8 Things Coral Springs Chief Parry Advocates for All Police Departments in the Wake of George Floyd


Chief Clyde Parry

From Chief Clyde Parry

This has been a year filled with unique challenges for all of us. As the Chief of Police, I have watched the events over the last three weeks unfold with great concern.

The death of George Floyd brought immediate condemnation from my department and all of the police departments in Broward County, Florida. It also brought protests and calls for change.

One of those calls for change is the 8cantwait campaign, which advocates for the following eight items to be in every police department’s policies and procedures:

  1. Ban Chokeholds & Strangleholds.
  2. Require De-Escalation.
  3. Require Warning Before Shooting.
  4. Requires Exhaust all alternatives before shooting.
  5. Duty to Intervene.
  6. Ban shooting at moving vehicles.
  7. Require the use of force continuum.
  8. Require comprehensive reporting.

The Coral Springs Police Department complies with all eight of these items. We have for years.

Our department has been accredited for years by both the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) and the Commission on Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Being an accredited agency means the department meets or exceeds the highest recommended levels in transparency, accountability, and professionalism.

Our department is committed to providing the best level of professional police services to our community. I look forward to working with community leaders, asking, and answering, tough questions as we forge ahead toward a better tomorrow for all of our citizens.

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