. I’m assuming this man and his wife are Jewish or have Jewish heritage based on their names. I wonder if he knows that Trump is by far the most pro-Jewish president ever. But, the media and his opponents want you to believe that he is a Klansman and/or Nazi racist. The truth is that he is the exact opposite. Every one of his adult children are married to or dating Jews. The married ones, including the sons, all converted and all his grandchildren are being raised Jewish. Go look up some of his pro-Jewish, pro-Israel speeches on youtube. Mike Pence did a several minute commercial about Israel. Trump did a commercial for Netanyahu’s election. The first thing he did on November 9th the day after the election was call Netanyahu. Funny how some people like to vote against their own self-interests.

  • tjb

    The first amendment protects free speech (lawful demonstrations and protest). Will trump and the republicans take this amendment away from the people.

    • A4

      Republicans are the grown-ups and we have class. Not like democrats. We respect others opinions

  • A4

    Hey ROY….Grow up and have some class. Don’t be hater and divide. Learn to unit the country….