A Gentle Plea to Stop the Profanity When Exercising Your First Amendment Rights

Joshua simmons stop the profanity

By Joshua Simmons

This is not a political statement, nor is it an attempt to prevent you from exercising your First Amendment rights.

This is a plea on behalf of the Coral Springs residents who have approached me over the past two weeks.

I believe in your right to protest, and I believe in your right to exercise your freedom of speech.

Since I do not know who you are, and have no way of contacting you, I am asking you to please refrain from using any sign or flag that bears an obscenity so that children and other Coral Springs residents do not have to see it while moving throughout the city.

It would be foolish of me not to mention the elephant in the room — yes, we do not share the same political views, and that fact alone will make you look at anything I say with some skepticism.

Coral Springs Coconut Creek Regional Chamber of Commerce

I understand that; however, this is not some political ploy.

You can continue to protest and show your support for President Trump. You can also show your displeasure for incoming President Biden.

Again, I just ask that it does not include any profanity. Hopefully, my request will be met with a general understanding.

Thank you in advance.

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