Radio Host and Sheriff Lamberti’s Social Media Voice Arrested

William Lewis host of “The Credit Report with Bill Lewis”

William E Lewis host of “The Credit Report with Bill Lewis”on AM 740 WSBR in South Florida was arrested for domestic violence on Tuesday.

Lewis whose radio show not only discusses money issues, it also promotes conservative South Florida Republican candidates.  Lewis was charged for touch or strike/battery and domestic violence and tampering in misdemeanor proceedings for depriving his victim of 911.  He was released on $1,500 bond.

Besides his radio show, Lewis is also the hired social media “voice” of Sheriff Al Lamberti where he maintains Lamberti’s Facebook and Twitter page often posting as the Sheriff.  He also writes articles about credit repair that is distributed to various websites around the country.

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  • What? I it really a surprise that Al Lamberti associates with felons? Al Lamberti got elected by super-evil Scott Rothstein who’s doing 99 years in Club Fed. Lamberti’s poll numbers are rightfully in the toilet. He should have had the sense to resign but his type feels they are above the law.

    • lorbocaust

      i got to shake his hand about a month ago when i was doing photography for an MMA event. I forgot to wash my hands after using the bathroom, before shaking his hand. trolled