Broward Blind Item Time

It’s Blind Item Time.  See if you can guess the Broward notables!

Did you know that Betty the blonde Broward politician is also a trained baker?  Yes, only if you are good friends with Betty will you actually get one of these home-made goodies. Betty just baked a wedding cake for an old family friend’s child.  A cake so large and so lovingly made, you can’t even assess the value of it.


Would it be wrong to congratulate Morticia on finding out that she is mentally competent to stand trial?  Morticia, it’s a good thing to be mentally competent.  I wish I were sometimes. Unfortunately, in Morticia’s case, my guess is that being competent isn’t a good thing for her defense.


Selena, the “City for Your Life’ appointed official is said to be a…..Shhhhhh! You can’t say this word in her predominately Democratic district.  They say she’s a…..Republican!  Oh Selena, say it ain’t so!  How will you ever be elected in ’14?


Spike the silly city manager splurged on sushi with Liz, the suspended city official.   No one cares that Spike met Liz for sushi three times, it’s just why did Spike whip out his city credit card for just a social get-together?   Liz had no idea until the Daily Paper caught on, and it was then she paid the city for her half.   Now time to cough up your half, Spike.  Shhhhh!  Remember, they don’t discuss these things at city meetings!  Spike and Liz’s friends on the dais would never call them out like Shanisa did to Mr Clean in that other city.


Tracy Skittles is being cyberbullied by a fanatical blogger.  Instead of seeing red, Tracy is making light of his cyber-bashing and doctored photos while trying to be a good sport.


The Capo may be the most social official Broward has ever had in his field. He wakes up and posts on Facebook then posts again at night all on his own, however,  The Capo has his dipendenti tweeting away for him as he never gets social during the work day, nor does he tweet!


Sonny Boy loves our President.   Sonny loves him so much that the Daily Paper wrote a story about him.  It wrote that Sonny gave the President a hug during their third visit together in one year.  As if this wasn’t enough for Sonny Boy, he had to go see the President for the fourth time while he was in Boca.   Sorry Sonny, too many people around for another hug.

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