SCAM CAMS BUSTED: Wiles Road Red Light Cams Had Short Yellow Lights

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Channel 7 News has reported that the money-making red light cameras positioned at Wiles Road and 441 in Coral Springs had been improperly calibrated with short yellow lights. Three tenths of a second may be a short amount of time, but when  traveling at 45 miles per hour, a car can go almost 20 feet. That’s the equivalent of more than a full car length in distance.

This particular intersection, raised eyebrows at one meeting when commissioners saw how many cars were being cited.  They believed that the cameras were effective at actually stopping the red-light runners.

Channel 7 says that once Coral Springs was made aware of the mistimed light the city took immediate action and 162 would-be-tickets at $158 each were canceled by police and charges were dismissed in 19 court cases with the city saying it quote: “Cannot prosecute those violations in good faith.”

Of the 5,080 tickets that the city issued for red light cameras, 1,628 were for this particular red light camera with each ticket costing the driver $158.

Coral Springs Talk thinks that the City of Coral Springs should issue refunds for all 1,628 citations.

Read more on Channel 7 investigation.


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  • Walleska

    I myself had to pay a $178 ticket because I ran a YELLOW but they argued that it was red….which I couldn’t remember because they issued me the ticket 5 months after the incident (which happened in Boynton Beach). Mind you the place that issues you these tickets are most likely based of Arizona or New Mexico NOT your LOCAL enforcements. Just another way I feel for the system to rip people off. As for this particular light…I see it snap pictures on YELLOW ALL the time.

  • Lewis Mienheartt

    I would like to know who authorized shortening the yellow lights in the first place! Also, I hope these images are reviewed by local police before issuing a ticket.

  • Missi

    We had the same issue on Sample and Riverside! When reviewing the pictures and times of the yellow light. It was not set at the right amount of time for the yellow light.

  • Marie

    Many people probably had their insurance affected also, for a moving violation. That all needs to be remedied.

  • James C. Walker

    Coral Springs Talk is correct, every single ticket ever issued at the light with the short yellow should be refunded in full.

    1,628 x $158 = $257,224 was taken from vehicle owners with an illegally timed traffic light.

    If justice, fairness, honor, and morality prevail – All $257,224 will be refunded.

    Will justice, fairness, honor, and morality prevail?

    Red light cameras are scam cams about money – not justice, fairness, honor, and morality.

    MOST unlikely.

    James C. Walker, Life Member-National Motorists Association